Saturday, November 14, 2009

Unofficial PCA Polls

Bones was not nominated for an official People's Choice Award, but there are plenty of unofficial polls on the site to chose from which include either Bones or Angel.

Just a few include...

Page 1

Favorite Joss Whedon creation

Page 2

"TV Shows that should have been Nominated"
"Favorite Vampire"

Page 3

"What TV Couple Would you Want to See Hook Up?"
"Fav TV Vamp"

Page 5

Thursday Night Shows

Page 7

"Which TV Detective Duo is the Hottest?"
To find them in that order (at this time), sort by: Fans - TV - Most Voted On


Anonymous said...

I have just about had it with these awards...
What is a show to do to register in their radars?!
Bones is the best thing on tv right now. Great writing, excellent cast and ratings to show for it.
People's choice... My a$$!

[/emotional outburst from a loyal fan]

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