Thursday, November 5, 2009

Favorite Quotes: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken.


Elizabeth said...

Loved Booth's "I would die for you, I'd kill for you..."

Elizabeth said...

Also liked Cam saying she didn't "twirl the interns" and suggesting Angela do it.

Fay said...

"Bock Box"
I think that's a brilliant name for a chicken restaurant chain! I LOL when Cam "beg your pardon" after Brennan said it.

BB Shipper said...

"If life were a debate, you would win hands down, but we both know that it is not..." - Sweets

BBMeantToBe said...

Booth:"Wanna see the fastest draw in the west?"
Booth:"Wanna see it again?"

BBMeantToBe said...

Booth:"I know when something is wrong with you. Im here if you need help"
Brennan:"Me and Angela had a fight"
Booth:"Well good luck with that..."

Lotte Mack said...

"You don't want to be friends anymore because the pig is cute?"

"I know when something's wrong with you, and something's wrong... right? So what can i do to help?"
God, if a guy said that to me, i would have to marry him.

cathmarchr said...

Sweets: "You dated sisters."

Booth: "They were identical twins. It was all wrong."

Sweets: "Naw, man, it's all right."

Anonymous said...

Booth - "Is Angela good or is she good?"

Brennan - "Those are the same question."

Cheryl said...

Angela: So if I have sex will you help me buy the pig?

Sweets: (non-plussed)...that wasn't the point I was trying to make...

Hodgins: What I don't get is why they're not all going to trauma counselling

Cam: Because they're the kind of girls who idolise Dr. Brennan

Courtney said...

I don't have the exact quotes but the whole interview with the woman who cut the beaks off the chickens was her facial expressions.

Eli said...

Sweets : ... very interesting.

Booth : The way you say interesting is very ... irritating.

At least Sweets has a virtual smack on the head by Booth

Cheryl said...

@ Eli
lol & a literal kick under the table;)

Cheng said...

"Next time, call me. You like brown sugar on everything" *swoon*!

Gabby said...

Brennan: You noticed something.

[Booth kinda nods]

Brennan: See you still got it!

[Booth smiles]

Booth: Aren't you gonna ask me what I noticed?

Brennan: Do I wanna know?

Booth: No.......Do you wanna know anyway?

Brennan: No.....I trust you

Teri =) said...

I liked the brown suger comment too, Cheng!

Courtney said...

I think their chemistry is now different because they now know each other very well and trust one another and understand their differences.

I did enjoy the early years where they were testing boundries almost like two alpha dogs - him leaning into her space, her challenging him on nearly everything. But, when you develop such strong feelings for someone you tend to be more tender and understanding - even when disagreeing with the person.

They also respect each other's talents and skills and have learned through different situations that they will have each other's back. I think that has allowed them to let down their defenses with each other the that high level tension has disipated.

Hence, the difference in their chemistry.

luscious said...

Cam "so we are back to super chicken soldier" I thought the way she said this was quite funny.

Anonymous said...

Bones: "I trust you."

BTW, the last three words of the episode. Nice touch. This is the turning point after 4+ seasons. She means it. She's ready.

forensicduck said...

Angela - "You listen to Hodgins?"
Booth - "I listen to Wendell."

Eli said...


Irony is Wendell told Booth Hodgins' theories.

Anonymous said...

"Would I like one of those fruity drinks?"


Very couple-y! He know what she wouldn't like to drink, and she knows that he loves brown sugar on everything.

olivia said...

"I want to know what you think"- Bones. I think this was a sneaky (at least for Bones) way of instilling some confidence in Booth!

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