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Today's Chatter Post, @harthanson edition

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Question for this one:

I see in the Episode Discussion for "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken" that people wonder how to let Hart Hanson know their feelings on certain plot-lines.

Of course, there is Twitter. But that has it's limitations.

There is also Ask Fox, but that too has it's limitations and often seems to be more geared toward canned responses on schedule issues and the like instead of really transferring information back and forth.

Occasionally, those with the connections to interview him directly offer up fans the chance to add their own questions. But, those opportunities are rare and whether your question is asked is completely up to the interviewer.

I offer this post as an 'open letter'. I offer you no guarantees whatsoever that it will even hit his radar, much less that he will read it. It can't hurt though, right? :)

The only thing I ask is that you try to be respectful and please do NOT include any fan-fiction like plot desires. He can't read them for legal reasons - no exceptions.


Shep said...

Maybe if everyone here who has twitter can send him a tweet linking this that'll encourage him to read it.

Miss Mary said...

I twitter Hart often, and have gotten several responses back. But I use this to try and get a response to my most important unanswered question...."Hart, What is your favorite Christmas Song?" I am a Christmas Song nut. I start every year on Nov 1st. I have nearly 600 songs in my collection. My own twitter (missmary424) is now being used to post Christmas Song of the Day. I want to know his....I would love to post it on the day the Christmas Epi airs....

Hey anyone else have a suggestion?

em-jay said...

It stands to reason that some of us will like different story-lines and plot-lines that the rest of us won't due to our own experiences in life. But I always appreciate the fact that HH and writers of Bones never treat us as couch potatoes that can turn off our brains when we tune in to the show. Even in some of the more light-hearted and silly cases (if murder could ever be considered such) and the antics of the team, there is an appreciation for intelligence that is refreshing. The team is very qualified in their work, and can still enjoy life and have fun with each other. The writers pull this off amazingly well. The fact that we aren't spoon-fed every detail is something I appreciate.

So Mr. Hanson and crew, thank you for providing some entertainment that can still engage our minds.

And since this was intended to be asking questions, too, may I ask about your favorite part of the process? Do you enjoy the creative beginnings of each episode, the editing to make it what you imagined, the relief of seeing each "end product," the response of fans, or something else?

Wendy said...

Comments like yours are welcome too, em-jay :)

Wendy said...

If you RT that he will see it's all the same link, and it already includes the @harthanson

jenny said...

I didn't have the time to comment on the episode discussion yesterday,when I watched the episode,but I read all of the comments that were posted up to that moment and saw how anxious some people were to have their voices heard.So...I tweeted Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan the link to the Episode discussion-also because I largely agree with what some people said about Season 2,depth,subtlety,banter,cases etc.I have no idea if they ever saw it tho;they both get @tweeted heavily,especially HH.If all of us regular visitors of the blog who have twitter tweet them that or/and this link,tho,they may get some attention...

N2seeleybooth said...

If I was able to talk to Hart face to face I would say he has brought me a lot of joy with his writing, I trust he's building toward something with all the characters and I trust he knows what he's doing. He deserves 5 Emmeys, question for him would be whats on his Ipod playlest

Eli said...

Not much experience with the twitter thingy but I think sure he blocked some twitters account and I think mine included.

Jeannie said...

Dear Hart Hanson,

I love your show, I really do. That's why I make time to write this on a Saturday night (German time).

So please bear in mind that I say it with love when I ask you to let Booth and Brennan happen, soon. This is getting downright ridiculous. If they keep going like this, the sexual tension will eventually vanish. How many years of longing stares can someone take? They are becoming way too comfortable with each other already, like an old married couple that skipped the honeymoon. And please don't listen if people tell you about the so-called Moonlighting-curse. There is a great article linked to on this wonderful blog that shows what really happened to Moonlighting and that it was not the two leads becoming an item but the lack of quality storylines after that, among other things. You are a great writer, I'm 100% certain that you and your team can write wonderful, entertaining and fascinating episodes for a crime-solving couple and their friends.

One other thing - why do you think you can't reference any past episodes because Bones is an episodic? Frankly, that makes no sense to me. A lot of us watch Bones religiously, illustrated by the fact that we make time to analyze and discuss the show online, and we do notice any references, in fact, we even look for them and they make us happy. Some of us can even tell the episode name from a single screenshot! And we do remember things, like that Brennan first considered giving up meat after seeing how pigs were slaughtered in The Woman in Limbo. (I bet I wasn't the only one going 'Huh?' when we heard this week that she supposedly became a vegetarian for health reasons, not because she cared for the animals. That contradicts her statements in Death in the Saddle, too, by the way.)Implying that we won't remember things like that is almost as insulting as that camera zoom during the hand-holding scene in the diner during "Tough Man in the Tender Chicken". That felt like throwing a bone (heh) to the fans - "Look guys, this one is for you, did you see it, if not, here it is again." Please. ;-)

