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Justin said...

What if a Fox show had a merger show with Bones? Which one do you think would make for a great episode?

Lisa said...

I think it would be intersting if Fringe was paired with Bones. I wonder how the rational side of Brennan & the spirtual side of Booth would explain some of the anomolies.

I was wondering what is everyone's top 6 episodes? I say 6 bc I can't cut it down to 5 & that was hard.

Here's mine:
1. A Night @ the Bones Museum--love all the jokes & the ending. 2. The Salt in the Wounds--love Booth's talk w/teen. 3. Aliens in the Spaceship--bc of Hodgins/Brennan & how they race to find them. 4. The Boy in the Bush--bc you get to see how each one was affected. 5.The Double Death of the Dearly Departed--just was so fun to watch them moving that body. 6. Wannabe in the Weeds--love when Brennan sings & Booth is so cute cheering her on.

Jen said...

Top 5
1. Aliens in the Spaceship
2. Man in the Fallout Shelter
3. The one where they go to New Orleans (forgot the title)
4. Two Bodies in the Lab
5. The Woman in Limbo
6. The airplane episode

I love rescue scenes!

cathmarchr said...

Hands down, my favorite Bones episode is The Truth in the Lye -- the dissolving body in the bathtub is a great case, and there's lots of semi-nekkid DB! It's the episode that un-demonizes Rebecca and kicks off the fling with Cam. Plus, in the final scene, when Brennan says, "If you should slip again... with anyone... I'll keep my mouth shut," Booth gives her this look like, "Are you offering?" and she shoots him this "Yes I am!" expression. Love love love it.

Now, let me think about my other top 5...

Justin said...

My top 6...
1. Wannabe in the Weeds
2. Man in the Fallout Shelter
3. Pain in the heart.
4. Verdict in the story
5. End in the Begining
6. boy in the tree

Stephanie said...

I think the only Fox show I'd be interested in seeing a Bones crossover with is Lie to Me. Their two worlds would just merge soooo well and so easily, and Booth and Brennan even discussed the Lie to Me type of science in "Man in the Mud" (Brennan's for it, Booth thinks it's crap.) Would make for a fun episode, I think.

Top 6 Bones episodes:
1. The Woman in Limbo (I like when the cases are personal, and Brennan's my favorite, so...yeah)
2. The Bodies in the Book (I found this case fascinating. With all the murder stuff we watch/read, why doesn't this happen all the time?)
3. The End in the Beginning (I just love this sooooo much)
4. The Verdict in the Story (cuz I love character-centric episodes like this)
5. Aliens in a Spaceship (for obvious reasons)
6. The Boy in the Time Capsule (I LOVE the Brainy Smurf scene at the end!)

I'm fully expecting a certain few episodes from this season to push some of these off this list, though.

Ali said...

My favourite episodes tend to be mostly on season 2! They are:
1. Aliens in a Spaceship
2. Judas on a pole (miss Max!)
3. Man in fallout shelter
4. The baby in the bough
5. The man in the cell (really liked Epps' storyline)
6. Deathly departed

Thanks for the blog, Wendy. This is my first post, even though I visit the blog 3-4 times a day. Just never got to actually write anything, apart from "where are you". It is hard to resist to episode lists, though. May Freud be called to interpret why (LOL)!!

alexandra said...

Only top 6? Oh God that's really hard!
1. Man in the fallout shelter (the best Xmas episode till now)
2. Mayhem on a cross (there's the most beautiful non B&B dialoge ever. I mean that between Sweets and Gordon Gordon. I saw the episode this morning for the x time and I couldn't avoid to cry at that scene).
3.Alien on a Spaceship (well we know why...)
4. Verdict in the Story (I think that is the best episode ever. All the team is involved and I love how they deal during Max's trial).
5.Ex-aequo Double death of the Dearly departed (I laugh every time) and Two Bodies in the lab (I felt in love with Bones after that episode).
6. The End in the beginning (even though it was difficult to love it first, I have to admit that is an excellent episode that I love to watch every now and then).

Anonymous said...

It's hard to just pick 6, but here goes....

6. The Verdict in the story. ( I love how everyone comes together to help Brennan.
5. The Passenger in the oven.( I love the sexy librarian scene.)
4. Double trouble in the Panhandle.( I love it that they pretended to have sex in the RV)
3. Aliens in the Spaceship...Run Booth Run!!!!That's all I have to say...Sexy!
2 Night at the Mummy Museum...I just wish they would have given me that moment and let them kiss. It was such a sweet ending though.
1. Last but not least is............The Woman in the Sand..Roxy and Tony Rock..They were just soooo sexy in this episode. I hope season 5 brings these moments back....( It's so hard to narrow the episodes down to just 6, because I think most of them bring us so many moments and glances, stares, smiles,,,whatever it may be. I just can't get enough of this beautifully made show...Props to HH, DB, ED and the cast.....Love Bones 4eva.....

Kate said...

1. Aliens in the Spaceship--I will brook no dissent on this one!
2. Judas on a Pole
3. The Two Bodies in the Lab
4. The Boy in the Bush
5. The Boy in the Shroud
6. The Killer in the Concrete

Honorable Mentions: The Man in the Cell and The Intern in the Incinerator.

olivia said...

