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Today's Chatter Post, Special Edition

Talk about anything you want, Bones or not. However, in this post, I would like to ask a specific question (thanks to BBShipper):

Everyone knows that Brennan wrote a note to someone while trapped with Hodgins in "Aliens in a Spaceship" but no one knows what she wrote or even who she addressed it to.

That's the question here: What did she write? With that, the corresponding question of who did she write it to?

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New Promo: The Gamer in the Grease

Thanksgiving hiatus wasn't too bad, was it? :) Here is a new promo for this week's Bones, "The Gamer in the Grease"

Thanks to Jeannie and Jessica for the emails!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goop Stills, Updated

I was finally able to update the episode stills album for "The Goop in the Girl." It now includes all available images. Sorry for the delay!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

If you are in the US, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! If you're not... Have a happy Thursday anyway!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's Adam West Watching?

Adam West loves him some Fox shows, *ahem*. This Bones "What's Adam West Watching?" video made me laugh.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stop Watching Bad TV!

Here, this is preaching to the choir, but the Denver Post has a guide for clearing the bad TV out of your life, and Bones is part of the cure!

Thanks, Mickey.

Episode Stills: The Goop in the Girl

This album contains 3 episode stills for "The Goop on the Girl," which should be our final Bones episode before Christmas, airing December 10th. Lookin' good with two good guest stars!

Thanks to Pete Bune, via Jamie Frevele, for finding this link first, which also includes a behind the scenes interview video.

Today's Chatter Post

Talk about anything you want, Bones or not.

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Most overdue KotL ever

Yes, it's been a ridiculously long time since I did a King of the Lab. Sorry!

Name the episode where Booth effectively calls Brennan 'babe' in conversation with her. This isn't a 'yes' you're attractive, etc. This is him talking to her and he uses 'babe' where he might normally have said 'Bones.'
Apologies if there is more than one but, to my knowledge, this only occurs in one episode.'s Best of 2009

Sorry I haven't posted this before now, though a few of you have shared it in comments and such on some posts. has a big mash up of polls for the "Best of 2009." Bones appears in 3 of them, and is winning in 2.

"Best in Shows"
-Cast You'd Want on Your Case (losing. badly)
-Coolest Technology (Winning by a mile)

"Best in Characters"
-Best Foreplay (Winning nicely)

So, according to the polls it seems that 'lying' is the worst problem when it comes to catching killers?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bones Ratings: The Foot in the Foreclosure

Bones held fairly steady this week, with "The Foot in the Foreclosure"


Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (Millions)

8:00 CBS Survivor: Samoa 3.5 10 11.593

FOX Bones 2.5 7 9.432

ABC FlashForward 2.4 7 8.166

NBC Community 2.0 6 5.056

CW The Vampire Diaries 1.6 5 3.660

8:30 CBS Survivor: Samoa 4.1 11 13.034

FOX Bones 2.8 8 10.260

ABC FlashForward 2.4 7 7.859

NBC Parks & Recreation 2.0 6 4.613

CW The Vampire Diaries 1.8 5 3.791

I guess it's a good thing that Bones always jumps in the 2nd half hour (though, to those people I say "Just start with Bones, mkay?") - could always be FlashForward and dropping 1/2 a mil!

What are the Bones people thankful for?

Bones, Booth, and the rest are thankful for...

  • Dr. Temperance Brennan – “I am thankful for the Thanksgiving tradition of splitting the Furcula. The Furcula being the wishbone, of course.”
  • FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth –“I am thankful that my life has progressed from killing people for a living to catching people who kill people.”
  • Dr. Jack Hodgins –“I am thankful for being the King of the Lab.”
  • Angela Montenegro –“I am thankful that my office is far enough away from the forensic platform that I don’t have to smell corpses all day.”
  • Dr. Cam Saroyan – “I am thankful that the smartest people in the world are often the easiest to manipulate.”
  • Dr. Lance Sweets –“I am thankful for neurosis and sexual tension between partners.”
(Wishing these were in video form.)

Thanks, Jeannie.

Promo: The Gamer in the Grease

Last night's promo for the post-Thanksgiving Bones episode on December 3rd (yes a 2 week wait): The Gamer in the Grease.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Favorite Quotes: The Foot in the Foreclosure

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Foot in the Foreclosure.

What Song was that in... The Foot in the Foreclosure?

If you have a question about any of the music from tonight's Bones episode "The Foot in the Foreclosure," post them here so they don't get lost in the episode discussion.

Main Bones Music Post

Episode Discussion: The Foot in the Foreclosure

Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 8
The Foot in the Foreclosure

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!

Happy Bonesday!

Tonight's Bones episode is "The Foot in the Foreclosure" and you can find pictures, descriptions, clips, and even spoilers under the tag here on the blog.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. You can start posting in it right away as a pure "Episode Discussion" thread when it goes up if you saw it last night. If you just can't wait, remember there is always the spoiler post!

The promos

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Episode Stills: The Gamer in the Grease

Album of episode stills for Bones Season 5 Episode 9 "The Gamer in the Grease" can be seen here. Spoiler warning.

Bones Episode Review: 5.06 "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken"

The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

I love how this episode begins. When most co-workers walk into the building, do they talk about work, or how much fun they had outside of work? Hodgins has always loved his bugs, so I guess it's not a huge surprise, and Brennan would always want to talk about work above all else (she used to spend her off time there, and maybe still does, doing things like catalog old remains). It just strikes me as a commentary on how different these scientists are from your average, I don't know, office worker?

I would have to say that having that kind of passion about your work, that it truly is one of the most important, fulfilling aspects of your life, is something to envy. How many people can say that?

In this episode, the cliffhanger ending to the opener actually works. It doesn't take itself too seriously. It's funny, and it doesn't make anyone look stupid.
Booth: So you want me to go ask the Defense Department if their experimental super solider is half man, half chicken?
I could have even stood a little more funny, with quirky music, but I understand that they seem to want a more cliffhanger like ending to the openers.

I don't normally like for TV to get too preachy with agendas. I'm with Wendell, as an unapologetic meat-eater. But I think they did it well, Bones-style. The chickens were actually taken to the same level as a human victim, despite Brennan's protestations that they didn't deserve it. I also appreciate that they didn't have Emily playing herself here, and being the strong advocate for vegetarianism or veganism. No one truly advocated that and said 'meat is wrong.' (Though it did cause some continuity issues by saying that Brennan is a vegetarian due to health reasons. Pfft. Pig farmer anyone?)

I wasn't impressed with the case itself. They only mentioned the Angelator as a possible tool (not even naming it), but we didn't see it in action. (Yay, recession?) Every new step in the science was overshadowed by all the wonderful chicken jokes.
Angela: Half man, half chicken?
Hodgins: That's why we couldn't find his so-called fingers. They were transformed into talons.
Booth: Getting a hit of Angela's chicken man picture. Probably from the animal shelter.
Protesters: Cluck you, cluck you, close down Clucksten's.
Cam: Do not tell me we're back to super chicken soldier again.
Booth: Precautions to keep from turning into a chicken?
Protester: Save a Chicken! Fry a worker!
Booth: How do you treat your chickens?
--- Like delicious birds that people love to eat.
Josh: You are working as a tool of the poultry lobbyists.
Protester: Here's your feathers. Why don't you fly back to Washington?
Cam: The chicken man was killed by having his neck wrung?
Angela: If it turns out there was some kind of chicken revolution and they offed this guy, I am with them.
Sweets: Maybe she was just sick of kissing a guy with a beak.
Sweets: Today's special, Chicken. Ironic, hah.
MacNamara: Bet you didn't know there was something worse than plucker.
Not that I minded. There was so much heaviness in the chicken storyline, the Angela fight, and the meaningful Booth/Brennan moments that the case simply had to be light to balance it out.

