Friday, November 20, 2009

Promo: The Gamer in the Grease

Last night's promo for the post-Thanksgiving Bones episode on December 3rd (yes a 2 week wait): The Gamer in the Grease.


Kamara said...

Isn't it funny how one 30 second promo can me one so excited? hahaha I can't wait for this ep for references between Avatar and Joel Moore (Fisher) :)

Jessica said...

2 weeks ?! that's a long time for a Bonesaholic :) love the promo is it the 3rd yet ;)

Leila said...

«kids love guns»


Shep said...

I've onlyt just realised that Fisher wears a grey labcoat instead of the normal blue.

Cheryl said...

Bones is the best...her suggestions to Booth r so funny

Ooh! Show him ur gun. Kids love guns.

Bones:Use ur shoulder & break down the door
Booth: It hurts my shoulder when I do that.


(man has them both covered with a rifle)
Bones: Let's make a run for it! He can't shoot us both.
Booth: (glances over at her) How abt I show him my badge & we both make it out alive?

The interns wear grey...I guess u have to graduate to blue.

Shep said...

Oh yeah! I never noticed that! At least, I think I might have subconsciously picked it up but it never really registered.

Anonymous said...

for a sec there i thought it was Bones giving Sweets an eyeful.

Cheryl said...

@ nashieb
Blasphemy!!! lol.

Rebecca said...

Actually, I have seen the other interns wearing the gray, too.

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