The only thing I wouldn't mind revisiting was the Brennan-suddenly-wants-a-baby-plot. I'm sorry but that episode felt like watching bad fanfic come to life. I love kids, I have three myself, but I can also accept it if a woman chooses not to have any. Brennan is what Brennan is - there is no need to make her more 'demographic-friendly' or whatever the reason behind that idea was. And are we really supposed to believe that having Booth and Brennan kiss would be crossing the infamous line (or ruining the show, from your point of view) but having a baby together wouldn't? As far as I'm concerned, that episode never happened. ;-)
If there has to be a baby storyline, I beg you, please let it happen naturally; the storyline that is, not the baby. ;-)

(But I would love to point out that The End in the Beginning was brilliant. Pure genius. Loved it so much.)

And last, please put in a good word for Emily with the wardrobe people. She's such a beautiful woman, why do they insist on putting her in unflattering clothes they are trying to pass off as work outfits? The last thing the world needs is a beautiful actress having to fend off speculation about weight gain or pregnancies because other people make her look that. Have a heart for women worldwide, please.

Thanks for listening. And to my fellow blog readers, sorry for the novel.

Jeannie said...

Oops, point of clarification: For all I'm concerned the baby can happen naturally,too. I just pointed out that I meant the storyline since we are not supposed to suggest any specific plot ideas.

Yssel said...

I just wanted to say that Emily is fabulous in this 5th season. Is it the different make up? The HD cameras?
I don't know, but her face is amazing.

A beg to Hanson: please let her hair wave and move. She has great hair, why is it always so sticking still as if she has just removed a helmet? I understand that it's easier for the shoots, but please, get her the same hair stylist of the previous seasons.

I also agree about her wardrobe, but I have to say that in the last couple of episodes has really improved.

I love Bones, and I think it's the best show ever (I'm in my 40s), and I love Hanson's touch and writing style.

Anonymous said...

@Eli: I'd guess that your twitter account just got accidentally blocked when he was blocking spammers. I occasionally have to weed them out and I imagine that Hart has exponentially more than I do! I'd DM him. I can't imagine that he'd purposefully block fans! Good luck!

Cheryl said...

I'm with Jeannie on continuity. I would love to see wherever it is Brennan keeps Jasper & the Brainy Smurf Booth got her, in the same way I love seeing the British Bobby bobble-head on Booth's desk.

I absolutely love the show tho & I am fully in favour of B&B consciously crossing the line from incredibly good friends to romantically involved this season. I have absolute faith that ur great team can write this well. As per The End in the Beginning, I'm ready to see both Booth's & Brennan's desires to be married to each other & expecting play out in Reality now that we've had a glimpse of how great it can be in a Coma-Dream.

Overall tho, u guys have an awesome awesome show on ur hands!

Anonymous said...

two questions about Booth's wardrobe choices: why the shoes/sneakers and why the unbuttoned cuffs? have I missed some explanation?

Cheryl said...

Also, I would love to see more of the other characters' stories. The only person we have a reasonable understanding of why she is the way she is is Brennan. I'd love some plots that allow us to see more into the lives of the rest of the team.

Nina said...

I am going to reinforce these points that are being made because, arguably, most if not all Bones fans would agree:

1. if you can't guarantee booth and bones happening this season, the anticipation will quickly turn to anger. as great as its been to watch these people get so close, its also terribly frustrating. Its very hard to see what its going to take to get them to go from this level of intense intimacy to the next. And we're going to start blaming the writers and producers and not the characters- we have already- for this thing taking so long. That may not make sense, I don't know.

2. Continuity has become a huge issue. Please make sure all the writers run their scripts by a continuty man, or something. If you want to hire me for the job, just let me know. I fear I will be a busy girl!

3. I ADORE you beyond measure and am beyond happy to have you to watch, Bones!

Dinah said...


1. Want to know more about Hodgin's life

2. Think Cam is useless and superfluous. Do your best to make her important. The thing about her predecessor is he wasnt there all the time, wheras she is. why??? if shes going to be there all the time have her do more science. she just stands around translating and repeating things, and having cam-like reactions to stuff going on around her. horrifically unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for this to be long, but I want to just cut & paste what I read on the previous thread when people discussed this last week episode (the though man in the tender chicken) – because they wrote what I felt. They are all in quotes – thanks for those who took the time to right and leading me to write the first time though I have been reading consistently.
Part 1
“I agree with everyone who's talking about missing the emotional depth of earlier Bones, esp. Season 2. Fun is fine, but the imbalance of Season 4 is continuing. HH & co used to brag about how the actors could turn on a dime from melancholy to hilarity. Very little of that these days -- now the more serious moments, where they actually learn something deeper about themselves and the world, get short shrift. Psychics, James Bonds, mummies, chicken men? Enough with the wacky already!”
“I also want to more emotional depth like that of S2. 'We used to see how the cases help them grow - especially how Brennan learned from the case and how that relates to her own - now we don't see that anywhere.' I completely agree with you Anon!”
“I also agree with earlier posts that this season and last season seems to lack the depth in the first 2 seasons. It was richer in character and the story, it is way more than just the B&B thing - the B&B thing worked so well because the setting and the depth of story - stand on its own, it is not the same. We used to see how the cases help them grow - especially how Brennan learned from the case and how that relates to her own - now we don't see that anywhere.”

