Monday, November 9, 2009

Poll: Angela and Wendell

I've added a new poll to the right side of the blog:

What do you think of the Angela/Wendell pairing? Love it? Hate it? Vote! You can pick multiple options in this poll.

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Which intern ('not-Zack') would you kick out for good?

Clark (Doc Intern)
165 (8%)
143 (7%)
106 (5%)
Mr. Fisher
165 (8%)
538 (26%)
517 (25%)
229 (11%)
I still tightly grip my hate of the plot device
133 (6%)

Votes so far: 1996


Kate said...

I'm so pleased you allowed multiple answers for this poll.

Also, "I still tightly grip my hate of this plot device" was hands-down the best poll choice ever.

Eli said...

Hate what they did to Angela's character.

So HATE it.

Stephanie said...

LOL to the "Did she just take money for sex?!" option. I never would've made that connection on my own.

I definitely think she should be with Hodgins, but I liked Angela/Wendell a lot more than I expected to, so I'm okay with it for now.

kba said...

I actually like the pairing -- he is sweet enough to "get" her but grounded enough to deal with her flights of fancy.

She & Hodgins have worked things out and feel separate to me now. Still friends but definitely not a couple.

However I think the scene was awkward somehow --I sort of _did_ have the "did she just take money for sex?" feeling. Also, I don't understand why, in the first place, it would cost $1500 (!!!??) to "save" a pig....

Breanna said...

I agree with kba...Hodgins and Angela feel separate.

The fact that they are apart doesn't bother me. It's that Angela is in a superior position, Wendell is an intern. Angela's character being flighty and commitment phobic (among other attributes) in my mind makes her seem younger and less mature. But I figure she is about ten years older then Wendell. Age isn't so much and issue until paired with above mentioned of the "taking advantage of the intern".

Okay so Wendell comes from the street and he's a hard knocks guy but I don't think that counts when it comes to men and sex.

I like Angela, but I feel really sorry for Wendell. He's going to be the one that gets hurt. And that will make Angela a disappointment for me.

WTF? said...

Angela is not some ditzy, shallow pedophile. She would not behave like this...especially hitting on someone whose position at the Jeffersonian is vulnerable (i.e. an intern...a child.)

Only a borderline pedophile would sleep with someone soooo much younger than she (or he), in the first place. I have such contempt for men and women who actually have sex with people soooo much younger than they...or in positions of interns, subordinates, children, etc.

I remember that by the time I was in my late 20s, men in their early 20s left me cold. They were sooooo boring. (Men aren't even half-way interesting till they've made their mid-30s. Admit it, they're idiots. And mentally HEALTHY, adult females have figured this out by the time they are in their mid-20s.)

What happened to the old Angela? I miss the first season. I really do. Even Zack was a real person back then. The writers need to STOP making caricatures of these people, or they're gonna lose their fans.


Kate said...

Whoa there. Wendell's not a kid, he's at least 21 since he can drink and he's in grad school. (Personally I'd guess more like 25.) I agree dating underlings is verboten, but why is okay for women to date men ten years older, but not the other way around? I think I'm missing something in your post.

Stephanie said...

I think 10 years between Angela & Wendell is really overestimating. Like Kate, I'd put Wendell around 25. Zack was 25 in the show when he got his doctorate, and it's also not crazy to think that Wendell may have had to delay school a bit to work and make some money, so for those reasons, I'd put Wendell at at least 25. And how old do you guys think Angela is? I would've guessed she's only around 30. We know Brennan's 33, and I've always imagined Angela to be a bit younger than her.

brennanite said...

Hey! Vaziri and Daisy are my two favorite interns. I think Daisy is the keeper.

Teri =) said...

To me, age isn't even in the arguement about whether Wendell & Angela should be together. I think they are close enough in age to make it a moot point. Whatever your feelings are about the pairing, age shouldn't be a contributing factor.

Lucy said...

haha! I like Ange & Hodgins better!

oh! btw... The nominees for the People's Choice Awards had been realeased.. & guess what? NO BONES!

Whyyy?... :(
It's the best show on screen right now!

Well, vote for your favorites!

PS: Zooey's movie "(500) Days of Summer" got a nomination! Wich is awesome!. Go Zooey.

Kate said...

What? No Bones love? The world is indeed a cold, cruel place.

WTF? said...

I wrote...please do can check if you like...that I have contempt for both men AND women who sleep with younger people. I find it pedophilic, because you have to ask yourself WTF is wrong with someone that s/he can't relate to someone his/her own age...WTF can they possibly find interesting in someone who's that young.

I see Angela as a woman in her thirties. At least I hope so. Her complexion is too worn for someone in her twenties.

To clarify...I don't see it as pedophilic once the younger person in the couple is in his/her then they are an adult, and can be some bit interesting.

But people in their twenties are only interesting to other people in their twenties. To anyone older...they are idiots with nice skin/bodies. OR they are someone easily manipulated. (hence the description, 'pedophilic' when describing the older person's interest.)

And in this instance, the younger person is also in a vulnerable position. He is an intern. The bottom rung of the ladder. No power whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

@WTF?: you are tossing around a word in which it appears you do not know the true meaning of:

pedophilia = a sexual attraction to children.

pedophilia != a relationship between between adults of different ages.

The former is a crime.

There is is absolutely nothing wrong with the latter.

WTF indeed.

Stephanie said...

I don't like the statement that there's someone "wrong" with someone who relates to a person/people in a slightly different age group better than people their own age. I'm in college, and I can't relate to other students my age because all they care about is drinking and partying, and I don't drink or party, and I take school seriously. I tend to get along better with the older students, the ones in their early or mid twenties, as opposed to the 18-21 crowd. Does relating to older students better than a bunch of partiers mean there's something wrong with me? I don't think so. I think that's what's right with me. Age is just a number and doesn't matter as much as maturity levels, in my opinion.

WTF, you may not be attracted to people in their twenties or find them interesting, and that's fine, and that's your opinion, but it doesn't make it wrong or gross for someone else to be. The twenty-something is an adult. Intern does not equal child, and it's not pedophilic in the slightest. I agree that Wendell is in a vulnerable position as an intern, but he's also not a dummy, and I don't think the age difference between Ange & Wendell is as huge as you make it out to be, probably not much more than the established 5 year difference between Booth & Brennan.

Anonymous said...

WTF, just because you don't find younger people interesting, does not make it paedophilia. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

i hated angela and wendell together!!!! i am so glad that they broke up!!! i can't wait for angela and hodgins to get back together

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