Did anyone else notice the head shot of the body and it's huge grin? I don't do gross as well as I used to and sometimes the bodies are just too much for me but I busted out laughing at that image at the end of the body examination around 7 min (Hulu time).

Hodgins: Woodchucks are very industrious marmots
That line actually cracked me up a bit. Sly attempt at geek humor? If Brennan said it I would take it more seriously as a logical connection in her brain but for Hodgins?
Cam: You couldn't have just let them have that one? Let it slide by?
Brennan: Then they'd never learn
I really want Hodgins to bust out with some snarkiness once in awhile. Too many times he and Angela simply look at each other in reply to something Brennan has done. Too quiet! Too straight-man, especially for Hodgins!
Wendell: Hey, should we call the military theory into Booth?
Hodgins: Yeah. Oooh, just leave out my torture theory.

Booth: I thought Hodgins might have something on this whole suspended animation thing.
Angela: Hey, you listened to Hodgins?
Booth: I listened to Wendell.
Another quip that made me laugh. The dump-on-the-crazy-conspiracy-nut-Hodgins theme is one of my favorite aspects of the character. We have a smart, rich guy who has absolutely no problem being the 'crazy' one. Everyone knows it. Most of what he says is passed off with an eye roll. But no one can discount him entirely because sometimes, he's right. And he knows it.

I am glad to see Hodgins refuse to break Angela's fast. Revisiting that intimacy isn't going to gain him anything at all. It's off balance and honestly not healthy for either of them. There's too much history for the 'NSA' moment Angela desires. (Will Wendell be any more than that?)

Judging by his smile and deep breath as she left, I don't think it was a completely easy decision, however.
Hodgins: Fortunately, I am extremely thorough and tenacious.
Sweets: Booth figured it out, I was just sitting there.
Poor kid didn't even see the sad commentary on his skills with that comment. He can be perceptive in the right setting, but he can miss some big ones too.
Booth: You know, the way you say "very interesting" is very irritating.
Love Sweets comment on his surprise that Brennan is 'not used to not getting along with people'.

It is easy to forget his very deep and thoughtful discussion with Dr. Brennan, however. I don't think he was the deciding factor in Brennan's flip, but he set her up nicely with some deep food for thought and he made a nice commentary on the differences in how they two of them view the world. Through his eyes and words I can actually relate to Angela a little better. I like how he summed up Brennan's world view and how she covers the ugliness of the world in rationale so she can handle it. I just wish he'd defined Angela with the same clarity.
Sweets: Sometimes you just make your friend happy.
Cam: Perhaps you should throw them a bone. Not literally. Metaphorically.
I don't have anything to say to that. I just made me laugh.
Cam: Let's break this down as though we aren't in a comic book.
C'mon, Ma!

Sometimes, being the mother of the group means being the boring disciplinarian and attempt to reign in very fun discussions about comic-book super soldiers (chickens or not). At least she's still shy of purely barking orders and throwing her weight around. Realistically, you need balance like this to keep the character from becoming flat. She can't 'just' zing people and be a character that matters. It is aspects of the writing such as this that I truly appreciate.

You would think, from the way she usually speaks, that everything she thinks comes sailign rifght out of her mouth. But she can be quite the silent observer when she wants to be. It doesn't take her long to figure out something has changed between Angela and Wendell. But what's the point of bringing it up? ... yet.
Hodgins: It's OK kid, around here we step in for each other as needed.
Ohhhh. The look on Cam's face says it all there. This just makes any impending Hodgins/Wendell/Angela blowup all the more painful to contemplate. The longer I think about it, though, the more I feel that it will be H/W who's relationship suffers most. I actually like their growing bond, though!

The way she taunts them in 'spin the intern' is great too but, again, poor clueless Hodgins... I also appreciate the pained look as Brennan abuses Wendell, who has no clue she's beating the boy.

If only it were Zack in that chair. (No, Hart, we haven't forgotten and as someone who didn't really mind the Zack plot that much - the one shot episode where he tells Sweets he's not a murder and then NOTHING EVER HAPPENS CONCERNING HIM AGAIN sucks. Thank you for your time.)

Angela: Taking sex out of the equation made me relate to people in a totally different way.
Yeah, no kidding!

On the physical level, what has truly been life-changing for her? Was the fact that she wasn't getting the physical act of sex the most important, or the fact that she wasn't coloring her interactions with people by the challenge of whether or not she could get sex out of them? Have we seen Angela learn anything, really, over this 6 months (or nearly 6 months, since it seems she didn't hit the mark...)?

As I mentioned in the last review, since it, too, was late, and I already knew this... Angela is not the sort to get passionate over causes. She just doesn't know how to handle it. She would much rather be open to everything and committed to none. When she decides to save this little Piglet (I vote Hoggins for it's name! or at least Pablo Pigcasso) she goes waaaaaaay over the top. I agree with Sweets 100% that her perspective was skewed. And this also reinforced my belief that she didn't learn anything. She replaced sex with the pig, and then jumped back to sex when the pig was too much. To her credit, she didn't completely let go of the pig either. I don't think that's a sign of growth on her part, though. She's loyal, if anything. She has decided to save that pig, and save it she will! No matter how many sad eyes and hearth-felt pleas she must make.

I knew in advance that Brennan and Angela would fight here, one of the few spoilers I have read, and I am quite surprised at the topic. I don't think anyone expected it to be a silly fight, per se, but I'm glad it was not one of the bandied ideas such as a fight over a man.

Part of what makes this an over-the-top reaction from Angela is how she completely loses perspective, not only on the pig, but also on Brennan. She knows very well that Brennan is not cold, but she tosses that in her face.
Brennan: I'm sorry the chickens make you feel bad.
Obviously Brennan was not being cold. She may not have understood Angela's point, but she did still wish to comfort her, in her own way.

But, for off-the-deep-end-for-a-piggie Angela, that wasn't enough. She desperately wanted to do SOMETHING, anything, to make a difference. Calling Brennan cold because she disagreed was unfair and I think a further symptom that her need to connect to people through sex could not be so easily discarded by simply setting it aside. Has Sweets done her a disservice by not delving a little deeper? It's like saying....... You don't know how to drive a car properly. So don't start one, or even get in one, for 6 months and we'll see if things improve.

The Angela and Wendell relationship is not a favorite of mine. I hope that it becomes more interesting and gives me a reason to care one way or the other beyond my desire to not see Hodgins hurt. From Angela's perspective I can't really relate to her motives at all. "Did she just take money for sex" option on the right came out of a discussion my husband and I had about that scene. The thought isn't much of a stretch! But, I do think it's much deeper than that. Sweets covers it pretty well, but I think the jist just might turn out to be that Angela can't connect to most people without a physical connection or at least desire. Which takes me back to the question - what has she learned from her celibacy?

