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Episode Discussion: The Foot in the Foreclosure

Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 8
The Foot in the Foreclosure

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!


Phillip said...

You guys are in for an amazing night. Booth's grandad is the best guest star we've had to date imo.

And i'm hoping the B&B&BGrandad moment is a damned good hint as whats to come. I want B&B to get together this season finally lol.

I haven't read any spoilers, honest, so i have no idea whats coming next or HH's plans.

I'm just obsessed with the B&B moments at the end. *swoon*

This is my first post in one of these :o i'm never normally up this late.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this episode. best one yet this season! i knew pops was the one who was going to get them both on track. i think its going to happen this season! i liked the case, angela's computer stuff, clark, all of it. it was just all great. when that woman in the club asked booth if he was with the celery stick and brennan went off about her BMI, i was like "Fat Pam, round 2". i thought i was sweet when brennan was talking to angela about "shrimp" and said the only nickname she'd ever had was bones and she had a cute smile on her face. this was so good!

oh at the end PRECIOUS!!!

Cheryl said...

I LOVED it! (Then again, Bones is my crack). I loved that the science was rich & integral to finding the truth, I loved the usual integration of all the different skill sets to find the killer, I loved Pops (is he up for adoption?). I loved his meddling & matchmaking. I loved his attitude. Hello? PriceCo Greeter 5 minutes after stepping thru the door? I notice that BB kept lying to each other.

Pops: U weren't exaggerating Shrimp
Bren: What did u tell him
Booth: Nothing. Pops u can let go of her hand now.

Booth: What did he say to u?
Bren: Oh Nothing. Goodbye stuff. What did he say to u?
Booth: Be a good boy. Stuff like that.

Possibly my fave of the season to date.

On a separate issue, does Fox have a legit reason NOT to show Bones on Thxgiving? I feel like they're stretching out the season to torture me. And I figure they already have the ep ready to air...

Amanda said...

I liked this episode a lot. Booth's grandfather reminds me of the grandparents that pretty much raised my siblings and me. I also liked that Booth got a nice "follow your heart" lecture from Hank (who, I might add, is completely believable as Booth's grandfather). I liked that Clark's character is getting fleshed out a bit, too. All the interactions of Booth, Brennan, and Hank were fun and sweet, so I hope we get to see more of Hank in the future. I especially want to see (having avoided spoilers thus far this season) what happens when Booth gets the info about his father.

Amanda said...

I think Fox isn't airing Bones on Thanksgiving because they know most people have family stuff going on and/or are watching football. No need in losing ratings to that.

Courtney said...

Pops is adorable. I like the way they are behaving like family - she took to Pops like he was part of her family now if they could just stop beating us to the death with everyone knows but them, I'd be a lot more satisfied. Sheesh.

I guess now though that we won't be getting back to the more intense, serious episodes like the first 2-1/2 seasons and I will admit I really loved those.

Every episode now has the more lightweight kind of goofy music that is now the fabric of the show.

I loved bad ass Booth and kick ass Bones...sigh.

Soon, one of these two better make a move or I'm going to jump into the screen and throttle one or both of them until they spit it out already so we can move onto the next phase.

ceecee said...

I love this show. I loved this episode. The right amount of science and relationship stuff. I especially loved the talk Hank had with Brennan at the end, telling her that although Booth is big and strong he will need someone and not to be scared.
The scene at the store was so funny.
I agree with Courtney....the intense,serious shows of the 1st 3 years were great, and I do miss them. Great writing.

Geenes said...

Loved the episode! Finally some active flirting...

By the way, the Booth has seen the neckless before, she's wairing it in the mac 'n cheese scene in The Bones That Glow

BB Shipper said...

@Geenes - Yes he has seen the necklace before but I think Booth has not made the decision to woo or actively pursue Bones and this is his first step.

A guys pays attention and conpliments the object of his affection and we ALL know she is the apple of mr seeley booth's eye ;0)

BB Shipper said...

