Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time for Vampires: David Boreanaz Angel Reunion

Edit: David isn't appearing. It's basically a 'rerun' of a past appearance. Sorry!

Much is said about David Boreanaz and his unwillingness to constantly talk about his past role as Angel. Apparently, that isn't set in stone.

Saturday, November 14th, David Boreanaz is set to appear at the Paley Center with Joss Whedon for an Angel reunion and screening as the center spends 3 days exploring vampires and their resurgence on the screen. Buffy will also be addressed, on Friday November 13th, but it doesn't look like he will be attending that one.

If you go, please share!

You can also vote for Angel in the poll to name the Greatest TV Vampire of All. He is currently in 3rd place, with Spike in the lead.

Thanks, N2SeeleyBooth, for the link.


Anonymous said...

Umm, David isn't attending this Paley Event. According to the write up they are showing PAST Paley panels which included the Angel one in 2001 and the Buffy Reunion Panel 2008. Just my opinion :)

Wendy said...

Ah, I believe you are correct. It's a bit confusing!

Shep said...

Brace yourselves, David's #5 in this vampire list, behind he-who-sparkles-and-shall-not-be-named who's at #2!!!


Wendy said...

You know, a person from that site emailed me that link directly and I didn't post it because it's such a weird place to have a list like that and it smacked of a ploy to get people to visit their site. (I get a lot of spam 'share' links sometimes, so maybe I'm just a bit overly-cautious.)

Still, DB should top any list! :)

Shep said...

I wasn't actually intending for you to post it, it's just for people to check out and gasp in horror if they want ;)

I didn't even take notice of the site until your comment. I just scrolled straight to the Angel and Spike stuff when I clicked on it! I agree, though, it is a weird palce to have this list.

Fay said...

There's also a poll at E!Online:

Angel is doing pretty at this one.

Fay said...

Opps, I meant "pretty well"

of course he's pretty too, hee

Wendy said...

From Carrie Oman, PR Manager for Paley:

Hi Wendy! I saw your mention of our upcoming Vampire Weekend and just wanted to follow up with you- I've attached the link to our website which outlines the festivities, but just to clarify- David Boreanaz is not appearing, we are screening the 2001 Paley Center ANGEL reunion. In addition, we've just announced that we'll be screening ROBSESSED, the doc about Rob Pattison fans. Go to our website or call me for more info!

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