Thursday, November 5, 2009

Episode Discussion: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 6
The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

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Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!


Anonymous said...

You know, I didn't love this one. It felt clunky. Bad dialogue? Not such subtle acting? Not sure. The hand holding scene in the diner was way too obvious and so was Booth's questioning of her (I know when something is wrong ... how can I help) - I think it just needed a look and 'You okay?". Subtlety would have said more about their intimacy. I liked the end scene but even it felt a little awkward. The code yellow wasn't as good as the promo. Maybe the problem was in the editing.

Anyone else?

Amanda said...

It was a little clunky, and almost seemed too ... what's the word ... sappy? The very end was like, awwww ... gag me. Not that I'm not a B/B fan, but really? I liked the hand thing, that was cute, but that's all it needed. I do like the new Angela storyline, I'm intrigued about that. Booth concerns me as well :( I do like Booth's interactions with Sweets now, he's much gentler and understands, and less harsh. Brennan is getting much meaner with him, and much more detached from other people. It's starting to get obnoxious, to me. She feels less and less each episode, instead of growing like I had hoped.

Fay said...

In the middle of the episode I was like "noooo but Brennan loves pigs, how can she be so cold?". So I'm glad at the end when she acknowledges the piglet is cute.

I love the end scene when Brennan says "it can wait". Not only referring to something about Angela. Something else can wait too. Well, at least I don't mind waiting a little bit longer as long as they give us good moments every week.

Anonymous said...

i liked this one mostly because of how comfortable bones was touching booth on the face, on the arm, holding his hand... for some reason, at the end of this one in particular, i felt like we are VERY close to seeing them together. i really liked the argument between angela and bones...especially when she talked with sweets and was smiling at the pig picture. wasn't one of my favs in general, but had some good stuff in small ways...they are so close!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap did she really sleep with wendell holy crap. I thought the whole hand holding thing was kinda cute. But I agree the somethings wrong thing was a little over the top. And again did she really sleep with wendell, are they like dating now or what?

Anonymous said...

I think it's good to have em be a little unsubtle once in a while. We've always known that they'll do anything for each just felt good hearing it out loud.

Brennan taking off Booth's tie was hot. It reminded me of the s4 finale.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Cam's face when Brennan took off Booth's tie and touched his face? She noticed something there. I thought it was a cute episode. I also think that even though Emily is a really big animal rights activist, I don't think she wanted to portray the same person on screen. It's cool that they made Angela the animal lover in this one cause Bones wanted to rescue a dog in past seasons....member? It's not all about Emily, they want to showcase the whole cast. I love this show. I especially loved the hand holding.....swoon...

Anonymous said...

I don't think this was a really good episode. Sorry, but the Angela and Wendall hookup is not very believable to me. Just don't see any sparks between them. Did I miss something in previous episodes? Did she ever indicate that she had romantic feelings for Wendall? He only gave her money for her cause and her hormones went into overdrive and she started to kiss him. But, for 5 years BB have fawned over each other and yet no kiss. This is a joke!!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't one of my favorites, either. I felt like Angela and Brennan deserved a real reconciliation scene with meaningful dialogue at the end. Not that I mind more Booth/Brennan stuff, but quite honestly we don't need that spoon fed to us every week because it's getting borderline cheesy. I'm afraid that by the time they actually get together, it won't have the impact that I want it to.

The hand-holding was cute but could have been more subtle. Same with Booth's asking her what was wrong - I agree with anonymous above on that point. I'm withholding judgement on Angela/Wendell. I also agree that I don't feel the chemistry there and it seems kind of random, but I'm also interested to see where the writers go with it.

Loved the pig!

Cheryl said...

Angela/Wendell...that pretty much came out of left field. But it's Angela...she's as free-spirited as they come. Between that & her piglet distress/celibacy distress, I could buy her kissing Wendell. I can also buy Whendell kissing her back. Hello? She's hot & sweet & intelligent & talented. Will this make life awkward? It already has. Cam's beginning to pick it up & her face is priceless.

Subtlety does speak to intimacy, as does not needing to explain every detail but Booth whispering behind a menu to Bones cuz he knows s'thing's wrong & she's not talking abt it is so them. They've been whispering behind objects in front of other ppl since The Verdict in the Story, if not before. Odds are, he'd been trying to get her to tell him before & she wasn't picking it up because of her distress. He held her hand to stop her from walking out before he could finish reassuring her that it'd be ok & she held his as a way of acknowledging that & saying thank you, which is an indicator of intimacy/trust & is fine by me. What was a tad obvious was the camera zooming in to that ASAP, almost like this was real life & the camera guy was a friend who had been spending the past several years trying to get these two ppl together and he just HAD to catch this moment so he could replay it at the wedding & prove that he knew all along that this was bound to happen. lol. Oh & kicking Sweets under the table? Priceless!