@Geenes - Yes he has seen the necklace before but I think Booth has not made the decision to woo or actively pursue Bones and this is his first step.

A guys pays attention and conpliments the object of his affection and we ALL know she is the apple of mr seeley booth's eye ;0)

Jessica said...

Really liked the episode Loved Hank hope we get to see more of him he tells them like it is and he is a sweet little matchmaker :)
Booth surely has seen the necklace before hence the reactio 'I don't think so' his Pops said it everytime as a negative answer when he knew is was true so lt the woooing begin loved Booth this episode his smile *sigh* the end scene was great pops saw what we all have been seeing for some time now B&B belong together as Pops said Brennan is a keeper :D and I'm also curious when Booth finds out what he told Brennan about his father

Stephanie said...

I loved this episode!! Brennan with Hank was just awesome, and the scene where Brennan was talking about her nickname was so adorable. She totally loves that Booth calls her Bones. I also loved that Brennan kept saying "we" need to do things for Hank. Like Booth didn't need to get Hank home or get his prescription refilled, *they* needed to do it. It's moments and episodes like this that make me really can't wait for B&B to really be together.

Also loved Hank's comment about him not raising Booth right since he wasn't with Brennan. Hee. The comment about Sweets being Parker's friend was good too.

The only complaint I have is that I'm a little irritated with Angela. I feel like she's being kind of condescending towards Brennan lately. Like in tonight's scene where it took Brennan a little while to figure out why Booth liked being called Shrimp (which was totally in character for her, if you ask me,) and Angela responded with, "Very good, Brennan" in a tone of voice someone would use when talking to a four-year-old. And there have been little similar moments in a few of the other recent episodes where I felt like Angela was a little rude to her, considering they've supposedly been best friends for years and Angela should probably know how Brennan is by now. I'm sure they're meant to be humorous moments to highlight the differences between the two characters, but since they keep happening, it doesn't really seem funny anymore.

Jeannie said...

Agreeing about the necklace and Booth's comment being the first step of actively courting Brennan. I also think he just wanted to use Pops' catchphrase "I don't think so." ;-)

What happened to Booth's mother? Are we to assume that she left the family before the father? Because otherwise she would have raised the boys, not Pops, right?

Cheryl said...

@ Jeannie

I'm wondering the same thing. No clue.

I hope they write the story of how Bren tells Booth abt his Dad's leaving really, really well. & that she does hug him...I don't think she's ever had to hug him to comfort him...he's done it a fair bit to comfort her.

@BB Shipper & Jessica
Yea...I see the necklace compliment as the beginning of their courtship too. & DB's smile? Yep! Always sigh worthy.

Yea...the "we" in BB is nice. As is the fact that Hank was so taken with Bren...just realised that he requested her presence after the fire, so she popped into Booth's office to see Hank before going back to work. I think that says a lot, as does Hank calling her & not his grandson to invite them to dinner. If we get Gordon Gordon & Hank to tag team them, we may have an actual romance this season. Yaay for meddling older ppl with insight!

Re: Angela. She's not being mean at all. Her tone is no different from what I would use with any of my very good friends when having a non-serious's a kind of mildly sarcastic banter designed to help the person get ur point. Waiting to see what else this season brings...

Jeannie said...

What do you guys make of the fact that Brennan knew exactly how to interact with people in this episode?

Even at the club. I expected her to say something mean or fact-y to the big women but she merely commented on how her own BMI was within the accepted norms without attacking the others for theirs. I found that remarkable.

Jessica said...

I think Brennan is changing due to her relation with Booth she's becoming a people person very slowly I also was expecting a different answer towards the big lady, loved how Booth pulled Brennan close :)


I hope that they write it well to would like to see his reaction and if Brennan is going to hold him, he did it for her a lot of times and I must say I do miss the guy hugs this season

two weeks wait for the next episode it's just to long :( guess I will have to rewatch the first 9 eps again lol Bonesaholic much ? :)

Shep said...

