Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Preview Clips for "The Foot in the Foreclosure"

Fox has posted 3 preview spoiler clips for this week's Bones episode, "The Foot in the Foreclosure," at Fox on Demand. (The still have them under the "Season 4" heading.)

Thanks, Fay and Lisa, for the headsup!


em-jay said...

Watched 2 out of 3! Funny! Gonna love Booth's Pops.

jenny said...

LOL when Booth tells him he and Bones are not a couple Pops asks him if he's gay!Just like Max! :D

Anonymous said...

I can't open the site because I live not in the USA..

Vanessa said...

I thought of that too, Jenny! When Booth says "There's nothing going on between us" and his grandpa asks "Are you gay? She's a keeper!" is much like the conversation he had with Max:

Max: Are you sleeping with my daughter?

Booth: No.

Max: Why? Are you gay?

Booth: No.

Max: She's not attractive enough?

Booth: Bones is beautiful.

Love that sceene! =)

This week's case is so interesting! A body that turned to ashes with no apparent cause? So cool! xD

Leila said...


Im living in canada... and i can open the videos... thats wierd...

Courtney said...

I wonder how much longer we will have to watch every single person on the planet around these two people either ask if they are a couple or know they are in love with another while B&B continue this dance.

I love them but man, for me, it is getting a tad repetitive and I'm so hoping they move this thing along in some way shape or form.

I know the obstacles are now that 1. Booth is afraid of declaring his feelings because of her fragility and 2. He has to do something - if he does want her to finally get a clue - to get past his declaration that he loves her in an "atta girl kinda way" which 3. leaves her thinking (for good reason) that he's not IN love with her. Sheesh.

As much as I would love Bones to just make the move the way she did with that fabulous first kiss with Sully, his atta girl kinda way is going to probably keep her from making a move.

I really just hope we don't have to have a full season of everyone pointing out the obvious.

Now, pops is doing it too...sigh.

The problem with them not moving it forward in some way is that we keep hearing a lot of the same comments from their gaggle of friends, etc - just different versions of the same sentiment.

Sorry for the rant but I'm starting to feel a little too manipulated now by HH and yes, I adore this show and as am obsessed as anyone.

Anonymous said...

Notice that Brennan doesn't comment when asked if they are together - I think that that maybe a first.

Anonymous said...

Although I have not seen the scene in question(because im from Bolivia), but according to comments, I think Brennan is a signal that needs to move forward. Booth, I think he will stay put.
For both lack the trigger, for example "the gravedigger"

Anonymous said...

@Courtney -- with you all the way on your perspective

cordy said...

I had absoluteley no problem seeing the clips and I'm from germany. Don't know what the problem for other non-US-fans was.

That beeing said, man these clips got me excited for the episode. I already love pops. And I had to smile when he came out with the same "are you gay?" remark Max made in the previous season.
But I can understand the discontentment of some, because yeah it is always the same and probably it's starting to getting old everyone always making the same notes about the BB relationship. Most of the time I can still enjoy these little side blows they get, but I truly wish they would learn a bit and act on their feelings. So please Booth - grow a set!

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