I liked the took a few unusual turns before we found the killer. I like that. The half man/half chicken thing made for some humour too, also good.

I liked that Sweets is accepted now, even though Brennan will prob'ly have "I still hate psychology" engraved on her tombstone. The fact that she listens to Sweets & takes his advice says more abt her respect for his insight than she will likely ever be able to voice. I love that Sweets made her see why doing an irrational thing might be a good idea & that he showed her the difference in world views between herself & Angela...very well done sir. And it speaks volumes for her trust that she runs this by Booth as "a fully grown male" before she hands over the cheque to Angela.

A little worried that Booth is still not 100%. I can't wait til this part is over & he's absolutely fine. He's still a great agent but forgetting things & not having skills at full throttle rattles him. And me. Get well soon Seeley. Can't recall Temperance hurting his feelings :) In fact she helped build him up tonight & that's always good to see.What for him is a crisis, she offered practical advice for as well as having simple faith in him, full throttle or no.

I really think all the things from The End in the Beginning that haven't happened on Bones will be happening. So far we've had Sweets admitting to having a thing for Angela (in the dream he looked to Angela when Hodgins suggested he seize the day; Hodgins shot him down & re-directed him to Daisy), Brennan fixing his bow tie after almost kissing Booth and before going to the Egyptian ambassador's address(in the dream she fixed his tie then kissed him as they got ready to go out) and a murder most fowl (Hodgins wanted to know what drink best personified a murder most foul).

Cheryl said...

Oh & Fay? Bones not wanting to help Ange get the piglet is due to the way Angela couched it. She didn't say "help me buy a pet pig" she in effect said "Animal slaughter is cruel. Help me do my part to end this injustice by saving this creature from slaughter". She could see wanting a pet as rational, or anthropologically acceptable. But buying a piglet is not going to prevent thousands of other pigs from becoming bacon, & since Angela's overall objective will not be achieved by adopting one piglet, she wasn't buying it.

Kate said...

Welp, I'm in the minority here. Aside from the super-obvious hand-hold zoom, I really liked this episode. I liked that Booth was comfortable enough to express his concern and I liked that Brennan was comfortable with it too. We're never going to make progress if they don't talk to each other, people!

I vehemently oppose Wendegla and the dramabomb that is sure to come of it though.

Cheryl said...

Wendgela, Kate? I can't stop chuckling over that one. Personally I'm waiting for the Hodgela Wedding since Jack is a great guy who really loves Ange. I figure from watching her with everyone since "Hodgie" that she's...playing the field. Hopefully she tires of that & gets back to s'one who loves her deeply.

I liked this one too Kate. I forgot abt the Woodchucks. Amazing scene opener! I laughed thru it.

Dijea said...

Personally the thing I that threw me the most about this episode was that Angela slept with Wendell. Its not something I ever imagined and am not really sure about it.

I loved all the touching of Booth by Brennan and I thought it was HILLARIOUS when Cam figured out what happened between Angela & Wendell. The looks on her face were priceless.

Fay said...

yea, I get that. I was just saying that, before the episode got to the point where Brennan showed some affection towards the piglet photo, I cringed a little about how cold she had appeared. Therefore I'm glad that they ended up showing the warm side of her.

Brennan could be really brutal sometimes, or as Sweets puts it, "seems to have enviable, if somewhat disturbing ability to compartmentalize". But that's part of her charm :)

On another note, I love subtlety, but I also love when people talk things out. Cannot be all that subtle all the time, right?

Anonymous said...

Historynut here.

This wasn't a "bad" episode but boy did it feel forced to the point of being ouchy.

The stuff between W and A was rushed rushed rushed: remember how long it took for Angela and H to even go out on a date!!? I know it's not the same couple, not the same dynamic, all that. But it sure isn't the same writing either. To go from nothing at all to something maybe a big deal by the big deal being made about it -- in a single episode? AND throw in the reactions of everyone else AND comments from Hodgins not about them but about them... boom! boom! And by the way, did you get it? -- boom!!!! Ouchy.

I felt the same way about B/B at the end: can we cover any more stuff here? Angela. Not being 100%. Trusting. Asking for input. Giving support. Being upset. Being tickled about what was going on "over there"... I was getting a little dizzy. Any ONE of the things they whizzed thru would have been better done ... a little slower? It felt forced. To me.

I think "subtle" is the big word here. It just felt beat me over the head why don't ya, HH, and how many story lines can we squeeze in here while we're at it? The ol' less is more thing?

All my opinion. There were fun things too, as always. It was great to get Bones back, mostly. Not every episode has to be (even can be) as good as Museum. But knowing they CAN be that good is what keeps me coming back.

