Sunday, November 8, 2009

Procedurals Run-Down: Bones a Favorite

Columnist Alynda Wheat is leaving EW, and her parting piece is a run-down of last week's procedurals. She saves the best, Bones, for last!

Finally, we got some levity. How nice that in a week in which Castle was not at its best, Bones picked up the baton and ran with the funny. The opening scene was of a body found in a swamp, slapped on the exam table, with an eager-beaver troop of Woodchucks standing by. It seems the girls found the body, fished it out, took digital photos, water samples, and soil samples with gps coordinates. For their trouble they got a mini lecture from Brennan (Emily Deschanel) about disturbing crime scenes. “You’re mean!” they yelled. And you know what? Sometimes she is.

But the central conceit of the episode was terrific. The dead guy was a chicken-plant worker who not only died by having his neck wrung by a machine at the plant, his “dancing phalanges” ended up as nuggets at the Chicken Hut. Best part: He looked like a chicken! At that point I couldn’t help but remember the late Frank Perdue, the former head of Perdue Farms, who had a slew of fun ads starring himself, and the distinct bearing of a Carolina clucker. (A pause for nostalgia, please.) Anyway, the list of suspects included his wife, the gang of protestors outside the plant, the guard, and the beak clipper — a hilarious woman named Sufe Bradshaw, who’s popped up in many a guest role of late. Thank goodness for her or I might’ve begun to get annoyed at the heavy-handedness of Angela’s veggie vengeance, and the cheesiness of her budding relationship with Wendell (Michael Terry). Don’t get me wrong, I like the kid — especially in his geek bromance with Hodgins (T.J. Thyne). But we all know that the only other pairing this threesome out to make is Angela/Hodgins, not Angela/intern. Still, my vote for best line of the night? Booth: “Is Angela good or is she good?” Brennan: “Those are the same question!” Yes, Brennan. Yes, they are. We love you for noticing.


em-jay said...

Ha! What a fitting review of the fun of the episode. Always nice to see good words out there for Bones!

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