Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Bonesday!

Tonight's Bones episode is "The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" and you can find pictures, descriptions, clips, and even spoilers under the tag here on the blog.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. As we have been doing this season, you can start posting in it right away as a pure "Episode Discussion" thread when it goes up if you saw it last night. If you just can't wait, remember there is always the spoiler post!

The promo-

Bonesday question for you...

This was brought on by something that happened here yesterday. Jeannie asked for the name of Barry Josephson's new baby girl and he answered it himself via a comment on OWB.

My question is - who has had something answered by a star or someone else associated with Bones directly (like via Twitter or Jeannie's experience) or indirectly by submitting to Ausiello or other press for their interviews? What did you ask? (please, no spoilers!)

Another question along on the opposite side of the coin - how many of you never seem to get your questions answered? :) I fall heavily on this side, especially in asking Hart Hanson questions on Twitter, while some people always seem to get noticed and replies.


Anonymous said...

hi Wendy,

I didn't ask a question, but on Twitter I thanked Hart for helping to bring more respectability to the name Booth--it usually makes people think of John Wilkes.

Hart responded, saying that a line had been cut from the pilot in which Brennan reveals how she traced Booth's family tree to back to John Wilkes Booth.

Hope you have a good day!
--B. Booth

Wendy said...

Oh, that's a good one. And I think I'm glad that line was cut out. This Booth doesn't need that kind of heritage, or the new burden it would give him.

Jessica said...

I once twittered to Stephen Fry telling him I liked his character in Bones and asked him if he was coming back in Bones he answered he was doing so in three weeks that was very nice of him to answer

Poetic_line said...

Back in June, Hart Hanson sent me birthday greetings on twitter after I asked him to and he said he was humming Happy Birthday to me.

I've been fortunate to get several responses from him, one about his Boney wallpaper that was reminiscent of The Thinker, one related to Carla Gallo and Ryan Cartwright being on Mad Men. Not too much about Bones though.

He is a really sweet guy who cares about his fans.

Phillip said...

I've not had a reply on twitter, i've had replies from Keisha Buchanan [Former member of a british girl group, the Sugababes] but thats about it lol.

It's BonesDayUK as well WOOOOP!! XD

I d/loaded 504 earlier. The Canadians didn't let me down this week! :D I for one enjoyed it, but then again i LOVE 503.

Jeannie said...

I once submitted a question to the writers if anything had ever turned out differently on screen than they had in mind when writing it and it got answered.

(In short: "no".)

Kate said...

Wow, aren't you all lucky! I'm still in awe OWB somehow found its way onto Barry Josephson's radar. Has the website really gotten that big?

Jeannie said...

Maybe it's not size that matters but quality.

em-jay said...

Definitely quality! Go Wendy!!

Emily said...

Happy Bonesday!
And in answer to the question... well, kind of.
I live in the UK, and it seems that Sky1 had some sort of audience with David Boreanaz, as they had quite a few contests involving him :)
One was to send in fan questions (which I entered but didn't win) and there was a recent one on Twitter where the prize was a signed photo of DB. That one I did win! Yay! :)

Wendy said...

Emily - congrats!

Jeannie and em-jay - thanks! :)

Kate - The entire online fan community is a small but vocal part of the fan base. As far as Bones sites go, I think OWB is pretty big. I am glad to see things like this - his comment, Hart's very active Twitter - that show how engaged these people are with all of us, and not just through official media channels.

Phillip said...

congrats Emily!!!!!

i entered but didn't win that one.

Kate said...

And here I thought I'd stumbled upon a hidden gem. Well, the tight-knit sense of community must make it feel smaller than it is.

Although, I'd better watch what I say more closely now. I don't want any of my students coming to class tomorrow saying "Dr. Kate, I saw what you said about Bones...." Yikes!

Wendy said...

Hah, well the chance of that is still pretty slim :)

Relative to other Bones sites, OWB definitely holds it's own. Relative to say... Drudge Report, for example, it's OWB-what? The official Bones site is by far the most visited.

I hopw OWB is a gem, no matter if 100 or 10k or a million visit :)

Stephanie said...

Whoa, I totally missed Barry's comment yesterday. That's awesome!

I asked Hart one question on Twitter (it was about Zooey being on Bones shortly after that article came out) and didn't get it answered there, but I really didn't mind because Emily basically answered it in an interview two days later. I used to send Bones questions to Kristin (from E!) all the time, though, because I'm pretty active on her message board, and I NEVER got one answered. I have no idea how to get a question answered from her. I finally gave up about halfway through season 4.

Miss Mary said...

I have had 4 repsonses from Hart and 1 from Stephen.

Hart responded twice to me back in June about readers being good writers (He had stated that he should be writing the first epi but instead was reading a great book. I told him I teach my class that great readers make great writers... he responded with advice to my class about "filling up the creativity bucket")

I had a response from him about mmy intense desire for a christmas epi (I asked if I couldn't have one could i have another holiday Thanksgiving, easter, even Arbor Day!)

Lately after responded to his tweet about the journalists in Korea he told me that I made him "laugh out loud and kept him humble"

Stephen wrote back when I commented about Chelsea Lately discussing his son on the air,

I am a small town fourth grade teacher in New Jersey but tweeting makes me feel "global" I also have had responses from Nia Vardalos (Greek wedding) Jimmy Fallon and Bob Bryan (the tennis star)

Jeannie said...

Oh wow, Miss Mary, that's awesome!

n2seeleybooth said...

mine wasn't a question, but when they were talking to David before they knew Bardot was a girl the interviewer told David " N2seelybooth thinks you should have a girl"

Miss Mary said...

Sweet I just got my 5th Hart response! That man is wonderful!

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