Is it next week yet? :)

Alyssa said...

Wendell is my favorite grad student and even though I liked Hodgins and Angela, that to me always seemed weird. Plus between Bones and Booth and Hodgins and Angela there has been so much "COME ON ALREADY" that I think it's nice to see Angela and Wendell hook up, especially since she took him under her wing from day one.

Maybe I'm a sucker but every episode--I just eat it up. Loved this one. Glad to see more B&B emotional realization. I don't know.

Cheryl said...

Ok cool I hear you. & u definitely need to talk sometimes.

Generally I'm like a kid on Christmas morning with Bones. Can't say I flat out hated any ep (tho Booth's sleeping with both Rebecaa & Cam in The Truth in the Lye kinda marred that one for me & that's only 1 ep in almost 100). I smiled all thru this one cuz I was happy it was on & cuz of the various plot developments.So, no, ur not alone;)

tybonium said...

Overall I loved this episode. It had a good message and an interesting case without getting too preachy (which totally takes me out of the show).

I wasn't fond of the camera work though. There were quite a few times they did really tight zooms (the hand holding scene being one) that was quite distracting. It becomes insulting, like we want notice that's going on unless they shove it into our faces.

Brennan does seem a little more cold in this episode. I chalked it up to her being upset about Angela (and maybe frustrated that she can't relate to people the way she sees others do). I was hoping for more closure between her and Angela, but it's weird that she walked away from Booth while he seemed to really opening up to her about problems he is having.

I wonder if Hodgins already suspects something between Angela and Wendall. He just seemed particularly hard on him during the "twirl the intern" part. Of course Cam's innuendos could have given something away.

Ok, that's enough for now...I could go on and on.

Lotte Mack said...

You know what? I have just decided that Cam is too often the outside party who notices things and makes funny faces about them. When can Cam have a storyline of her own that other people make faces at? I mean, i know that she ahs the Michelle story. But it's a bit boring, isn't it? Let's give Cam some action! I'm not saying she's not my least favourite character... sometimes she is; but she's funny and I would very much like to see her get some (of anything at all!). Seriously people... a little unfair.

PS., I think we are also dur for a BB argument. It's been all a little bit sickly sweet lately (hey, not complaining, I'm a sucker for those moments), and i think that a get-together would be a little bit more exciting if they had a huge blow-out first. I know that story has been done to death on other shows... boy and girl have passionate fight and then suddenly end up having sex... but think about it, if there was a big fight, then the make up would be extra rewarding. Juuuuuusssttt saying.

PPS. Just realised how long that PS was. PSs are meant to be short, like this one. Apologies; and, with a phrase that hasn't been used probably since some nineties movie... PEACE OUT.

Anonymous said...

I loved this ep! It had everything a Bones episode should have; a gruesome murder, multiple suspects, funny moments and lots of B&B moments. For me this episode is one of those eps you can watch over and over again and find something new each time. Can't wait to see more of Wendell and Angela. The only thing that seemed a little out of place was Angela's attack on Brennan and their friendship. Noone knows Brennan better than angela, not even Booth, IMO. So that felt a bit over the top.

Jessica said...

I loved the episode and the moments between B&B not so crazy about Wendell and Angela but I guess because Sweets said during their talk it's time to break the celibacy and Wendell helping her with the pig it was just the moment her hormones were going crazy :) the diner scene with Booth kicking Sweets under the table lol and when Booth said that he would do anything for her he die and kill for her that should tell her he loves and trusts her, only from the spoilers I thougt it would be a bigger fight between Ange and Brennan , loved the thing with the tie *sigh* and her hand touching his face he was feeling it :D and I also thought Cam noticed something she just had this look on her face well just another eps I will enjoy watching over and over again well now it 6 nights till the next eps :)

Courtney said...

Cam already knows that Booth is in love with Bones - she stated it out loud to his face so she wasn't seeing anything surprising in that scene with Booth and Bones.

I too feel that they are going to drag the B&B thing out until I personally get a little frustrated with it. These are two fully grown people who should take the chance already and we can watch the ensuing consequences which I'm sure, given both of their personalities, will be well worth watching.

I think it has been three years now or close to it that we have seen Booth involved with someone. It's a bit hard to believe that Booth - a fully grown man - would be content with being on his own for so very long. We have been lead to believe he's not someone who sleeps around just for sex, but really, it is unrealistic that he's just going to sit around pining for Bones for too much longer. Bones has had her share of fellows but nothing for Booth for quite sometime - that is just silly.

Something about the shows the past two years that doesn't have the depth and heart for me that the first seasons did. Just watched Boy in the Shroud the other day again and there's so much feeling in that (as well as the most of the earlier ones) that I can't help but notice the lightness of these past two seasons - even down to the tinkling goofy music that permeates so many of the episodes now.

