Thursday, November 19, 2009

Favorite Quotes: The Foot in the Foreclosure

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Foot in the Foreclosure.


Anonymous said...

what was the whole "i like that thing around your neck" thing mean? i was/and still are very confussed.

Amanda said...

I think Booth was trying to pay her a compliment--he liked her necklace.

Anonymous said...

he was trying to give her a compliment...yes it was an awkward one, but still, he's never really tried to compliment her before on what she's wearing

Cheryl said...

I think Booth was taking Pops' advice & "following his heart". And he's in love right? A man notices (& compliments) the object of his affection. He's trying it out with a woman closer to him than anyone on a friendship level so it's a little crude;)

Funniest Moment of the Lab

(after they figure out the guy killed the lovers)

Angela: That's so sweeeet.

(All squints stare at her in disbelief. She catches them.)

Angela: And horrible. Mostly horrible.

Most Amazing Matchmaking Moment

Pops: Talent, beauty, charm, money & ur _just_ friends??? I didn't raise u very well.
(cue uncomfortable shifting in the front seats by BB & trademark uncomfortable Booth face).

Spunky Old Man Moment

Booth: Pops! What r u doing?? u don't work here.

Pops: 3 ppl said I was the best greeter they've seen so I grabbed a vest...
(on the way out)

Woman: (to an _actual_ PriceCo employee) Where do I find fertilizer for azaelias?

Pops: Aisle 4

Booth: (facial expression that I can't describe but that had me crackin up!)

Anonymous said...

Pops: I like her. She's real; she's got balls.
Brennan: Well, ovaries, actually.
Pops: Okay, you got a pair of steel ovaries.
Brennan: Thank you!

Amanda said...

The steel ovaries had me cracking up, as did the "he gets skittish" remark.

Nukary said...

I don't know if these were the exactly words but I love when Pops said:

"she's got talent, charm, beauty, money, and you're just friends!? I didn't raise you well"

Anonymous said...

i love everything that Pops says to Sweets, getting his MD in a cracker jack box, fitting his suitcase on his bike... definitely reminds me of Booth. they are alike in a lot of ways

Anonymous said...

"weird cake sex" thank you clark
it seems in every episode lately that Hodgins busts in on a conversation and says something that no one understands. please expand his character somewhat

Leila said...

the little : «I quit of pops» at the store!

It was so cute! LOL

Jessica said...

Pops: there's nothing wrong with big woman your grandmother had some jam in her jelly

I just love everything he said he just cracked me up everytime, about things that were true and he just kept saying 'I don't think so' the same with Booth at the end with the necklace he did see it before and he just said 'I don't think so' just like Pops :)

cordy said...

I loved the comments Pops made about poor Sweets. Now we know where Booth got that from.

Anonymous said...

I really liked that scene where Angela & Brennan are talking about Booth's nickname (Shrimp)

Angela: You never had a nickname?

Brennan: No. Just what Booth calls me. Just... just Bones.

And her facial expression at that moment is priceless.

poskisuudelma said...

Pops: If you ever need a little privacy with the bone doctor, I'll make myself scarce.

Booth: Okay, thanks, but there's nothing going on between us.

Pops: You gay?

Booth: What, no!

Pops: She's a keeper, you should listen to me.

Remember Max also questioning Booth's sexuality when he found out he wasn't with Bones? :D

Natasha said...

Some quotes that I really like…
Hank (to Booth): She’s got talent, charm, beauty and money and you’re just friends? I didn’t raise you well.

Hank :I quit!
Hank: Freaky!
Angela: You never had a nickname?
Bren: No. Just what Booth calls me. Just..just Bones … (I really like the way she said that =)

*Bren’s phone rings, Booth answers*
Booth: Pops, we’re trying to work here!
Hodgins: It’s not Pops, but I sure wanna know what’s going on!

Booth: Whoosh, flama!

Booth: I like that thing around your neck.
Bren: Oh, you saw it before.
Booth: I don’t think so.
Bren: Well, thanks.
Booth: Sure

Hank: Shrimp!

Sarah said...

I love all the quotes people have already mentioned - Pops lines, esp Brennan and Pops talking.

But the quote was "Flame on!" not "flama" -> it's a Fantastic Four reference :D

BB Shipper said...

Booth "Nothing trumps family" because it's more than a quite it's what I believe too

Booth "pops will think I don't love him" and Brennan's shocked and broken expression when she responds 'Really?!"

Sweets "I know' when Pops started to defend himself ( low key confident Sweets is starting to look kinda hot..... Now I feel a little wrong for saying that) ;0)

Pops EVERYTIME he says 'I don't think so!'

Brennan when she said 'I'm invited" when she announced Pops grill cheese night (this was more like my favorite facial expression)

Vasso said...

I loved all of Hank's lines and i agree with everything all of you mentioned (I'm obsessed, what can i say!!). I adore the last scene:

Pops: He' s big and strong but he's going to need someone, everybody needs saomeone. Don't be scared...

Brennan: Scared? what? I'm not scared of anything...

Pops: It goes by so fast, you don't want any regrets.

Brennan: I don't understand...

Pops: Yes, you do!

(How cute is Booth in that leahter jacket? !!!!!!!)

olivia said...

I loved when Clark said (under his breath) "Baby got back". So funny!!

Cheryl said...

@ BB Shipper
Don't feel ashamed for ur Sweets-love! I adore him too...he just needs to figure out that when he's around ppl in a non-session environment he should stop talking like a therapist & simply speak as a friend with multiple psych degrees.

@ Vasso
Yes that shot of Booth while Hank is saying g'bye to Bren at the retirement community is so makes Hank saying that he's big & strong but will need s'one much more believable. DB is an amazing actor.

Alyssa said...

Hank: I have to help Margaret with the crocheting.

Booth: You crochet, Pops?

Hank: That's what we call sex.

Booth: ...

Huge LOL.

BB Shipper said...

Can Booth help Bren with crochet?.... I bet they would both be shocked at how good they are at it... ;@)

Caitlin said...

In the club:

Booth: Stay here, Pops, I don't want you to disappear into one of those women.

Nels said...

Booth - "Let's just give him a minute. He's having a good time."

Very touching, and I thought DB knocked it out of the park with this episode, he was very affecting - I also hope Ralph Waites is back - he's a fine actor and he and Boreanaz have real chemistry.

Cheryl said...

@ Nels
Agree with u on DB's acting & Ralph Waite...their r'ship is believable & rich.

Anonymous said...

Pops, when talking about going to visit his friend: "The son of a bitch up and died on me!" in a tone of voice implying, "how rude is that?!"

LOVED all his lines and this episode in general! : )

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