Anonymous said...

Part 2 - continued from part 1

“B&B is cool, in fact I love them. But as Booth pointed out, they're the centre but not the whole team. What's Cam's story, for instance? I'd love plots that explore each member of the team & that draw them closer & change how they relate to each other in positive ways, kind of like how Hodgins & Brennan getting buried alive altered their r'ship. And the amazing cases from season 2? More plz!”
“What made me fall in love with Bones was actually not the B/B (though halfway through the pilot I was rooting for them to get together - such great chemistry!), it was actually how they combined dark humour and great charcters with the procedural element. With other crime dramas you do sympathise with victims but it's just murder, investigation, case closed. By creating characters we emotionally invest in, when they connect with the case, so do we, and even more so than a straight procedural because it affects characters whom we love so much. I really want to see a return to the rich storylines we used to have, but I get the feeling it's not likely anytime soon.”
Lastly, adding my 2 cents:
I think Bones have quite intelligent audiences here, continuity of character growth with depth should be looked at. Changes and growth are important and interesting, only when they truly mean something and having lasting impact (the letter Brennan read from that scorer mom, and in the other case where she could relate to the mom in star gazer after seeing her mom’s video – this showed 2 way street). Another example of earlier season – when Angela encouraged Brennan to find the lady in the fall-out shelter (Christmas episode when they got lock in the lab) – even that short of scene, we see how people/friends interacts and challenge. These are important settings, including the case, without them, the B&B thing looked too forced/focused. I surely miss them – miss seeing Brennan works with bones, science and in the lab!
Contrast to the last season and current season, here is just one example that something could have add and created continuity in person growth: from sweets advice to Angela about celibacy so to have space/room to think about relationship and intimacy, what we got was nothing but the surface bottled up horny reactions Angela had, not even a little hint or exploration of what’s underneath – Angela’s background can provide something very rich here! It was disappointing and missed opportunity.
And if HH and company read this – I want them to know – they have made Bones worth watching, meaningful since the very beginning – I hope they will keep that in mind, what made them authentic, and what made them intelligent, funny, meaningful (those banters, discussion are not just fun, but courageously good! – I think I read Stephen Hanson talk about real dialog, conversation – that’s why it is so good and different and worth my time! – this is the only show I watch and won’t give up on). SO BIG THANK YOU to all of the writers/producers/crew and cast! SO please pleeeeeease, keep and makes BONES to be BONES !! (I am not saying doing the same thing as you did before in the beginning, but look and think deeper! That is the challenge).

Eli said...

@Anon 8/11/2009 2:57 pm,

Not really, may be he will if I keep ask the same questions.

But I believe he is a sweet guy but he has a limitation what to say and what to reveal about the spoilers.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone wonder who and what Dr. Brennan wrote to when her and Hodgins were buried alive?? Hodgins wrote a note to Angela and Bones ended up writing something to someone....would love to see an episode where we discover who it was she wrote her, "dying" last words to!!

Cheryl said...

Yes! I'd love to know what Brennan wrote too:)

K said...

Dear Hart,

I love the universe you've created, and I love it for the characters, not for any one particular storyline over another. In fact, I don't care whether B&B get together this season -- as long as their relationship is written well.

That's the trick -- the good writing. It's what drew me to the show and what I feel is increasingly missing. Little details that change or don't get mentioned are frustrating but no big deal, but when the characters act, well, out of character? Eek. The Tender Chicken scene in the diner when Booth tries to get Bones to tell him what's wrong -- perfect example, and clunky beyond belief. Not because he was being supportive -- right on, Booth, support your girl -- but because he got corny for no reason. If he'd asked what was wrong, she'd resisted, and then he'd told her how well he knows her, fine. But for him (even post-coma, super-emotional him) to jump right to corny with no first attempt? Clunk. Scenes like that end up feeling forced, when the great thing about their relationship and all of the relationships on the show was that they always felt so natural.

Mostly, though, I miss the balance of tone. What happened to turning on a dime from emotional depth to goofiness? Now it seems goofiness is the name of the game and emotional depth is just an occasional afterthought. Gimmicky, wacky cases distract from the emotional lives of the characters and the victims. I want the team to continue changing and growing in response to their work.

This is sort of a harsh letter, but I'm only harsh because I adore. I've never loved a mainstream show like this, and I'm selfish -- I don't want to lose it.

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