It's so late, but I can't go to sleep till I do this list :)

1) Aliens in the Spaceship (obviously)
2) Verdict in the Story (love Max and the "that's a lot of heart" line)
3) Double Death ("put on a sad face")
4) Passenger in the Oven (love any kind of isolation episode)
5) Night at the Bones Museum (just for the BEST last scene EVER)
6) Tie: Woman in the Sand and Double Trouble in the Panhandle. Nothing is better than B and B undercover!
And a special mention for Mayhem on a Cross!
Is that 8? oops!

Kamara said...

There was no way I could only chose 6, so here's my top 10 :)

1) Mummy in the Maze
2) Man in the Saddle
3) Night at the Bones Museum
4) Aliens in a Spaceship
5) Pain in the Heart
6) Verdict in the Story
7) End in the Beginning
8) Santa in the Slush
9) Passenger in the Oven
10) Woman in the Sand

olivia said...

Is it wrong to ask if there are any episodes you don't especially love?

I am not a huge fan of the Girl in the Gator or the Yanks in the UK. They both have good parts, but overall, not ones I'll watch over and over. Just IMHO.

Jessica said...


I find all the episodes great to watch so I can't make a list of my favourites but there is one eps I don't really watch over and over again that's the eps The girl in the gator (for some reason I can't explain)

Jessica said...

@ Wendy

I'm waiting with excitement on your review of The night at the Bones museum your reviews are always so nice to read it always makes me rewatch the eps after reading

luscious said...

I cant believe no one mentioned mayhem on the cross this is one of my all time favourites please correct me if I missed it here are my top six.

6) Man in the Bear

5) Man in the cell

4)Aliens in a spaceship

3)Verdict in the story

2) Mayhem on the cross

1) A night at the bone museum

but then again I love every episode.

Lisa said...

Lol...looking over everyone's comments I have to say that I do love the B & B isolation episodes--Passenger on the plane, the Panhandle one & the Woman in the sand as my honorable mentions.

I have to agree with Jessica, the only episode I can't really get into is the Girl in the Gator. I think I've only watched the one time. I don't know what it is but it's the least appealing.

olivia said...

Regarding tGitG...It's seeing Brennan in the field with Sully. It just isn't Booth and that irriates me. The same way Fire in the Ice irriates me when Booth is investigating with Agent Perotta. Of course the end scene makes that one ALL BETTER :D

Anonymous said...

My list:

1. Two bodies in a lab
2. Verdict in the story
3. Judas on a pole
4. Knight on the grid
5. The girl with the curl
6. Aliens in spaceship

What does 'a lot of heart' (?) mean?

Anonymous said...

How could I forget 6b. Woman in limbo
I love that episode! Late night take out Thai food <3

Jessica said...

@ anonymous

In the episode the verdict in the story Booth tells Brennan to use less brain and more heart and when she is making the case as if she could have done it Booth says that that's a lot of heart I guess what he means is that her love for her father is so big that she is willing to risk being blamed for the murder even though she is pretty certain he did it

Stephanie said...

I really can't get into is season 2's "Girl in Suite 2103." It's so boring! Angela & Hodgins have some nice moments, but that diplomatic immunity story just does nothing for me. I didn't particulary care for "Plain in the Prodigy" for the same reason. I'm a character girl, so I don't really like the severly case-driven episodes.

And I really didn't like season 4's "Beaver in the Otter" because of all that "your brain won't be fully developed if you don't do something bad" crap. I took offense to that, and I hated that Brennan got upset over it rather than telling Booth that argument was stupid and scientifically wrong. I think that's the only one that's ever made me mad, though.

Vasso said...

Here is my list:
8. The Bond in the Boot (I love the sink scene)
7. Double death of the dearly departed (It's so funny!!)
6. Mayhem on a cross
5. The pain in the heart
4. The boy in the time capsule (I LOVE the Brainy smurf scene so much!!)
3. The end in the Beginning
2. The perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond (I love the last scene where she fixes his back!)
1. Fire in the ice (!!!)
Oops, that's 8, sorry!!

Anonymous said...

1. The Woman in the Garden (all time favorite!!)
2. Double Death (so. funny.)
3. Santa in the Slush (love the christmas tree he brings her.. even more than the kiss)
4. Fire in the Ice (Your people? we're booth's people!! and the skating scene of course)
5. mayhem on the cross (wonderfully funny and touching.)

jen said...

I think my least favorite episode was double death of the dearly departed. Brennan not knowing how to act at a funeral, when she goes to a dozen in season 1???? I didn't see the humor in it.

Courtney said...

Oh, I saw the humor in it...loved that they did a completely slapstick comedy episode and did it well.

I'm not good with the names of episodes but my all time favorite is "Man in the Fallout Shelter," followed by "Two Bodies in the Lab," "The Verdict in the Story" (agree the line about it being a lot of heart was perfection and DB delivered it flawlessly.

And, I am a true fan of the pilot "I don't know what that means but I think I can be a duck." Loved that.

MnM said...

Ya I loved the pilot ad well... Epsecially this part:
What are you doing?
Blackmailing you.
Blackmailing a federal agent? I don't like it.
I am fairly certain you're not supposed to.

Anonymous said...

I loved that part it cracks me up every time I see it

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