Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Jessica said...

so far I have survived the hiatus thanks to my Bones dvd collection :)and I'm very excited for a new episode the episodes I've seen so far were great especially the last one Night at the Bones museum still having butterflies when watching the end scene *sigh* I'm wondering if they are having fanfests in LA for Bones fans does anyone know if they organise these days ?
It could be fun if ED & DB were there for a signing session :D I know I live in the netherlands but I would surely book a flight to attend :D

olivia said...

I am seriously considering planning a comic con trip just on the chance ED and DB will be there :)

Jessica said...

@ Olivia

if you don´t mind me asking what is comic con exactly, I heard about this before but is it something fans can go to ?

Phillip said...

I'm surviving the Hiatus with CSI:Las Vegas.

Not my favourite CSI, New York is, but i'm not getting the Season 5 DVD's until xmas :(

I hope we get a new episode on the 5th. Running out of CSI, i can't afford to keep buying new boxsets lol. Even if they are only £10 each.

Stephanie said...

Comic-Con is for the fans! It's an annual 4 day convention in San Diego, and it's supposed to be the largest pop culture convention in the world, I think. It started out as just comic books and stuff like that (hence the name) but now people from TV and film go, too. I would LOVE to go. My friend and I were talking about maybe going next year, but since I don't have a ton of money, I don't wanna buy tickets on just the chance Emily may be there.

Jessica, if you want, you can go to YouTube and search for "Bones Comic Con" and you'll probably be able to watch the past Bones panels to get an idea of what it's like :)

I hope we get a new Bones on the 5th, too. I may be out of town on Dec. 17th, so I'm worried that that will be the day Zooey's episode airs if Bones doesn't get to come back on the 5th. Because I will actually cry if I have to miss Emily and Zooey on screen together.

Lisa said...

I was thinking of going to Comic Con next year but I'm waiting to see more info posted on the website. It would be really exciting of DB & ED & the rest of the cast were there.

@ Stephanie: The episode with Zooey is reportedly to air on Dec. 10. Wouldn't it be great if ED & ZD sang together...maybe some sort of Christmas song. I'm also a really big fan of She & Him (Zooey's group with M. Ward).

@ Jessica: Do check out the Bones Comic con on Youtube. There's the one from this past summer with ED & HH. There are also past ones with the cast. All are great to watch.

Stephanie said...

I loved the panel with just Hart & Emily. I don't think I realized how ridiculously funny Emily is until I watched those videos. It was nice seeing just the two of them.

@Lisa - I'm a huge fan of She & Him, too! I almost saw them in concert last year, but my stupid parents made us leave for vacation two days before the show :( I'd love for Emily and Zooey to sing together, but I'm thinking there's absolutely no way Emily would agree to that, haha. Zooey's definitely the better singer, but I think Emily's a lot better than she gives herself credit for!

And yeah, I know Zooey's episode is currently scheduled for Dec. 10th, but I wouldn't put it past Fox to push it back a week and screw up my plans, haha. They're infamous for screwing with their schedule (For example, look at how many time slots Bones has had in 5 years!)

forensicduck said...

*is so excited about the Christmas episode*

kdpark123 said...

I attended Comic Con this past year on only the day that Bones presented their panel. It was great! They don't post the attendees and the days until very close to the days. I was able to purchase official passes from Comic Con on Ebay - this was very successful for Comic Con so they will likely do it again in 2010. I wasn't as interested in the other panels but now have some new shows to watch based on the panels I sat through, Big Bang Theory for example. I highly recommend Comic Con, but maybe not too much cause then there might be less room for me! :)

Lisa said...

@ Stephanie: I agree Zooey is a better singer but Emily is a pretty good singer in her own right too. I missed seeing She & Him when the came to the House of Blues Chicago last year. I was so mad that I didn't know & found out just two days later.

Hopefully, it will air the scheduled date so you won't miss it.

Jessica said...

@Stephanie & @Lisa

Thank you for the info I will take a look on you tube maybe you can tell me the name of the website to read more info about comic con next year so maybe I can start saving some money to fly to san diego :)

Kate said...

@forensicduck--I don't know you and this has nothing to do with the conversation, but I *love* your username. Best. Name. Ever.

Abby said...

I just want to say thanks to Wendy for these chatter posts. They're one of the few things conserving our sanities during this darned hiatus.

olivia said...

All this talk of comic con has me mentally planning my trip. I am not sure it will happen but a gal can dream :)

I would give my right eye to see a Bones panel or a Chuck panel. My two fav shows!

I second Abby's comment- thank you Wendy!

Jeannie said...

There is a new video out on Fox: http://www.fox.com/fod/play.php?sh=bones&ep=1256679377004

Wendy said...

You are very welcome, Abby and Olivia! :) Glad to have you here.

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