I really want her to learn something. It just feels like she swings wide, and then always returns to the same spot. She gives both positive and negative changes a try and then goes right back to her center, which isn't all that healthy, in many respects. Am I seeing this right or being unfair to the character I can least relate to? I would like to know!


I love the fact that, at first at least, the most interesting thing about the corpse was that it smelled like a fart - to both Hodgins and Wendell. The fact they get along so well just makes the Angela/Wendell relationship that much harder for me to take. A good portion of us can't even get past that fact when we consider this pairing. Roxie had nothing on this, when it comes to Hodgins. I would feel like they really cheated the character, and fans, if Hodgins just breezes through this like it's nothing, with a raised glass and well wishes for the couple.

That said, I do like Wendell. Unlike Daisy and Vasiri, they really didn't advance his characterization much for me though. I do appreciate the glimpse into his character. He's not selfish or even self-serving. He has no money to spare (I can attest to that!) yet he gives everything in his wallet. It's not even to do something truly 'important', you might say, but just to answer the plea in Angela's eyes and do something nice for her.

How many places are funding his education though? Is it the neighbors, a scholarship, or 40k in loans? Or all of the above? Did he get a grant too? It's just strange to hear so many sources cited. Do they want to show his ambition to get ahead any way he can or are they not fact checking again?

When Angela kisses him he is clearly surprised and holds his eyes open for the first one. But it doesn't take him long to jump right into the grove with a big grin. It felt so abrupt. Maybe the two of them are more alike in their sexual attitudes than we have seen. I don't know. It did not feel like a huge leap for her at all, but it did for him. For someone so focused, why would he become so impulsive and jump headlong in? I hope that things are fleshed out a bit more (har har) when they revisit this relationship. Though the shoulder touching at the end speaks to greater intimacy, it just feels like a fling that is going to leave far more substance strewn in it's wake than it ever had at its core.

I wonder how it will end up for all of them. Will it be the funny 'we're all friends' chum fest? Or will there be more serious emotional fallout for 1, 2, or even all 3 of them?

Booth and Brennan

Hodgins: What I want to know is why they aren't all freaked out and getting trauma counseling.
Cam: Because, they're the type of children who idolize Dr. Brennan.
Are Parker and Andy the only kids she can relate to? I wouldn't even call Parker smooth sailing. He just doesn't get, or hear, all her attempts to correct him. Or is that he's enough of his Dad not to care? He likes the bone lady just fine and maybe doesn't view her in the same harsh light as others? (Also emulating his Dad's attitudes toward her as well...? )

That could turn into a very long discussion...

As for Andy. Well, he was just a baby. And even my baby loves him some Dancing Phalanges. Yes. We've done it. More than once.

In her own way, Brennan is trying to do exactly what she didn't accomplish - encourage the girls to become scientists in her mold. She understands the point of the Woodchucks, and that they want to emulate her path. What she can't understand, despite her strides and attempts at being humorous, is how to truly encourage people. Especially the young. To her, tearing down wrongs is more important than praising the rights. If Cam hadn't prodded her, I don't think she would have said anything positive to them at all. What would be the point in that?
Booth: If I were going to combine human and animal DNA with an eye toward creating a super solider I'd go with a flatworm.
The woman has no idea about 'cool.' That's just X-files creepy. The fun part about super soliders is making them cool! As Wendell points out, it couldn't even be a chicken, right? It must be an eagle that just went wrong.
Booth: You make a super soldier, you would think it would be like a robot or something invisible.
Brennan: Now you're just delving into pure science fiction.
Booth having to ask PhDs if they lost a mummy in one case, and in the next he's trying to track down a chicken man. This has to do wonders for his emotional and psychological recovery. It seems small and just 'part of the job' but I would think that any embarrassments right now, even the minor ones, just heap onto his traumatized psyche and magnify ALL the troubles.

Not that the 'experimental super solider' victim discussions are not funny!
Booth: Wow. Is Angela good, or is she good?
Brennan: Those are the same question.
As for the lovely lovey bits...

The diner scene with Sweets had some great aspects, and some not-so-great ones. The fact that Booth instantly knew Brennan was upset - very natural. His speechy lines, though, were not so natural:
Booth: Everything okay there, Bones? I know when some is wrong with you and something is wrong, alright? What can I do to help?
Brennan: Angela and I had a fight.
Booth: Nothing I can do to help.
Brennan: You want to hear about it?
Booth: No... because her and Angela are best friends. and Bones is going to want me to take her side and agree that Angela was wrong. And then, you know, the two of them are gonna make up and then they're gonna be mad at me. So, no, thank you.

: Listen, Bones. You know I would do anything for you. I'd die for you. I would kill for you. But I am not getting between two best friends.
: Okay.
(He feels bad about not supporting her)

Booth: Listen, Bones, everything is gonna be okay between you and Angela, alright? You two are like sisters.
Brennan: I'm just not used to getting along with people.
I liked that he supported her, that he was overt about it, that he wasn't afraid to touch her, and that he was genuinely bothered by not being able to step in and make it right for her, but the words felt forced. Like someone told him to say them, instead of it coming from Booth's heart.

The hand grab to stop her leaving was very natural, and sweet. Loved they continued to hold. But the way they showed it to us was AWFUL!
Brennan: I know you trust your gut, but it's wrong this time.

Booth: You know, he fooled me. He fooled me.
If Booth has trouble reading people, does this mean his 'read' on Bones that he mentions in this next episode is wrong? ... Booth still doesn't know his place, especially with her, on both a personal and professional level.
Booth: I'm the one who is supposed to know when people are lying. Who do I call up for that?

: I'm a full speed kind of a guy.
: Well even at half speed you're twice as fast as anyone else.
She really spends a lot of time bolstering his confidence now. That is a big change for her, and something she does with very few people. Booth and Angela are the only ones she will do it for without strong prodding, right?
Brennan: Would I like one of those fruity drinks?
Booth: No.

: You want to see the fastest draw in the west?
: Sure.
Booth: You want to see it again?

:You noticed somethng. See? (another easy touch) You still got it.
: You're not going to ask me what I saw?
:Do I want to know?
: No. Do you want to know anyway.
:Nope. It can wait. I trust you. (Dude, she trusts you. Go for it, not this it, IT!)
Sweets set Brennan up to help Angela, but she wouldn't act without Booth's approval.
Brennan: Sweets thinks that I should humor Angela.
Booth: Sweets is a bright kid.
Brennan: But I want to know what you think. As a full grown man of experience (poor Sweets). I need to know what you think.
Booth: I think you should let her have this one. ... I didn't mean this second!
She jumped up immediately with no further thought. His approval was all she needed.

I love how close these two are becoming, on all levels. They've always bickered like an old married couple, and the attraction came early, long before the love. Now we have the physical comfort increasing as well. I can't imagine that some sort of revelation, of the more direct sort, can be that far away. Either revelation or some new kind of step back, which would just infuriate fans to no end if it's not at least precipitated by something positive and/or scary first.

I look forward to what the rest of the season brings!

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Preview Clips for "The Foot in the Foreclosure"

Fox has posted 3 preview spoiler clips for this week's Bones episode, "The Foot in the Foreclosure," at Fox on Demand. (The still have them under the "Season 4" heading.)