I still love the show but it is hard to not feel some wistfulness for the first few seasons - for me anyway.

CMN said...

I don't think there was anything wrong with Brennan. What I want to know is what was wrong with Angela. First, she goes nutsy over one pig & has a tiff with Brennan. Why couldn't she just buy the pig herself or ask her own dad to help.

Then, she hooks up with Wendell. Don't get me wrong I do like Wendell as an intern but everyone knows Wendell & Hodgins hang out together. So, it's like she stabbed him (Hodgins) in the back especially after her flirty thing with him...announcing 5 months 14 days of celibacy. So...what's wrong with her. I thought her celibacy was to correct her sort of free love kind of help her make stronger connections. Seems like it was a wasted experiment if Wendegla doesn't turn serious.

In fact, what was wrong with Wendell. If he really was Hodgins friend why would he do that to him as well.

Otherwise, it definitely was an interesting case. Love that Brennan/Sweets have developed more trust between them.

@ Lotte Mac- I agree. Poor Cam is always the mediator. Please give Cam more to do than just notice all the little nuances.

Gigi said...

I would like to point out that all we saw was Wendell and Angela kissing. Angela is the type of girl that gets so warmed and touched by others actions (Wendell did give her money after he said he had several thousands of dollars in debt - so to her that was pretty near selfless act on his part) that she will and has kissed a man for it. Wendell is the type of guy that when a pretty woman kisses him he will not only kiss back but turn it into a little make out session. If you also add in that she hasn't had sex in almost 6 months... yeah I totally understand that scene. Lets see here, when Hodgins was pulled from the car; seeing her ex husband for the first time... need I say more? She is a kisser.

My husband and I both thought it would be funny if she thought the program was just to 'adopt' a pig like those save the children funds and not to actually ADOPT a pig. The next couple of weeks have her actually owning a pet pig (remember Bones said she always wanted one...). Of course this is all speculation (based on the show only! Not on spoilers!) and we are probably wrong, but you have to admit the idea of it is pretty funny.

The B&B moments were bitter sweet. I liked that they were honest but I wish it had been more under the table. Although I have to say, it wasn't Bones having insight to when someone is lying. She would not have been able to tell if it wasn't for his story not matching what his injuries were. Otherwise he would have sapped her in as well. It would have become an ending where she was upset that justice was not as black and white as she sees the world, it would have been a different shade of gray.

My favorite part is how Cam was reacting to the whole Wendell and Angela thing, she has just the best facial expressions! My husband and I just could not stop laughing during that part.

I thought the argument was deeper then just over a pig for Angela and Brennan. I mean listen to what she said, I have to paraphrase because it was hours ago but it was along the lines of 'Why are we best friends, we have nothing in common.' I really think this is building up to something MORE then just this episode (again pure speculation from not reading spoilers - I am only speculating based on this episode). Mostly because you don't say that without meaning something else. You don't tell your best friend you have nothing in common over a pig you want to save. Angela is a free spirit - not a drama queen. And that would have been a very drama queen thing to say for such a free spirit.

I really could see this going either way, it could play out to something bigger or just be a bump in the road. Even this episode I could see having deeper meaning later on or have nothing to do with anything later. It is one of those episodes that you are not sure of the impact until later in the season.

Anonymous said...

I feel like Bones and Booth are drifting a little......they need to have more meaningful looks at each other. Not a great story line last night either. Too cold and unfeeling, it all felt forced and did not have a natural flow. I re-watched some Season 2 episodes yesterday and wish B & B would return to their natural "banter." We need to see them caring about each other more!! Also, does anyone else dislike Brennan's new look?? Go back to darker hair and lose the "frumpy" looking outfits she has been wearing!! When she is standing next to Booth she needs to look beautiful, sexy and brilliant!! Not her best look this Season 5!!!

Jessica said...

@ Courtney

I know Cam already knew Booth's in love with Brennan what I meant was between Angela and Wendell but I probably forgot to put it in my text :(
@ Gigi

I agree with what you said about Angela and Wendell all we did see was them kissing and not really a confirmation if they did sleep together

And Cam's facial expressions were great :)

Teri =) said...

Did anyone else notice that the actress playing the victim's wife was in the first ep of Angel? I always wonder if the guest stars are recommended by someone on the cast that has worked with them before or if it is a coincidence?

Erin said...

Teri =)- I did notice that!! I love all the Angel peeps that show up on Bones. Makes it more fun. I loved this episode but only because I love EVERY episode. It wasn't perfect but I am so glad to have it back that I could have watched an antire hour of them sitting around in the dark. Maybe

Anonymous said...

