Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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Jessica said...

I would like to talk about something else then Bones but I just can't seem to I think it's the hiatus causing me to only be able to talk and think about Bones although it could be that DB has a lot to do with it ;) so I'm desperately longing for a new epsiode and after seeing all the promo's *sigh* I really need my Bones fix soon or I will be going crazy ;)
Here are my 5 signs of addiction:

1 - Have to see Bones everyday
2 - Humming dead man's party
3 - Talking on twitter with Bones
fans till after midnight
4 - Thinking about a study
5 - Having pictures of DB & ED on
my pc laptop and phone

Anybody else got signs of addiction ?

Well as much I hope for DB his phillies will win I just need my Bones this week :)

Anonymous said...

This is Historynut.

Yep. I tell myself I am NOT addicted. I lie.

I have gotten obsessed with stories or writers or characters before but never a TV show. It is a little ... not embarrassing, but totally surprising.

If I was Hodgins I'd say it's a conspiracy! All that wonderful UST and chemistry between DB and ED. The stories that wrap around so much more than them or the murder of the week or even the forensics. The squint squad and how they are a part of what makes it all work not just back drops. How they can make me laugh -- and cry. AND pay attention to the World Series for cryin' out loud.

Yep. It's a conspiracy!!!


Teri =) said...

A friend of mine is a HUGE Phillys fan and I have been feeling quite guilty secretly rooting for the Yankees to win just so I can see Bones!

luscious said...

Yeah we all have signs of addiction for me its dreaming up my own storylines in my sleep which last night was scary but i have been stuck in since Sat with a wee flu so people have been putting bones on in an attempt to cheer me up. other signs include checking this website more than once a day in case any news has happened. knowing nothing about baseball but hoping the yankees win cause I want to see Bones. getting up three hours before work so I can watch bones on the net twice sad but all this = total addiction.

Jessica said...

@ luscious

I know exactly what you mean same here :)

Lisa said...

Well, signs of addiction for me is checking Bones websites several times a day, watching @ least one episode of Bones every day or every other day, watching youtube clips, humming the dead man's party, downloading some of the music that has been featured on Bones.

MnM said...

1. I watch at least one episode a day.

2. I check the spoiler blog and this blog at least 4 times a day.

3. I relate real life events to Bones episodes, completely subconsciously.

4. I have almost every song played on Bones on my ipod and I listen to it from and to work. My favorite being "collide".

5. I read fanfiction on my iphone every chance I get.

6. I have watched every single episode of the first 3 seasons at least 4 times.

That's all I can think of, for now.

Did I mention I have a full time job and go to graduate school full time. No? well, I do.

Anonymous said...


I match songs to bones characters ^^^, even if its about an obscure a corrolation that can occur ;p

Phillip said...

talking of baseball, are we gonna get a new episode this week?

Will Canada be showing it tonight regardless?

I am obsessed.

1]Constant watching
2]Constant checking of this very wonderful blog
3]buyin the two official companions
4]Downloadin Bones at 3am just because i was still awake at 2am and what another hour if i can watch new Bones
5]Dropping Bones into conversations with Mortals
6]Referring to non Bones fans as Mortals.

I daren't continue

Wendy said...

We won't know if Bones is airing tomorrow until after tonight's game. Yanks win, we gets Bones. Phillys win, we don't.

Man, I hope Canada doesn't air it when things are still up in the air about tomorrow. Ack!

The global Canada website just has a generic description for tonight's Bones, like they have had for all the reruns. It has a full description for "The Dwarf in the Dirt" for next week though, which is to be the 2nd post-hiatus airing. Who knows!

Stephanie said...

I thought you guys might like this blog post: http://tinyurl.com/yj9guct

It talks about how no one knows if Canada is getting Bones tonight, as well as just generally discussing the fact that Bones airs in Canada and the US on different days. I thought it was pretty funny, so I thought I'd share!

Jeannie said...

I agree, it's very unlike there will be a new episode in Canada tonight.
Thanks for that article, Stephanie. There was also another one about A Night at the Bones Museum: http://epic-flail.com/2009/10/19/bones-almost-but-not-quite-but-almost/

Carrie said...

Have just read a tweet from Stephen Fry that he is going to record an interview with Craig Ferguson tonight. Does that mean it will air tonight?

Kate said...

Yes, he will according to Tivo. But Craig has a tendency to bump his second guests to another night if he gets going with the first.

Still, he supposedly has know Stephen Fry for years, so he probably won't get bumped.

Stephanie said...

Just checked the schedule, and yes, Stephen Fry is due to be on tonight's show.

Fay said...

HH may be going to CF's show with Stephen Fry :)

Watch out for a glimpse of HH tonight, maybe?

Lisa said...

I have to say that my favorite songs from Bones are:

1. Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez
2. No Envy No Fear by Josh Radin
3. Some of Us by Starsailor
4. Bring on the Wonder by Susan Enan
5. Fountain by Sara Lov

I just love the music they select.

@ Phillip How are the two companion books? I was thinking of getting them.

Stephanie said...

I have both companion books, and I love them! They have pictures I'd never seen before, as well as interviews and lots of little quotes from the actors and writers on the episode pages. The first one has an introduction by Kathy Reichs. The books also explain some of the science used in the show, which is cool. I just got the new one a few days ago, and so far, my favorite thing I've read is the page for "Mummy in the Maze" because it talks about how they picked all the characters' costumes and how the actors reacted to those choices. If you're a big Bones fan, I'd say get 'em.

Phillip said...

@Lisa - Great, worth the buy. Full of quotes, Music Credits and great HQ pics.

Elizabeth said...

"Bones" was the answer to a Jeopardy clue today! The category was "TV Shows in Other Words"; the clue was "Femurs and clavicles". This is the second time in recent memory that "Bones" has been a Jeopardy answer (the other time the clue mentioned David and Emily and asked what show they were in). Perhaps a Jeopardy! writer is a "Bones" fan.

Kate said...

Good to hear about the companion books. Just started the Christmas list.

Cheryl said...

MnM...we lead similar lives...except my job is part time.


I now live on this site

I re-watch eps after reading reviews from this site

I'm up waaaaaaaaaaaay past my bed time reading reviews & re-watching Bones eps

I will not go to bed til I've re-watched a scene from The Man in The Mansion cuz it was mentioned in Arla's review

I can't stay up to write my thesis but I can stay up to watch Bones

I REFUSE to join the 12 Step Programme necessary for recovery

I give the writers orders in my head, esp when Bren hurts Booth in ways I think she should have outgrown by now

I'm thinking abt the BB wedding & offspring

I've re-watched the Nov sweeps trailers & The Jeffersonian Feautrette more times than is legal & still smile _every single time_.

I'm in actual angst that BASEBBALL is threatening to deny my next fix.(Who thought a sport was more important that The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken???)

Anonymous said...

when I knew I was obsessed...

I can't go to bed without watching Booth's slow run to dig Brennan out...which I then have to rewind and watch again... and again... and again

Lisa said...

@ Phillip & Stephanie~ Thanks for the info. Just ordered them both. Can't wait.

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