Loved this episode! Pops is awesome, with his interfering and not doing what he's told! I would have liked to see more sceens with the squints but I suppose they couldn't squeeze everything in. I love how taken Hank was with Brennan and their interaction was great:
'She's got balls'
'Well ovaries, actually'
'Ok, you got a pair of steel ovaries'.

I also love how similar Hank is to Booth, especially in their teasing of Sweets: 'You got room on your bicycle for my bag?'

I'm glad that Clark got more involved with the squints this time, despite the fact that he didn't mean to.

I was just wondering though, when did we first get a mention of Booth's father being abusive? I remember that went he was first talking to Gordon Gordon, he said 'Dad and I were tight'. So eitehr Booth was lying then, or the writers forgot about this moment when they decided on Booth having had an abusive alcoholic father.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode, Ralph Waite definitely my favourite guest actor yet. Loved how much like Booth he is.
@Shep - Booth says to GG that he wasn't tight with his Dad, not that he was. First learn that he drank in Con Man in the Meth Lab I think

BB Shipper said...

@anonymous I believe Booth did tell GG that he and his father was tight in Girl in the Gator but at the time he was highly frustrated that 1) he had to do therapy 2) that said therapy was keeping him from Bones.... So he kinda wax just throwing things out there hoping GG would sign his return to work release form... I definitely think most of what he said was him being sarcastic ...

Wendy said...

In retrospect (I have no idea if they always intended his Father to be an abusive abandoner) I believe he was using a well-practiced, protective line about his Father back then. He would have never opened up about what his Dad was really like. It took him forever to tell Bones and it seems like the only other person who knew was Cam, and they have such a long history, as both friends and more, that it is understandable that she would know the truth.

Courtney said...

DB has been saying in interviews for awhile now that this season he would have to "woo" Bones and it looks like tonight, the games begin with the "thing around your neck" compliment and his smile afterward.

Loved Booth's expression as he watched Pops dancing - he looked so emotional in that moment, rather wistful as he realized Pops may not be around for long.

And, wow, Ralph Waite was just perfection in the scene in which he tells Bones about Booth's dad - just amazing.

The only thing that I would have loved seeing was a scene that included Parker - just for Pops to see the closeness and love between his grandson and great-grandson would have made me oh, so very happy.

Kate said...

I don't think Booth's dad being an abusive alcoholic was thought of in the first or second seasons. Not only does he tell Gordon Gordon that he and his dad were tight, but in the Woman in Limbo, he talks affectionately about his parents with Brennan. I think it's one of the things you just have to let slide, like Brennan's grandfather getting her out of foster care.

As for Booth's mother, HH has said in the past that he doesn't think she was around for much of Booth's childhood.

Cheryl said...

@ Jeannie & Jessica
Yea Bren is a VASTLY different woman. Watched the Pilot recently...she's evolved quite a bit. And it's because of Booth. Get married already! lol.

Yea...but there haven't been any events that require "guy hugs" (a lie if ever I heard one) since the Dr. stabbed Bren with a scalpel. And u read my mind! I was plannin to rewatch from TDDOTDD (cuz the Stewie/baby scenes r priceless!& cuz corpse stealing is hilarious!). The waiting for new eps is torture tho...

I'm glad Clarke is coming around too...I'm always up for character development.

With u on the wooing & on wishing we could have seen Parker with them. Man, I'm sure some innocent kid comment & Pops' matchmaking together would have been funny;)

S'one was pointing out that when Booth spoke of his Dad in TWIL he was a less excited abt him than his mom, leaving room for speculation that he may not have been as close to his Dad.

Anonymous said...

This episode really made me realize that yes we want them to get together soooooo bad, but it is going to be a different show after that, no matter what the writers try to do. I wonder if they are going to try and keep it a secret from everyone or what, because once they become a couple, they aren't supposed to work together anymore right? I want them to be together, but it makes me nervous

Cheryl said...