Thanks, Fay and Lisa, for the headsup!

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Today's Chatter Post

Talk about anything you want, Bones or not.

Remember, only 2 rules

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Previous Chatter Post - @harthanson edition

CharityBuzz: Win a Labcoat and Bones DVDs

Thanks, Mickey, for the info about this charity auction. CharityBuzz is auctioning a package deal where you get a lab coat signed by the cast (that can be personalized with your name on it) and DVDs for Bones Season 3 and Season 4. Emily Deschanel donated the set to the charity for the auction.

The auction will benefit:


HEART's mission is to foster compassion and respect for all living beings and the environment by educating youth and teachers in humane education.

HEART's services are specially designed to provide a combined focus on social justice, animal welfare and environmental ethics. Our direct services to educators and students, as well as our city and state level advocacy efforts, enable us to significantly impact the way young people think about their responsibility to one another, animals and the natural world.

By linking our age-appropriate instructional program to our service-based learning program, we give students the tools to make positive changes. We are the only full-service provider of humane education in the New York City area and we reach thousands of students each year with our programs. Our services are offered at no cost to schools and other non-profit agencies.

The Foot in the Foreclosure - New Promo

2nd promo for this week's Bones episode: The Foot in the Foreclosure.

Thanks, Jeannie!

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The End in the Beginning... How Do Hints of the Alt-Reality Show Now??

As many are starting to notice, events that occurred in "The End in the Beginning" at the end of Bones Season 4 are starting to show up in Season 5 episodes.

Let's use this post to start a list. I'll add it to the short list on the left and we can keep it updated as new ones show.

Thank you, Cheryl, for the email suggesting this post.

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Unofficial PCA Polls

Bones was not nominated for an official People's Choice Award, but there are plenty of unofficial polls on the site to chose from which include either Bones or Angel.

Just a few include...

Page 1

Favorite Joss Whedon creation

Page 2

"TV Shows that should have been Nominated"
"Favorite Vampire"

Page 3

"What TV Couple Would you Want to See Hook Up?"
"Fav TV Vamp"

Page 5

Thursday Night Shows

Page 7

"Which TV Detective Duo is the Hottest?"
To find them in that order (at this time), sort by: Fans - TV - Most Voted On

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Bones Ratings: The Dwarf in the Dirt

Gone all day, and all evening too! Sorry for not having this up during the day.

Bones ratings jumped a bit this week for "The Dwarf in the Dirt." As someone said in the comments 'take that, FlashForward!'


Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (Millions)
8:00 CBS Survivor: Samoa 3.7 10 12.478

FOX Bones 2.8 8 9.406

ABC FlashForward 2.6 7 8.475

NBC Community 2.1 6 5.143

CW The Vampire Diaries 2.0 6 4.552

8:30 CBS Survivor: Samoa 4.3 11 13.898

FOX Bones 3.0 8 10.130

ABC FlashForward 2.7 7 8.189

NBC Parks & Recreation 2.1 6 4.672

CW The Vampire Diaries 2.0 5 4.068

Promo: The Foot in the Foreclosure

Sorry for the late post on this, but I was gone all day. This is the Bones promo for "The Foot in the Foreclosure," airing next Thursday. Spoiler warning, as always.

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Favorite Quotes: The Dwarf in the Dirt

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Dwarf in the Dirt.

What Song was that in... The Dwarf in the Dirt?

If you have a question about any of the music from tonight's Bones episode "The Dwarf in the Dirt," post them here so they don't get lost in the episode discussion.

Main Bones Music Post

Here is the last song -
Glass Pear - My Ghost

Episode Discussion: The Dwarf in the Dirt

Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 7
The Dwarf in the Dirt

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!

Behind the Scenes Cast Photos

EW has an on-line photo spread of 15 behind the scenes photos from the December 3rd episode of Bones. The only picture with a spoiler is #5, which shows some re-enactment of the crime evidence by Hodgins and Cam. I don't think it will ruin anyone's day.

There are lots of great tidbits below each picture as well, such as this one:

Boreanaz pretty much chooses Booth's wardrobe. The trench coat is ''the staple homage to McQueen in Bullitt,'' he says. Seeley's ''cocky'' belt buckle was actually a Christmas present Boreanaz received from his acting coach, Ivana Chubbuck, a few years ago. ''When I first wore it, the studio flipped out, and they used to have to erase cocky from the belt buckle,'' he says. ''And now, they love it. It's a plot point. Go figure.''
Thanks, Robyn, for the link!

Happy Bonesday!

Tonight's Bones episode is "The Dwarf in the Dirt" and you can find pictures, descriptions, clips, and even spoilers under the tag here on the blog.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. As we have been doing this season, you can start posting in it right away as a pure "Episode Discussion" thread when it goes up if you saw it last night. If you just can't wait, remember there is always the spoiler post!

The promo

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Angela Needs to Name Her Pig

They are now accepting fan submissions to help name Angela's pig. They don't promise the winning name will appear in the show but the producers will post their favorites on the official Bones forums.

Email to:

Just for us here... what do you think it should be named?

RT button change

I have found a different way to use the RT button on the blog. Instead of being in every post, there is a stationary button on the left side of the blog. If you're on the home page, it will RT the blog. If you're on a post, it will RT the post. The count changes to reflect the count for that particular page.

It will also now RT @wendyyoung instead of @tweetmeme when you use it.

I hope this is less intrusive looking for the people who do not use Twitter. I didn't like seeing it on every single post myself either.

TVGuide: Best show of 2009 - Vote Bones

TVguide has a photo spread and poll for the Best Show of 2009. Bones is in the running, and it is the marquee show for the spread. Vote away to get Bones in the #1 spot!

Go straight to the poll here.

Bones Episode Review: 5.05 "A Night at the Bones Museum"

Thank you to Jeannie for helping me get back on track with support, encouragement, and advice!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~
A Night at the Bones Museum
The case - What I like:

I like that the real focus of the case isn't even the current murder. I love how it shows a new side of Brennan (though I think the girlie scream session with Daisy went just a tad overboard). I love how it pulled in everyone and I did not suspect the killer. On that respect that barely showed him, however, so there was little emphasis on him at all. Not that it mattered - Anok was the important part here!

Booth breaking the door down to get into the victim's office. Brennan liked it too! He needs some manliness, even superficial, as he rediscovers himself.

What I don't like:

I cannot stand this new dramatic ending to the cold open. Don't misunderstand - drama is fine. When they book Booth, Brennan, or both of them look stupid it's not OK! Either make the lines truly dramatic, or truly funny. In this episode Booth's line could have been funny, but they seemed to have intended drama.
Booth: So, what are you saying? The Mummy killed someone?
What they got was "Booth looks like an idiot." It doesn't work! Just like Brennan dramatically declaring that the Amish victim was centuries old. The way they set that up didn't work either. It just made her look like she was missing the conclusion entirely.

And, a constant beef - I hate how they handle evidence. They see blood dripping out of the coffin and Booth just grabs the cover of the sarcophagus which could contain, oh, I don't know... finger prints? Fiber evidence? I know that's about as likely to change as Booth wearing gloves, or a seat belt, but I still hate it.