I too felt that the Brennan look this season is off! Even though they want to show how the character change, this look isn't doing it for sure. Hope they would stand back and take a look this!

I also agree with earlier posts that this season and last season seems to lack the depth in the first 2 seasons. It was richer in character and the story, it is way more than just the B&B thing - the B&B thing worked so well because the setting and the depth of story - stand on its own, it is not the same. We used to see how the cases help them grow - especially how Brennan learned from the case and how that relates to her own - now we don't see that anywhere.

Miss those banters too! It seemed that the bantering was much meaningful before, now either it is choppy and no adding to anything or just not there. For sure the writing just seemed different!

There are other things to wonder, why is it that no one has talked to Brennan on her writing that book - in the first episode, there's sweets and Cam talking to Booth. Yes, Angela mentioned, but with others around, not 1 on 1 personal way. Just think it is odd! Isn't that more striking that she would write a story like that and no one around her thinking WOW - may be they did, but it is not shown to us!

Still want to watch it, and keep hoping that kind of depth will return. I am not asking them to keep the thing the way it is, but the growth should be more in the direction of having that depth, warmth.

K said...

Yeah, it was an okay episode, but definitely clunky. Would've loved the BB moments but the absurdly obvious camera zooms took away from the butterflies.

I agree with everyone who's talking about missing the emotional depth of earlier Bones, esp. Season 2. Fun is fine, but the imbalance of Season 4 is continuing. HH & co used to brag about how the actors could turn on a dime from melancholy to hilarity. Very little of that these days -- now the more serious moments, where they actually learn something deeper about themselves and the world, get short shrift. Psychics, James Bonds, mummies, chicken men? Enough with the wacky already!

Cheryl said...

Anonymous & K...I agree that they need to bring back depth & show character growth in each ep. I'm also always in favour of showing how the team grows (which has come a looonnng way...they started out as individuals, then grew into a kind of Squints vs Normal Ppl to a proper fluid unit now)& how individuals grow.

B&B is cool, in fact I love them. But as Booth pointed out, they're the centre but not the whole team. What's Cam's story, for instance? I'd love plots that explore each member of the team & that draw them closer & change how they relate to each other in positive ways, kind of like how Hodgins & Brennan getting buried alive altered their r'ship. And the amazing cases from season 2? More plz!

Anonymous said...

great points from Anonymous, K and Cheryl - well said. The turn on a dim, the bringing the team closer, cases with impact on characters ....Oh yes, those are the things made me watch in the first place!

How can we let HH and Stephen know that? they seem to be focused on B&B, with some intern stuff tossed in (but not cohesive or add) - may be because WE made all those noise about B&B (Yes, still want that)? the thing about being episodic, well, by now, those who are watching probably had gone out got all the previous season DVDs!! I did, I did not find the show till they are well into Season 4! I watched season 1-3 DVDs in less than a week !!!

How can we let them know? (I don't twitter, and not good enough in my English to write all these in short sentence!)

Shep said...

I thought it felt a bit clunky too.

I liked that we continue to see conspiracy-theorist Hodgins again and I found myself following the case this time, which I think did highlight the cruelty of battery farms well. However, I'm a little surprised Brennan remained all rational about the chickens: I remember in 'Woman in Limbo' she was horrified that McVicar could use that stun-gun on a pig. And what happened to always wanting a pet pig, how could she not agree with Angela?

And since when is Angela, our non-hyper-rational Angela, who draws vitims' faces and gives them back tehir identity not connected to humanity? How could celibacy disconnect her? That I didn't understand.

I did appreciate those moments where we saw the victim's upset wife though and the scenes weren't shown as light - yay sympathy!

I agree the B/B hand-holding etc.. in the diner was annoyingly forced. Come to think of it, even the hand-touching when they were doing the plumbing in 'Bond' felt too obvious to me. Although liked their converstaion at the end, when Booth was worried about not being able to tell when someone was lying. But I agree - we need more banter, and arguments, we can't have total mushiness, where's the verbal sparring we all know and love?

I also liked how they made Wendell play the victim in the reconstruction. Very Zack-like. But then it remeinded me of Zack, and then I got a bit depressed. *sigh*

As for Wendell/Angela, I wasn't that surprised (Damn those sides!) but there was something off, yet not off about it. I can't really explain it. Maybe I'll reserve judgement until we've seen more

I also want to more emotional depth like that of S2. 'We used to see how the cases help them grow - especially how Brennan learned from the case and how that relates to her own - now we don't see that anywhere.' I completely agree with you Anon!

Eli said...

@ Gigi, Angela really can just kissed anybody, passionately. She just like to play hard to get with Hodgins only.

I agreed with Jessica. May be this is not an episode of the fighting between between Brennan and Angela. And the vow broken.