It's always becoming a diff show...the characters grow as opposed to being stagnant. The core elements (the interdisciplinary approach to crime solving & the awesome high-tech Jeffersonian science, humour, drama, bickering etc) are constant, tho even how much of each element is present fluctuates from ep to ep. I'm choosing to trust that the ppl who made Bones good enuf that I'm addicted to it have the skills to write this story well & keep the show awesome. Idk if them being a couple is against FBI rules but I do know if they in any way break up the Booth/Squint Squad none of the new murders will get solved.

Lauren said...

Totally agree with Courtney! How AWESOME would it have been to see Parker with Booth and Hank! Awww!

I'm glad people are responding about Bones' necklace. I'll be honest and say that I totally forgot that she has worn that necklace before much less the episode that she wore it in! So when he commented on it, and she told him that he'd seen it before, I was at a loss.

It was a sweet ending but I was actually hoping that Bones would tell him what Hank said. And then he would have needed to be held and she would have to hold him b/c she promised Hank!

Bones is always oblivious in a sweet kinda way. Although I think it's genuine perfect ex. Season 5 episode 1 when Harmonia says "The cards tells me that this will all work out eventually" and she's like "What works out eventually?" Although she doesn't always catch on (she doesn't get the symbolism of her nickname "Bones")she really is starting to "hear" people more when they are telling her things about her life. She is also starting to hear herself. (Hearing others) During her convo with Hank at the end, she's confused at first but comes to understand he's talking about Booth- which is why she doesn't tell him. (Hearing herself) When she is talking to Gordon Gordon (Dwarf in Dirt) she says "I can't think of anything I wouldn't do to help him" and then immediately gets a little uncomfortable with how much of herself she just revealed.

All and all, a fantastic episode and an awesome episode to followup Dwarf in the Dirt!

I'm wondering if Booth's father might reappear? That would be interesting! And I've seen people comment on Booth's mother too- we don't know too much about her! Oh the possibilities!

Cheryl said...

@ Lauren
If she told Booth Pops' secret it would've had to be a 2 hour ep...cuz that's a large can of worms that would need exploration. I totally get why ur anxious to see it happen tho...ur obessessing, which is y u belong here :)

Thx for pointing out specific examples of how Bones' hearing is improving. Loving so much abt this season right now. Dec 3 is waaaaaaaaaaay too far away.

Courtney said...

I'm guessing that her telling Booth about his dad is something we will never see - it will happen at some point off screen and maybe we will hear some reference to it that makes it clear that she did tell him.

Obviously - I could be very wrong but just leaving us with the image of her telling him in our minds and imagination may be how HH decides to go with this and I'd be fine with that. Because I think it will happen just the Pops said it would...

They are already so much of a family - he's been involved with her family, she's been involved with Parker, now Pops - the foundation is being set and I, for one, can't wait till we get to the juicy bits - so to speak.

Margaret said...

Great Episode!!! IMO S5 has been the best because of the progress in the BB relationship.
HH and the writers are setting the groundwork for something big to happen. I don't know when they are going to get together, but after watching last nights episode, I sincerely believe that the catalyst will be if and when something happens to Booth's Grandfather.

Cheryl said...

@ Margaret
Hopefully it's not his death cuz I _really_ like his spunky self :)

BB Shipper said...

When this show is over what ever will I do without Bones, OWB and my you all my Bones peeps?! You guys = WIN!!

Jessica said...

She also wore the necklace in the episode the headless witch so I heard from a fellow bones fan on twitter she surely remembers wearing it and Booth seeing it although he claims not to have seen it before Ï don't think so' lol wooing much :)

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I am a newly obsessed Bones fan...rented all the seasons when I was home with the flu recently and I am soooooo hooked! I have never even googled a tv show or actor before in my 35 years, yet I have devoured everything I can find on Bones and the cast! :-) The thing that I love the most, which was so evident in this latest episode, was that Booth loves Brennan enough to "woo" her, rather than the usual tv formula these days of characters jumping into bed together immediately. What a refreshing change!
Cheers, JL from Canada

Cheryl said...