What I'm not sure about:

The 'close to home' nature of the case. Last time we had a murder this close to home it affected Brennan, and the entire team greatly. Granted, we had 'gorgonzola' on the loose at the time, but even in the end, when the serial killer was ruled out, it still made a huge impact on Brennan especially.

This time we're a step further away, on the museum side of things, but we're still at the Jeffersonian. We even have an anthropologist, a pretty one, who (even if she is 'unexceptional') is very committed to her work and passionate about ancient remains. And Brennan is completely unaffected. Angela, and to a lesser extent Cam, are the only connection to this woman. There's no talk of being afraid to work alone, no question about it being something they should worry about, nothing. While I love that this case tied in ancient remains, I feel that a bit of the humanity was lost. I don't think it would have taken much at all to give a nod to that either.


They are portraying the interns so much more interestingly this year. When they panned to Daisy in the car I burst out laughing and thought the same thing I thought when Arastoo lost his accent - wow, she's interesting! Why couldn't they have done this last year? Did they not intend for the interns to stick around this long, feeling free to treat them in the writing as throwaway characters as well? I think the zack-lash would have been lessened if we could have related to the characters so well from the beginning.

By no means did she worm her way into everyone's heart (she still has her irritating quirks) but I loved the new side of Daisy we saw here. Instead of just being irritating, we saw below her surface traits into the actual person - her desire to do better, her relationship with Sweets, her inner strength. She actually became my favorite intern in this episode. This gives me hope that, with each episode, this former plot device, now integral part of the show, will continue to improve.
  • You are so brilliant Dr. Brennan. Thank you for giving me... another chance. And I swear I will speak in a more modulated tone. And then, only when asked.
  • Permission to speak?
  • --(H)--Well that lasted all of 10 seconds.
  • I try. I do.
  • I helped! (It's shakinbake, and I helped!)
  • Do I look stupid? Because I'm not, Lance. In face, there's lots of people who think I"m scary smart. Not about men, apparently.
  • We're close, aren't we?
  • You're a man. Lance is so cute, isn't he?
  • Do you want to be my Lancelot again?


I have had a constant beef with how Sweets shows up at all the wrong times but his inappropriate appearances in this episode were perfect. From the crime scene push to brain on his coat I loved each new twist as the ropes got just a little tighter around the poor guy. He too became a little deeper, more interesting, and even a bit more lovable, as we saw how truly awful he can be at applying his own vast psychological knowledge when even the tiniest bit of his own emotions are involved. He lost all perspective when it came to Daisy and I just wanted to give him a big hug for it.
  • I alienate every woman I talk to
  • I promise that, if you ever fail in the future, I will do absolutely nothing but give you a hug
The geek sex was also perfectly uncomfortable, especially when contrasted with the suave and sensual interlude of Hodgins and Angela. It was weird, funny, and a bit heartwarming all at once.
Booth: Ouch. Personal favors are kind of like penalty shots. You kind of have to take them.
Whereas most doctors would seem to focus heavily on what is professionally appropriate, Sweets has no problems sweeping it all aside. He shows up to poke his fingers into brains or put on a hazmat suit to stare at bodies. He hates it when people barge in on him but he doesn't hesitate to chase Brennan down at a crime scene. On the one hand, the kid still has a lot of growing up to do. On the 'professional and appropriate' do all of them really act
  • Angela: So you're spying on Daisy?
  • Sweets: No, no. I'm just staying close in case an intervention is required.
  • Angela: I thought you fixed her.
  • Sweets: It's a process.
Sweets: Emotional pain - that never dies.
Angela: He is Daisy's trainer. If she attacks, he can put her down.
Throughout most of this he is acting like Daisy's parent instead of her lover, something that Cam definitely sees.

  • We may be talking about a Pharaoh or Prince here.
I feel like the guy who geeked out on pirates is JUST under the surface here.
Cam: Hodgins found some 3,000 year old bugs, so he's all weepy.
The fact that Hodgins feels the need to bring up the he and the dead Doctor flirted is just classic Hodgins. He delights in saying strange, frightening, disturbing, or inappropriate things. Cam calling him out just feeds the joy!

He also delights in his intellectual prowess and loves to make people beg for his knowledge just a bit.
  • Hodgins: The urine of a red-headed boy.
  • Cam: We need so much more than that.
And then he gets to go into a detailed explanation of why he is 'the man'. Booth isn't the only man around here still working on getting his manhood back together. Hodgins is waaaaaaay ahead of him though. (In fairness, he just had to climb back out of his Zangela hole, not quite like having a hole in your brain.)
  • Hodgins: ...what he really is - a mere mass of chemicals.
  • Angela: That was the romantic notion I was going for.
Hodgins and Angela are like the flip of Booth and Brennan. She is spiritual and intuitive, he is all science and often brutally honest. Don't shoot me, but maybe they have to forever step aside as a couple to make way for BB? Two 'opposites attract' might be too much?
Hogins: You really don't need me for this conversation, do you?
  • Eww, and good.
Simple statements are sometimes all you need to see the character. Angela sees all at once. And, usually, accepts everything at once. She takes the good with the bad, on all levels, and considers it part of life. She doesn't have to like it all, but in her world view very little is truly 'wrong.' I think that is a defense mechanism for her. When she does get on a crusade (as we see in the next episode) she can't handle the consequences very well.

Her horrified looks at Brennan's excitement over the tangible, and the movie mummy, cracked me up.
  • A red-headed boy peed on her eye?
  • Any of those things scream 'pee'?
  • Angela: Celibate. Seeking crumbs. Spill.
  • Brennan: He's Booth's boss's boss. His name is Andrew.
  • Angela: Wait. This is his boss's boss? Was Booth upset?
  • Brennan: Yes. I don't know why.
  • Angela: Brennan. This could screw up the natural order of things. And Booth wishes that you were going out with him.
  • Brennan: I drink with him all the time. But with Andrew there's the potential for sex.
  • Angela: And not with Booth?
Brennan won't answer, but Angela's face says "I won't forget this!" Ah, friends. This is such a long-running topic between them!
Angela: C'mon Brennan. Be a pal! I need a vicarious thrill.

  • And, goodbye, I'm going to focus on Mr. Jerky.
Cam out of the office doing something other than barking orders is always a good thing. I like seeing her be useful. Whereas Goodman was nearly full-on administrator, Cam takes a far more hands-on role. She likes to be the boss, but she constantly proves she deserves it. Even if all she's doing is sheep herding and telling people to focus or connecting the various disciplines through her analysis, she's getting the job done.