I kind of expect the hair pulling and the said spitting. And really, Booth is just stood between them and not because he is something to do with the fight. I like when they use Sweets just enough and appropriate time. Like that Booth told him the way he said interesting is irritating.

The way Wendell reacts with Angela at the bar did not look like a two r three days affair. May be they dated but not slept yet.Anything can happens in Bones now.

Shep said...

To the last Anonymous - I really wnat to know how we can let HH and SN know too (I don't have twitter either). I'm desperate to write a letter actually.

What made me fall in love with Bones was actually not the B/B (though halfway through the pilot I was rooting for them to get together - such great chemistry!), it was actually how they combined dark humour and great charcters with the procedural element. With other crime dramas you do sympathise with victims but it's just murder, investigation, case closed. By creating characters we emotionally invest in, when they connect with the case, so do we, and even more so than a straight procedural because it affects characters whom we love so much. I really want to see a return to the rich storylines we used to have, but I get the feeling it's not likely anytime soon.

(Btw, sorry if my mini-rant annoys to those who may feel that the show should just be accepted and enjoyed for what it has become. I understand that there may be people who have that view)

melanie said...

I agree. I started watching at the end of Season 3, and went out and bought Seasons 1 & 2 right away. I thought maybe it was just me being sentimental over how excited I was to watch S2. But...go look at the episode list, and just think of all the B&B moments that were there. And they weren't hitting you over the head with it.

It very much frustrates me that since the writer's strike, and the slap-bang S3 ending with Zack (and I still miss him in every episode), things have just Someone else said goofy..zaney...wacky...NOT SERIOUS. I miss the switching between the two mentalities, and treating us as viewers as intelligent people (no camera zooms on holding hands necessary). This season is less severe than S4 was, but still feels unsettled.

Well, that being said, I still liked and enjoyed the episode. I still love B&B, and unless something MAJOR happens that I can't deal with, I will watch this show until it's off the air. :)

Regina said...

I probably love this show more than any other that I have watched on TV. (Because of David and Emily). But, that being said, I have a bad gut feeling that viewers are getting tired of waiting for BB to get together especially after the final scene in the previous episode. After a three week hiatus, ratings should be up not down. This plot line with Angela and Wendall is ridiculous. There has never been any indication that these two were interested in each other. When LOST comes back in January Bones's ratings will further dwindle. COME ON HART GIVE US SOMETING!!!!!

Anne said...

I have to disagree with the majority here.

1. I knew about Wendell and Angela, so maybe that made it easier for me, but I kind of liked the idea of them as a couple. Hodgins clearly didn't want to be her temporary sexual relief and Wendell seems strong enough to deal with any reprecussions and with Angela herself.

2. I think, that following Booths surgery, he has been more willing to exhibit both mushy-ness towards Brennan and vulnerability, which makes sense to me.

3. I also feel that Booths near death experience (again) and his temporary amnesia really set Brennan back in her emotional development. So I believe her "colder" behavior lately is very plausible. Plus, neither one of them knows if they can trust Booths perceived "new" love for her.

4. The writers of Bones seem to often take the long approach - they write things that don't seem correct at the time, but that eventually play out well. (Not always, but more than I originally thought.) I think Cam is an excellent example of that.

5. Even though the hand holding scene was obvious, I thought the more important part was that they did it totally unconcerned that Sweets was watching. I do feel, more than any other couple that has been held apart on various shows, that this shows a true willingness to verge into new ground, actually showing us a couple as a couple. And even if it was obvious, I still found it sweet.

Cheryl said...

43 minutes is not enough to do humour/deep emotional developments/riveting science to the same depth so I think they have to kind of choose a focus each week. I liked this ep cuz it was heavy on humour but also managed to show us some of the emotions of B,B & Angela while making room for Sweets to shine in psychology & as a friend. I'm fine with that. Maybe we're a little antsy that we've not yet had a really riveting case this season or that B&B have not really dealt with their feelings. But hey, it took them 4 years to recognise said feelings; they are certainly not going to deal with them in the first 6 eps of season 5!As long as the writers keep rotating us thru the BONES characteristic plots (humour, drama, romance, growth, the occasional conspiracy) I'm happy to be a viewer. The only thing I ask is that we not only see BB's development but the development of the whole cast. As for getting Hart's attn, maybe Wendy could? She's on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

I can see Anne's point too. But also strongly agree with comments on something still missing in terms of depth in early seasons.

Wondering in the beginning HH had the whole Brennan's back story layout (thought he said that somewhere) - it was cohesive, well thought out and it showed. Right now they seemed to be going through a patch there isn't as much as strong backbone to it - that's my personal opinion. So I am waiting to see the Booth back story, earlier story of Anglia/Brennan friendship, and some others! I am just a bit anxious and hoping they won't fall into the "touched on" but no deeper type of thing that I have felt in recent ones!

