Friday, October 9, 2009

Shows with bigger audience than buzz

I meant to post his sooner but it got lost in the shuffle. Detroit News has a great article about shows that critics ignore but audiences love, including Bones.

We're not one of the big, shiny shows," [Hart Hanson] says. "I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't because most of us are kind of like that. We're not really big, shiny people."


em-jay said...

Great article.

Also, Stephen Nathan is sharing the love:

Anonymous said...

BB Shipper here: 10 mil viewers! And SN showing love to each of us...yes even you jo). The fan base is growing and I'm quite happy...everyone deserve the wit and charm of BONES. I actually tried to pick up season 4 here and all the stores are sold out so clearly people are not only watching... They are invested!

Anonymous said...

I love Bone's. I'm kind of glad that they don't have such a big buzz..It usually gives the actors of the show big heads and they loose their charm. That't why I love this cast because everyone seems so genuine and down to earth. They really care about their work and put alot of effort into it. I usually would stop watching a show if that's all I hear about on tv, radio, etc. Yeay for Bones!

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