@ BB Shipper
I completely agree. If Bones comes to an "end" *gasp* what will I do?? No new eps _ever_??? No more new OWB ep reviews, no more of my fave crime fighting team on TV or my fave (if slightly infuriating) non-couple couple?

@ Jessica & JL
Yes...woo away! I'm all for it & loving every minute of it (except for the hours between each new ep, which I do not enjoy at all). Plus I think Booth would be stupid to have sex with Bren without first defining their r'ship, cuz Bren would class it under "Anthroplogical inevitability required for the stable maintenance of all societies" & further deny what was really in her heart. And if she can sleep with him & write it off as a sterile scientific event How big of a setback would _that_ be? Naw...court away Agent Booth, court away:)

@ JL & Phillip
Welcome! I assume both of u r Canadian. Rock on country that airs Bones 24 hours early!

Courtney said...

Somehow I don't think these two will have to much define their relationship by the time they finally sleep together because it is obvious they are embroiled in each other's lives and families and take great care for each other - when they sleep together it will just be a long time coming and I don't think they will have talk about what their relationship is - because how much more of a couple could these two people possibly be - even now without sleeping together.

Cheryl said...

@ Courtney
Of course I agree that they r abt as close as 2 ppl can get. I'm just saying that if s'body (read:Booth) doesn't explicitly state their feelings (I love u as way more than a professional atta girl kinda way) that Bren may very well interpret their becoming lovers as having no emotional or relational significance, thus allowing her to cont'e to deny what Booth really means to her. That's why I think it important that, Brennan especially, be forced to come to terms with those emotions & the truth of their r'ship.

Anonymous said...

Booth's grandfather is played by the same actor that played Gibbs's father on NCIS -great acting in both shows, by the way. So, what would that give us...?!

Cheryl said...


"Booth's grandfather is played by the same actor that played Gibbs's father on NCIS -great acting in both shows, by the way. So, what would that give us...?!"

I don't know what that means.

Rock said...

This episode was very good. Note that B / B behave like teenagers in love, that's funny.

as the episodes progress, I feel that Brennan is so cold, I can not imagine Brennan thus interacting with the grandfather, in past years. I like to see her worried about pills Pops.
As far as pops said, I believe that much of Brennan Booth speaking with other people (Parker, and now the grandfather) that's nice.
Pops joins the list of people who realized the feelings between B / B
I liked the scene in which Booth says, "Come on, Pops. I can take care
of my own love life. "Nice.

Besides the confession of pops about Booth's father was emotional, and Brennan responded more humane, but remained Brennan.

I loved seeing the faces of B / B when pops was surprised by the fact that they are just friends, hehe.

When Brennan. Booth and grandfather entered the club, I liked the way they embraced Booth Brennan.

And the grand finale, not why I think that Brennan is not sure what Booth feels. We saw that Booth has that problem, but now I think it is one that is unsafe.

Rock said...

By the way remember the do not call me bones of Season 1?
Now even seems to like the nickname

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying the development of the interns' characters this season. Each of them seem to be losing the little things that "turned u off" about them.

Nicole said...

I'm loving everything about Bones. It entertains in every way.


(This is about all Bones Websites)I'm tired of seeing statements about Season 5 needing to be like Season 1,2,3,4. Relationships change and people change. And sorry, Zack's not coming back. Just take it in...see where it's going and stop focusing on where it was!

Anonymous said...

Just thinking...I wonder if Pops' decision to go back to the nursing home came from his time with Sweets--I could totally see Sweets subtly playing the "shrink" during their game and convincing Pops that it's best if he goes back because Booth feels a lot of responsibility and pressure to look after him...

Anyway, this episode was GREAT! Loved how more science was involved, the surprising end to the case, BB progress, and the development of Clark (b/c he kind of annoyed me in "The Plain in the Prodigy").

@JL from Canada: I am in the same boat as you! I NEVER watch TV/ never bother with pop culture, actors, etc. I just stumbled upon Bones online one day...ended up watching practically the whole show from the beginning in a matter of weeks...I'm completely hooked!! : )

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