A little mothering never hurts either! Her conversation with Sweets seems to say 'once a Mother, always a Mother.' It doesn't matter that she's only had a 16 year old under her wing for less than a year. She seems to have always had the instinct (just didn't want to ruin her body) and Michelle has awakened it. I love the conversation between she and Sweets:
  • Sweets: Dr. Saroyan. I'm having some serious problems with Daisy. Can I ask your advice?
  • Cam: No.
  • Sweets: No, really.
  • Cam: ReallyI have a 16 year old and, believe me, when it comes to dating advice I am batting a red hot zero.
  • Sweets: But you've been through this like a million times yourself (something a kid would totally say!)
  • Cam: Did you just call me old?
  • Sweets: Is that what it felt like?
  • Cam: Yeah
  • Sweets: You see, I can't help it. I alienate every woman I talk to. No matter how pure my motives.
  • Cam: Alright. Give me a ballpark. No specifics. I don't want specifics.
  • Sweets: The woman I love won't speak to me.
  • Cam: You are an excellent shrink. You know you can help people. But Daisy's not people. She's the person you love. The person you have to trust. If Daisy's going to screw up, you have to let her. It will show you have faith in her.
  • Sweets: That is superb advice.
  • Cam: It was kinda good, wasn't it?
  • Sweets: I thought I was taking care of her, but you're absolutely right. I was just insulting her. Thank yo.
  • Cam: No problem. And now we're done. Done. Dr. Sweets, you're crushing me and I think you're getting brain on your suit. Brain.
  • Sweets: It was a friendship hug.
  • Cam: And, an uncomfortable one

Booth and Brennan

Andrew - Dietrich Bader - is hard to take as a serious character. Even him attempting to dress down Booth makes me look for jokes. Don't get me wrong, I love the actor and I wish him well doing any role he can get. He did fine in it too. But he's just all comedy to me! I really couldn't accept him sweeping Brennan off her feet. She either wants the extreme intellectual or the extremely hot guy. He is neither.

The only way I can reason it out is that she is once again she going for the 'plumage'. He has power and a position of importance. He's not top of the food chain, but he's close. Far closer than Booth. She even puts Booth down, whereas she has specifically defended his abilities as "the best" before (of course qualifying that by saying she would only work with the best herself).
Booth: You know what, Bones? You're raining on my parade.
She's doing more than that, though, as he once again has to try to bury his feelings while she goes after someone else. Similar to Sully, it's someone he has to work with every day. You could go further and say that this is worse, however, because she has chosen someone, quote, unquote, better than him by going for his boss. Booth struggles constantly with feelings of inadequacy - the abusive father, the 'kill' debt he can never repay, the squints who talk above his head... It's always easiest for the ones you love to hurt you the most and Brennan continues to jump right into that water with both feet.

The reaction is not identical to Sully. Booth, Brennan, and their relationship - all of this has changed since then. In many ways, for the better, but when it comes to his confidence, not so far along. I think that, on the one hand, he is more in love with her than ever, and on the other more unsure of himself than ever. This isn't just superficial discomfort with attraction anymore.
Brennan: Andrew and I are attracted to each other. I'm sure neither of us will think of you for a second
We know how that turned out...

Brennan's admittance that a priceless ancient find is a motive for murder that she can understand just highlights again how far removed she can be from everyone. From her heartfelt connection to the girl in the fridge, this seems like a different woman, in some ways. As some suspect, is Booth's 2nd near-death experience and the near-revelation that he loves her just too much for her to handle? Many call her colder than ever this season. I do think she has pulled very far back. I know some of you do not like the baby plot but I found that to be a huge step forward for her (not that everyone who doesn't want children should change her mind). She had found a way to connect to the human condition on a deeper level. Maybe she felt like she should pass on her superior genes, sure, but I would strongly argue that was not the only reason she wanted to do it. Maybe she craved a more unconditional love - the kid who can't betray her the way a lover can. Maybe she knew that was a type of love she could bear to give. I wouldn't claim to know the full reasons why she changed her mind there but I do believe it to be a valid progression for the character who at once is so emotional and so emotionally closed off that I'm amazed she doesn't just snap in too from the strain. And now, this season, she has completely pulled back from that progression. She *is* colder. Outside of very specific continuity errors we can point out I don't think that in itself is an error in writing. I think it may be too subtle for TV in some respects (would rock on paper though!) but I find the journey very believable and certainly compelling. I, and I hope many of you, WANT her to move forward. Do I want her to suddenly become a gushy mess? No. But progression means some changes. Be it baby, be it Booth, be it something else seemingly far out of character the woman has to make SOME changes in order to make changes in her life, if you don't what I mean. If the circumstances around the person, and not the person within, are the only things changing then what's the point?

Booth is going through forced changes. He's relearning aspects of himself, dealing with feelings, and rediscovering his sense of self and his manhood. In many ways, though, he's standing completely still. He is still not reaching for what he wants. He's not taking chances. In many ways he's never had full confidence, especially where Brennan is concerned. But what he did have seems to have deserted him now. Every single person around him knows how he feels and what he truly wants, even Andrew (and Brennan). Sweets tells him it's not real, but every other person around him is screaming, even silently, "Go for it!" But every time the opportunity arises, he shy's away - 'atta girl', Avalon's reminders, Andrew's questions, the near-kiss in this very many changes will he get this season and how many times will he let them pass? How many times will we scream at the screen and curse Hart Hanson's name?
Cam: You don't know who Brittany Spears is, but you know this movie?
Booth did call her his grandmother, after all. Did all her cultural knowledge stop when her parents left? That sparking and complete shut-off and desire to focus on things that bring intellectual joy, that don't speak to the pleasures of the world that can let her down? Even sex, the one real pleasure she allows herself, is an intellectual and physical exercise that excludes all emotions. Music, movies, games - all these things focus on cultural relationships and companionship. There's not much space for these things in Brennan's world.
Booth: Eggheads killing each other over exibits no one really wants to see... The only thing regular people learn from going to a museum is how to sleep standing up.
Brennan's wardrobe, even it's not always flattering, has come a long way in the last few seasons. (One of the 'changes.') Remember how she dressed up for the party in Season 1? Beautiful dress, horrible everything else. Especially the hair! She now does very well with the entire package, as evidenced by her drinks-date pink dress. I thought it looked great, even if didn't necessarily look great for her, as some feel.
Brennan: There can be no time-limit for justice, Booth.
Booth is concerned that the killer 'that matters' - the living one - will get away. Brennan is reassuring in ways she would not want to admit if directly asked:
Brennan: You'll do it Booth, you always do.

She even comfortably patted him to further reassure him. I love these subtle cues showing how comfortable they are with each other.

Aren't "they" supposed to do it though?

Booth's statement that no one can make Bones do anything she doesn't want to, that no one can pressure her to act if she doesn't want to - is it wrong to again tie this back to their relationship? I would think not. It's not the first time he's said it - that you 'can't rush her'. I felt before that it meant that he always knew how he felt but was just waiting for her to catch up. I'm not sure any more. It's hard to go back to that moment, knowing what we know now. Did he know, did he not know? Did he know and forget knowing? We could twist into all sorts of knots trying to figure it out and the only way they will unravel is to have some clear classic 'when did you know' conversation. Honestly, I'm not sure I want it! And I would be very surprised if we get it. The more I analyze this show and the more I pay attention to what Hart Hanson says, I think, and even hope, he will leave us with some mysteries in the end. Part of the magic will be gone if everything is so completely defined and tied up. Where's the fun, where's the romance, in that?

The eyeball story is another way, more obviously portrayed, that demonstrates how comfortable they are with each other. "What goes on between us is ours" - they tell each other things no once else knows, be it brainy smurf or about human eyeballs. (By the way, is that meatloaf recipe a northern thing? I have had meatloaf countless times in my life, with many slight variations in the recipe and NEVER heard of it having a hard-boiled egg inside.) They both missed out on important cues about the importance of the stories. He laughed at hers, she shared his. Neither treated the other's admissions with the level of respect they needed.
  • Booth:If I was Egypt, I'd throw you a party too.