Given voiced comments here, don't think I am not the only one feeling it.

Would be nice to get this feedback to HH. He is active on twitter, but I am also afraid that does not give the whole picture on fan response/reaction, and afraid that they see audience mostly focused on B&B thing.

Jeannie said...
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kjean said...

I agree with the majority of comments that this episode wasn't the strongest. The mushy scenes were annoying, not touching. As much as I love DB, his acting is becoming, well, ouchy (if I can use a word someone used above) in his scenes with ED. If BB aren't getting together anytime soon, then bring back the banter, at least, or try some sustained angst instead.

luscious said...

For me the jury is still out on this episode. I dont know why at first it did not really work for me. I found the hand holding scene a bit confusing as before sweets would have jumped on this with at least booth however he still notices it and says nothing. I felt the story was Blah I dont know it seemed off ish am going to bed at least i might have more perspective in the morning so many of us seem unsure of this episode or maybe we were spoiled by night in the bone mueseum anyway need to watch this again tommorrow then post again

Stephanie said...

@Regina - I don't think the slightly lower ratings have anything to do with Booth & Brennan. NOBODY knew this was on last night. We did, because we're the die-hard fans who love the show enough to go onto the fansites and keep up with what's going on, and the Bones fans who watch baseball and have been seeing the promos would've known it would be new, but on some general TV boards I go to and out of family/friends I've talked to, I get the feeling that most people didn't know it was new. DVR Guides either said it was still baseball in that timeslot or some DVR Guides said it was going to be a repeat. Fox didn't even know it was going to be new until less than 24 hours before it aired! I imagine the online viewing numbers (if they even keep track of those?) will be higher than normal this week.

Lisa said...

I have to say after having weeks waiting for a new Bones. I am very happy to have it back.

I don't really like the Wengela pairing but we'll just have to see what happens.

I do like the fact that B & B are more comfortable at showing affection in front of Sweets. Also, that Sweets is more accepted by all. The hand holding thing was sweet but a bit forced.

The case itself was intriguing. I would love more of that repartee between B & B, more of a storyline for Cam & more conspiracy from Hodgins.

@ Regina & Stephanie- I agree with Stephanie. I think the rating issue was people were like will it be on...won't it be on. It was confusing so many who wouldn't have watched the World Series wouldn't have decided to tune in or caught Bones 1/2 through.

Anonymous said...

I agree with whoever said they wanted regular, everyday cases instead of all of these abnormal ones... i get enough of the really weird cases with Psych, but it fits with that show because its silly. they have made these strange cases interesting, but I would like the cases to be along the lines of the 1-3 seasons. i miss cases that i can imagine happening in real life, ones that make me think about the world we live in.

Courtney said...

I watched "Blond in the Game" and "The Scientist in the Physicist" or whatever the actual title is yesterday and wow what a difference in tone, writing and direction between the two shows - the latter being more like what the recent shows have been.

The intensity of the Blond in the Game mixed with some humor was amazing. I admit to loving the episodes that had Howard Epps in them -he was a great creepy character and the writing was terrific. Loved the scene where Bones meets Epps' wife - the dialogue is tight and spot on.

An analogy of how I'm feeling about the Chicken Man episode and the recent ones is that they feel more like appetizers while the episodes of the early seasons feel more like a full meal - if that makes any sense.

There's a lightness since part of season three and all of season four and now that leaves me feeling now like "is that it?" where seasons 1 and 2 in particular I would re-watch the episode again the next day because it was so satisfying.

If that makes any sense.

gabriel said...

Whoa, how many different reactions! That's why it actually IS a really good series. While I mostly agree with those who think of the old seasons with nostalgia, and find flaws in the current one, I am happy that Anne defended what is OK. I just want to say here that when you cry out loud that all the intimate moments were too much/too harsh etc., you know that this is exactly why the writers don't let B&B get together - because they still fear we wouldn't like them if they behaved like a real couple. I'd say: GO BOOTH, GO BRENNAN, keep doing that, I don't mind, it's sweet and warming my heart every week.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a minority here, but I actually liked the episode. I totally agree that there is a clear difference between the early episodes, and episodes like this one, but I can enjoy both for what they are.

I liked the BB moments. Even though they did seem a bit forced and obvious sometimes, there was sbtlety too. The look they shared at the end was just so cute, and the 'it can wait' was definitely not just about the Angela and Wendell thing. I also liked that she knows him enough to be able to answer questions like 'do I like brown sugar on my food' and to be able too see that he noticed something. What I like even more is that she knows what to say to him ('even at half speed your faster than anybody else') when he tells her what's bothering him.

