Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bones Reruns Trump Dollhouse Ratings

I'm not sure where Dollhouse ratings stand in the latest episodes, but I am pretty sure it is half, at best, of the 4 million Bones can pull on a Friday night.


9:00 NBC Law & Order 1.9/6 8.41

CBS Medium 1.8/6 7.58

ABC Ugly Betty 1.3/4 4.76

FOX Bones (R) 1.2/4 4.09

CW America’s Next Top Model (R) 0.5/2 1.15

PS. I am catching up on reviews. My review for "A Night at the Bones Museum" is actually done, but will be up in the morning if all goes well. Just checking on a few things with a friend!


Dijea said...

HeHe - I recorded Medium & watched Bones. I have my priorities.

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