Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Bonesday!

Tonight's Bones episode is "The Dwarf in the Dirt" and you can find pictures, descriptions, clips, and even spoilers under the tag here on the blog.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. As we have been doing this season, you can start posting in it right away as a pure "Episode Discussion" thread when it goes up if you saw it last night. If you just can't wait, remember there is always the spoiler post!

The promo


Stephanie P. said...

Yay! Happy Bonesday, everyone!

Wendy said...

On the ring issue people have mentioned -

I believe they simply reversed the footage in the promo. Her watch is on the wrong hand too. And when she does the thumbs down at the end, the watch is back on her left hand. You can't see the ring though, as her hand is moving too fast.

The marketing department at Fox just defies odds sometimes, with all of their flipping/photoshopping and other crazy editing.

em-jay said...

I wondered about that in the promo last week, and I assumed the same as you: they simply flipped the picture. But I hadn't looked back at it to see her "watch hand" for confirmation. But I'm really looking forward to watching someone bounce off of Booth. Ha!

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