  • Booth: It only took 3,000 years for somebody to hear her.
I don't know the episode, but I think at least one moment in season 1 said something similar about Brennan 'hearing' the victim? Though we are faced with continuity issues this season and last that drive us up the wall, it is also nice when we can see shades of the good parts of old scenes shining through.

Speaking of continuity - is Brennan's dislike of speaking new? She has had no problem speaking in front of groups in the past, at least in large classroom settings. Even at Oxford! At least Booth called her on it, right?
  • Booth:You changed history? How many people can say that?
  • Brennan: You can. Every arrest you make changes history. You make the world safer.
  • Booth: With your help.
Yes they are supposed to do it together!
Brennan: You and I - this is our case. What goes on between us, that should just be ours. Isn't that what you said?
Yet another 'close' moment here. It was the closest yet, I believe. Instead of just a meaningful look, Booth actually leaned into Brennan as if he were really going to do it within a few more seconds. And, is it just the 'shipper in me, or did Brennan's eyes look all kinds of inviting? They really do know how to tease us ever further. The touches, the glimpses, the meaningful conversations with rivers of subtext...


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Bones Reruns Trump Dollhouse Ratings

I'm not sure where Dollhouse ratings stand in the latest episodes, but I am pretty sure it is half, at best, of the 4 million Bones can pull on a Friday night.


9:00 NBC Law & Order 1.9/6 8.41

CBS Medium 1.8/6 7.58

ABC Ugly Betty 1.3/4 4.76

FOX Bones (R) 1.2/4 4.09

CW America’s Next Top Model (R) 0.5/2 1.15

PS. I am catching up on reviews. My review for "A Night at the Bones Museum" is actually done, but will be up in the morning if all goes well. Just checking on a few things with a friend!

The Mighty Macs

David Boreanaz's movie Our Lady of Victory has undergone some changes as it attempts to get closer to an actual release. It is now known as The Mighty Macs. As some have said, that's is unfortunately close to The Mighty Ducks. You can view a trailer on the movie website. There are several DB scenes throughout.

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Poll: Angela and Wendell

I've added a new poll to the right side of the blog:

What do you think of the Angela/Wendell pairing? Love it? Hate it? Vote! You can pick multiple options in this poll.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Which intern ('not-Zack') would you kick out for good?

Clark (Doc Intern)
165 (8%)
143 (7%)
106 (5%)
Mr. Fisher
165 (8%)
538 (26%)
517 (25%)
229 (11%)
I still tightly grip my hate of the plot device
133 (6%)

Votes so far: 1996

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EW's Behind the Scenes Set Photos

The current issue of EW has a spread of behind-the-scenes cast-taken set photos from Bones. Some spoilers for an upcoming episode. You can see the scans here. One very cute photo of David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel playing around included.

Procedurals Run-Down: Bones a Favorite

Columnist Alynda Wheat is leaving EW, and her parting piece is a run-down of last week's procedurals. She saves the best, Bones, for last!

Finally, we got some levity. How nice that in a week in which Castle was not at its best, Bones picked up the baton and ran with the funny. The opening scene was of a body found in a swamp, slapped on the exam table, with an eager-beaver troop of Woodchucks standing by. It seems the girls found the body, fished it out, took digital photos, water samples, and soil samples with gps coordinates. For their trouble they got a mini lecture from Brennan (Emily Deschanel) about disturbing crime scenes. “You’re mean!” they yelled. And you know what? Sometimes she is.

But the central conceit of the episode was terrific. The dead guy was a chicken-plant worker who not only died by having his neck wrung by a machine at the plant, his “dancing phalanges” ended up as nuggets at the Chicken Hut. Best part: He looked like a chicken! At that point I couldn’t help but remember the late Frank Perdue, the former head of Perdue Farms, who had a slew of fun ads starring himself, and the distinct bearing of a Carolina clucker. (A pause for nostalgia, please.) Anyway, the list of suspects included his wife, the gang of protestors outside the plant, the guard, and the beak clipper — a hilarious woman named Sufe Bradshaw, who’s popped up in many a guest role of late. Thank goodness for her or I might’ve begun to get annoyed at the heavy-handedness of Angela’s veggie vengeance, and the cheesiness of her budding relationship with Wendell (Michael Terry). Don’t get me wrong, I like the kid — especially in his geek bromance with Hodgins (T.J. Thyne). But we all know that the only other pairing this threesome out to make is Angela/Hodgins, not Angela/intern. Still, my vote for best line of the night? Booth: “Is Angela good or is she good?” Brennan: “Those are the same question!” Yes, Brennan. Yes, they are. We love you for noticing.

Guest Episode Review - #204 "The Blonde in the Game"

Thank you Cheryl for reviewing Bones Season 2, Episode 4 - The Blonde in the Game.

Season 1 Reviews - All Done!!
Season 2 Reviews - still plenty that have not been reviewed

~*~ ~*~ ~*~
The Blonde in the Game

I discovered BONES because a friend thought I’d like it. Turns out she had no idea how right she was. After watching the season 5 premiere, I decided to go all the way back to the Pilot & not stop til I’d seen them all. Season one was enough to get me hooked. But season 2? Season 2’s stories left me feeling like the writers had a brand new many eps were pure adrenaline rushes & brilliantly written that I had to stop & take several deep breaths & remind myself that yes, I was still in my house & yes it was just TV. But what brilliant TV!

The villain in this ep is Howard Epps. Of course we hate him. We should. He specialises in blonde teen girls, whom he hits with tyre irons, binds their hands & feet & buries face down. We also hate him because of the mind games he plays which in The Man in the Cell he uses to get his execution stayed, pissing everybody off & infuriating Brennan enough that she breaks his wrist when he tries to touch her. (Hats off to Heath Freeman for doing such a great job bringing Epps to life & Noah Hawley for writing the script).

B&B get called in when a decomposed body is found in a national park. A dog found it first, is hanging on to the arm, growling over the body & refusing to move, even though his owner is trying to call him off & apologising profusely for his dog’s behaviour. Bren reveals she always wanted a pig & asks Booth to shoot the canine because he’s compromising the evidence. (Gotta love her single-mided focus. Of _course_ only the evidence matters. How dare the dog not get that?) Booth refuses & attempts to charm the dog away from the body since dogs “love him”. Right. When that fails Bren throws a pine cone that said dog chases & allows her access to the body.

Back at the lab they realise that this is Epps’ MO and Booth pays him a visit. In this scene, and in subsequent visits, Epps drops conversational clues that the team unravels to solve the case. Epps apparently is bored & is therefore now playing a game with B&B centring around his victim. A hilarious bit of dialogue ensues on the forensic platform.

Zack: Classic Game Theory. Throwing down of the gauntlet.
Booth: What?
Zack: A conflict of interest arises followed by a series of moves from which divergent strategies can be discerned.
Booth: What did he say?
Bones: Epps is playing us.
Booth: Yes, that’s exactly what I said.
Zack: Zero sum obviously. After a few moves we’ll know Epps’ order of preference.
Booth: What did he say?
Bones: We’ll find out what Epps wants.
Booth: Look I already know what he wants. I told you: he wants Bones sitting across the table from him.
Bones: Three rational players: me Booth & Epps. What about the non-deliberative agent?
Booth: What did she say?
Zack: In a game there tends to be one non-rational player & a non-conscious non-deliberative agent.