As for the Angela and Wendell thing... It did seem weird (even though I actually thought they were cute sitting in the bar together) and did seem to come out of nowhere. But then I started thinking. I was laughing at the beginning of the episode because Hodgins was talking about his theories and Wendell totally went with it, but mostly because I noticed they were wearing the exact same shirt when walking to the car. And so I started wondering if that was maybe what they were getting at. Angela first goes to Hodgins (even though she denies that is what she came for) to 'help' her, and when he denies her, she basically just goes for the next best thing (being the guy who most resembles him)... And maybe she will realize that herself, which might be a start to het them back together? Then again, I really liked the Angela/Jodgins relationship so maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see?

Sorry for the really long post, but I'm from Belgium, and the episode hasn't aired here yet, so I love being able to talk about it here :).

Anonymous said...

gabriel said...
... I just want to say here that when you cry out loud that all the intimate moments were too much/too harsh etc., you know that this is exactly why the writers don't let B&B get together - because they still fear we wouldn't like them if they behaved like a real couple ....

I'm great with the handholding and the progression of intimacy I just don't want to be popped over the head with it by lame camera work or 'heavy' writing. As an audience we should feel the slow realization of it as they do. I think it should kind of creep up on us.

I didn't dislike this episode at all but I did get a bit worried about what the writers think we want. Though, I loved at the end when Booth was exploring his insecurities. Maybe this is the beginning of the exploration of Booth, his past, his inner workings, etc. Win!

Courtney said...

I really did not like how this episode was directed - from the camera angles to the way the scenes were set up. And, that camera zooming in so many times on their handholding seemed so amateurish that I was surprised. Same with the long camera takes of their looking at one another at the end.

I was so curious I did something I've never done before and looked up the director on IMDB and saw that he has directed four episodes of Bones but I couldn't find a link to the names of those other episodes.

When I look at the direction of Man in the Fall Out Shelter vs this last episode it is astonishing in how less interesting this one was in comparison.

I still do love this show and look forward to it each week but I admit I'm hoping we get more heart, as Booth might say, in upcoming episodes and I hope they keep this director far far away from the show.

Anonymous said...


Ah, You analogy was great and described in few words what I feel too - full meal satisfying and savory, vs. appetizer just quite not enough!

Lets hope the full meal will be showing up!!

About directing, yes - agree with you on that point too. Like much how it was shot before than now.

Justin said...

The chicken protestor stuff just made me mad. I didn't really pay attention to the "obvious hand holding." I would go back to my Tivo and watch it.... but I accidentally deleted it. To Hulu!

gabriel said...

Just to set it right: I "totally" agree that the camera work was just bad, the hand holding could have been shot from a distance, we still would have noticed, of course. ;) But I like everything B&B said and how they looked at each other. I don't need that kind of subtlety, we don't have to go back in time that way. And they are different now, let's accept that, can't be the same forever, esp. with Booth's surgery etc. Just bring back some of Brennan's clothes, 'cause I can't say enough how I hate these... :P

Cheryl said...

I agree that the camera zoom was obvious but the way B relate now is just progression. Can u imagine S1 Brennan telling Booth what was wrong with her? & if Booth had tried to comfort her by taking her hand in S1 she would have said s'thing scathing. The same applies to the ease with which Booth lets her know abt his perceived shortcomings & Brennan's unshakable faith in his abilities & the easy way they unconsciously touch or smile at each other. Really liked this ep tho (file it under "funny Bones"). I'm sure they'll give us a "serious,meaty Bones" soon. :)

Courtney said...

I want to say that my disappointment with the show the past few seasons is not because of the B&B relationship - it is about the entire show - the storytelling, writing, tone, direction, all of it. Though still my favorite show - I personally prefer the mood and tone of the early seasons.

I rather like their new relationship. I posted the below on the other thread about how I see their relationship these days.

I think their chemistry is now different because they now know each other very well and trust one another and understand their differences.

I did enjoy the early years where they were testing boundries almost like two alpha dogs - him leaning into her space, her challenging him on nearly everything. But, when you develop such strong feelings for someone you tend to be more tender and understanding - even when disagreeing with the person.

They also respect each other's talents and skills and have learned through different situations that they will have each other's back. I think that has allowed them to let down their defenses with each other the that high level tension has dissipated.

And now we have a more intimate things between them which I find very sweet - though I hope we will still get to see some of their bantering about religion, heart vs brain, sex, etc. I love those debates.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm yet another one who loved the episode...No matter what was in it...I loved the hand holding and the end scene. The Wendell/Angela pairing didn't bother me like I thought it would. I can deal with it and don't think it'll last. For me, all these years of angst is paying off :)

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