Thursday, November 12, 2009

Favorite Quotes: The Dwarf in the Dirt

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Dwarf in the Dirt.


Anonymous said...

"Have you ever been to Sudbury?!"

That one made me smile, because I actually have been to Sudbury, and it wasn't nearly as bad as some people say. :)

Anonymous said...

"I can't think of anything I wouldn't do to help him."

When Brennan said this I felt an actualy flutter from my heart...

Kate said...

"I'm becoming quite amusing."

Ah, yes. Bones in a nutshell.

olivia said...

My favorite (and I won't get it exactly right) is booth at the end..."She doesn't love me. I'd know if she loved me"....awww!

Kaitlynd said...

@Anon 9:03
I also loved the comment about sudbury...I'm actually from there lol!! And you are right it isnt so bad...In fact I like it :) Think maybe thats a jab at Hart cause he's Canadian??

Amanda said...

A fry cook? No one is just a fry cook!

Laughed so hard at that.

Although I think it might have to be my mother (who never gets sucked into ANY show on TV) going "Christ they're going to stretch this until the last episode, aren't they."

Cheryl said...

"Well he does look a bit vigorous for a dead leprechaun" Gotta love Gordon Gordon!

Bren:He's a fake. Look at his femurs.
Gordon: One cannnot deny the femurs.
Booth: No. Can't.

Jessica said...

Booth: When a man can't have the woman he loves he can get a little crazy aww is he maybe thinking of himself while saying this

BB Shipper said...

Guys - was it pathetic that this line below by GG almost made me cry? Because sometimes its just about taking a chance right?..oh I wish they would!

"Be brave my children, make a foray, cast of your shackles - abide by my exhortations - that you may be born aloft on the trembling wings of gigling angels (cupids)" *DIES*

BB Shipper said...

Also liked:

""When it comes to a man and his gun a woman is a natural cure"

Jeannie said...

Booth: "I need you to help me fire my gun."
Gordon Gordon: "Is that a sexual thing?"

Anonymous said...

I loved the episode. One of my favorite quotes from it is:

Booth : Look at that,Bones. You are at the end of a beautiful rainbow.

Anonymous said...

"Why are you cracking wise?"

Anonymous said...

Well, this is the second time someone has told Booth to "grow a set." At least this time it was a real person.

Lisa said...

I have to say I really like this episode & it had some really good dialogue.

Brennan: Boo! That man is not the Iron Leprechaun! Boo! Fake, Fake!
Booth: Bones, what are you doing?
Brennan: Booing is the appropriate way to show displeasure at a sporting event.
Brennan: Fraud, look at his femurs.

Mr. Nigel-Murray: Could he have been stabbed?
Brennan: With what?
Mr. Nigel-Murray: The world's dullest knife.

Brennan: I can't think of anything I wouldn't do to help him.

Anonymous said...

"She doesn't love me. I would know if she loved me."

ahhhhhh. Heart break.


maya grace said...

Mr. Nigel-Murray: Assuming the accomplice was already lying in wait, surely he would have had the forethought to bring a more suitable weapon.

Brennan: Like a gun.

Nigel-Murray: Or a giant sword.

(Brennan's eyebrows)

Nigel-Murray: ...Or a gun.

Cheryl said...

"I know it looks like sperm on corn smut but I assure they're scrumptious."

Like yes, I've always wanted to try sperm on corn smut, thx for offering.

Anonymous said...

Booth- I had a bad day on the range.
Brennan- Is that a cowboy metaphor?

this made me giggle

Cheryl said...

@ BBSHipper
No it's not pathetic. I think GG may be an even bigger matchmaker than Angela.

Yea the cowboy metaphor bit was funny. Gotta love Bren!

Miss Mary said...

Oh I see you have become and indescriminate homicidal maniac.....Laugh!

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