Clear as mud Zack, thanks.

Turns out Epps _really_ needing his wrist is more about the victim from the park than his need to masturbate to pass the time. They find an extra wrist bone which means there are two dead girls, not just the one they found in the park. B&B visit Epps to get the next clue which leads them to an abandoned mine where they find the owner of the extra wrist bone. This girl had been killed while Epps was in prison so Booth suspects that Epps has an accomplice. They also find evidence that Sara (victim #2) had been hung upside down & tortured before being killed, something Epps had never done. After examining her at the lab, they find a gold chain with a St. Agnes pendant & markings from St. Agnes High School...except the victim went to public school. New number of blondes in Epps’ game: 3. Booth finds out from a nun (possibly the principal of St Agnes High) that Helen Majors was the owner of the St Agnes medal they had found & that she had disappeared 3 days ago. They suspect she’s still alive & visit Epps to try & figure out where she may be. He’s uncooperative, which upsets B&B enough that they yank the chains binding Epps, slamming his face into the table.

There is a girl out there, hanging upside down with *duct tape* over her *mouth*...

Zack helps the team figure out that Epps is using the postal service to contact his accomplice and Hodgins confirms that postal workers use polygenic gloves which he found particulate evidence for on Sara’s body. Turns out, Epps’ accomplice is a mail carrier on a route that includes the address of the vacant lot that he’s sent 6 letters to. This gives him access to these “dead letters”. The mail carrier on this route is the owner of the dog they saw in the opening scene. As the pressure mounts, B&B call Hodgins to see if any particulate evidence found on Sara could lead them to Helen’s present location. B&B find Helen in an abandoned sorting office, as Hodgins had said. Booth hands Bones one of his guns without her needing to ask but with instructions:

Be careful alright? Don’t shoot me, don’t shoot Helen Majors but otherwise...

They rescue Helen & Booth leaves Bren to guard her while he goes in search of the perpetrator. He catches Booth by surprise, breaks his hand & relieves him of his gun. Good thing Bones steps up to kill him. She is obviously shaken by this. It doesn’t help that when they visit Epps for the last time, he reveals that the point of playing this game with them was to get one of them to kill somebody. He is delighted that it was Bones & insinuates that she’s now just like him because she killed this man. For good measure, he throws in that someone needs to tell his mother and how is the poor dear going to cope now that her only relative is dead & she is quite alone in the world? Booth spends the final scene in the Jeffersonian lounge with her identifying with the weight of taking someone’s life & assuring her that she’s going to be fine.

There! I’ve reviewed. Things I LOVE about this episode:

The case.

The way it unfolds, slowly with unexpected twists. Reeeaally well written. Who knew this was going to be a serial killer case? Who knew the guy with the dog would turn out to be Epps’ accomplice? Who knew Epps would even get an accomplice after 7 years in jail? Who knew the body count would keep rising? Who knew that any woman would volunteer to marry him AFTER meeting him on death row where he’s staying because he’s a serial killer? Really? I mean what? Did someone tell her all other men were taken & this was her last chance to be a wife? And even if that were true, there are lots of non-inmates in prison. How come she didn’t ever get distracted by a cute/kind/ sweet/ decent single man working as a prison warden/administrator on any of her trips to visit Epps? But I digress...
Funny moments

Think Zack, Booth, Brennan & Game Theory

The fact that both times Booth ignores Bren, she’s actually right (1. she tries to get his attn in the cave to point out the stone cross under which Sara was buried but he tells her to wait because he’s telling the other agents in the cave how they plan to find the body 2. while he’s busy telling her to stay put while he goes into Reiner Haitin’s house, she’s already figured out that the street address belongs to a vacant lot)

Relationship development

I love the way that each team member is in their element & covering each other’s weaknesses. In the beginning they were pretty much just co-workers & Booth had to fight Brennan into accepting his proposal that they work together on crimes. Even after that, there was still animosity between B&B and Booth had issues with the squints, not to mention that Hodgins mistrusts the FBI. But by this ep they are friends who enjoy working together. Booth is even free to bounce theories around about each clue without getting shot down because its “unsubstantiated conjecture”. Not only that, but the squints give their input & truly help solve the case. Booth has moved from ignoring Zack as a ”male bonding ritual” because it’s “nicer than shooting him” to having Zack break down enough Game Theory to him that he’s able to use that knowledge in the second interview with Epps in prison.

Angela has so much depth & tricks too. Not only is she a forensic artist, she “is better with the living than the dead”, she is skilled in her various computer programmes, developed the Angelator and is proving her worth outside of her office more and more as she integrates with all of the team’s efforts to solve crime. Angela shines in this ep with her people skills: from dealing with Lorraine’s(the first victim) grieving father, to getting information from & helping to console Caroline Epps (Howard’s wife) to calming Hodgins down enough so he can decipher the particulate clues to getting Booth to be quiet & so stop stressing Hodgins out long enough that he could think. When Hodgins figures out where Helen could be Booth says “I knew you’d come through for me buddy. Good work.” There is obvious mutual respect & unity now. And this is why the whole team has a partnership to die for ;)

And of course I love the way that Booth pretty much always know how to reach Bones. He suggests to Hodgins that they get together & buy her a pet pig since she always wanted one but never got one. When she insists she’s fine after killing Epps’ accomplice he very skilfully directs the conversation to reveal her true feelings. He even exposes his own heart on the matter: as one who has killed many people in his careers with the army & FBI, he knows firsthand the toll of taking someone’s life & he lets her see that, which is a big deal because it’s something that haunts him & that he doesn’t talk about with anyone...he keeps his emotions concealed, this one, but opens up in hopes of helping Bones. And I love the way Booth’s understanding of who she is & how she thinks works on Brennan every time & 9.9 times out of 10 she has NO idea that he’s bringing her around to see what he already knows but what he has to allow her to find out for herself. Like how he gets her to admit that it matters that Epps’ accomplice had killed Sara & was about to kill Helen, making her killing him justified & setting her apart from Epps, who had been insinuating that her murdering his accomplice made her just like him.

Brennan: I did the right thing
Booth: I know. I was there
Brennan: I did.
Booth: It doesn’t matter
Brennan: It does. It matters.
Booth: [nods slowly]

Having had the heart to heart he tells her he has a gift for her. I love the way Booth finds out what kind of pet she wanted & what she’d call it & then gave her a toy version to cheer her up with the name she suggested. And I love the way DB’s & ED’s eyes are so expressive. They say so much non-verbally that reading quotes from BONES sometimes is a waste: you really have to see them infuse those lines with all the nuances of tone, touch, body language & those amazingly expressive eyes.

Booth: Got something for ya
Bren: A bottle of hard liquor?
Booth: Next best thing [removes pig from back pocket] Hmm? Meet [brings pig close to her face & leans forward] Jasper [DB does an endearing smile here, ED smiles back accepts pig]
Bren: Oh.[chuckles]
Booth: You’re gonna be ok.
Bren: Yeah?
Booth: Definitely.

Yes I have two pictures from the Jasper scene. It’s that good.

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