Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy post-Baseball Bonesday!

Well, the Yankees won last night, Canada got a new Bones episode, and, thankfully, so do we!

Tonight's Bones episode is "Tough Man in the Tender Chicken" and you can find pictures, descriptions, clips, and even spoilers under the tag here on the blog.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. As we have been doing this season, you can start posting in it right away as a pure "Episode Discussion" thread when it goes up if you saw it last night. If you just can't wait, remember there is always the spoiler post!

The promos-


cathmarchr said...

Hooray! I couldn't care less about the Yankees themselves, but I'm so excited that the freaking World Series is just OVER!!

Cheryl said...

Praise God! I have never been more anxious over a sport I know nothing abt in my life! Merry Bonesday all!

Anonymous said...

Ain't that the truth?

Makes me grin over all the non-sports folks like us AROUND THE WORLD who were holding their collective breaths WILLING the Yankees to victory last night.

Yeah for Bones tonight!!!


Cheryl said...

Yep! I googled the game & didn't understand half the sports terms in the report. I just kept thinking "C'mon! Just tell me if the Phillies lost!"

Phillip said...


Couldn't find 506 online tho, will have to wait for an American to take pity on us Europeans/Australians.

Although, because of Baseball, The UK is 6days behind. I'm watching 505 'The Night At The Bones Museum' as i type on Sky1 XD

Stephanie said...

I couldn't find it online, either. It really sucks because 5.05 was up in about 2 hours after it aired. Oh well :(

I had a live scoreboard of the game last night up on my Internet window. If someone had walked in, they would've thought I actually cared about the silly game, but I was keeping my eye on it just for Bones!

luscious said...

@ Stephanie I was doing the same keeping an eye on the scoreboard but did not understand its mad will be up early tomorrow to watch the new episode before work.

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