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Anonymous said...

Funniest Bones scenes...

MY favorite has to be in "Knight on the Grid"... Brennan is placing Father Cooper's kneecap on the silver skeleton. They're getting ready to transport the skeleton to Bethesda, knowing that Gormagon is watching.

Her deliberate overacting kills me!

BRENNAN: I do this under extreme protest.

BOOTH: The truck will be here any minute.

BRENNAN: Who knows about this?

BOOTH: Just you and me, Bones. Not even the driver knows what we’re transporting.

BRENNAN: The MRI at Bethesda will tell us if Gormogon hid anything within the bones.

BOOTH: Like what?

BRENNAN: (a bit louder) I don’t know, That’s why we need the MRI at Bethesda.

BOOTH: Shhhhh...

BRENNAN: (whispering) What?

BOOTH: (whispering) Don’t have to scream, I’m right here.

BRENNAN: Riiiight. Okay.

BOOTH: Are you done? We’re kinda on a schedule.

BRENNAN: (loudly again) Yes. I’m done. Now we can load it onto a truck and take it to Bethesda.


olivia said...

Great topic! I think my favorite is at the circus..."where's the Buck Moosejaw I married". Makes me laugh every time!

Shep said...

I love Hodgins' impression of Booth in 'Woman in the Garden' - brilliant! Cracks me up every time!

Fay said...

Hodgins' speech at the funeral in "Double Death of the Dearly Departed". Gets me every time.

Anonymous said...

brennan interrogating the suspect when she turns the chair around and yells in his face... classic.

Shep said...

Brennan: Jesus rose from the dead after three days.
Booth: Jesus is not a zombie! I shouldn't even have to tell you that.

Brennan: Elephants are not purple. This is wrong!

Love those two.

Cheryl said...

@ Shep

Reminded me of:

(Baby Andy is in their care. Andy is presently chewing on Bren's pendant)

Booth: (exasperated)First the key, now jewellery

Brennan: I was WATCHING him!

DDOTDD is quite possibly THE funniest ep of Bones to date. I die laafin at Hodgins' expression & newfound deep grief over the way we take the gift of life lightly as he tries to cover the BB body theft. And Sweets talking to the mortician? LOL!

MOAC...loved that too! Bren impersonating ppl is always hilarious!


(Booth has Sweets with him & Sweets is just figuring out that Booth took him to interrupt Brennan's date)

Sweets: (whispers)Did u know she was on a date?

Booth: Must have slipped my mind.

(Booth questions said date, Jason, for a while, before he leaves so they can work on the case).

Booth: I see why you only pursue intellectual discussions with him. That guy's gay!

Brennan: He is not!

Booth: Tight Italian suits, never been married...

Sweets: Coldplay.

Booth: No kids...

Sweets: Coldplay.


Booth: It's just...we better stop hanging out with geniuses, Bones, or ur going to figure out I'm stupid.

Brennan: That's not true. I figured out how stupid u were a long time ago. [pause, as she realises how that sounded] What I just said...was true & feels wrong. What I should say, is that it doesn't matter how stupid u r.. [sees Booth grimace even more] That's not any better is it?

Booth: No.

Courtney said...

I love when someone explains something and Booth gets a slightly confused look on his face and sheepishly asks: what's that mean? or what does that mean?

I like that they each have their own version of that statement. Bones' is: I don't know what that means and Booth's is: What does that mean?

There's the scene in the diner in an earlier season with B&B and Gordon Gordon and Booth asks that question after almost everything Gordon Gordon says - so adorable as he tries to keep up.

My all time fave line though is: Nothing brings people together like a Christmas fungus"

Anonymous said...

Baby in the bough was a funny episode:

First the key. Now jewelry..what's next? you're gonna let him play with a bowling ball?

'dancing phalanges'

Breanna said...

Same scene as Anonymous in the Mayhem ep. but specifically this line:

"There are no rock concerts in prison"

And Sweets face reacting to Brennan.

olivia said...

Speaking of DDotDD: When Booth wispers to Bones "I'm sorry for your loss" and also when he says "put on a sad face" and she gives that grimace. Cracks me up!

More recently:

Cam: "Please tell me we are back to super chicken soldier"

Anonymous said...

From the last episode:

Booth: So Bones...would you do me a favor?

Brennan: long as it does not involve me shaving my head.

Booth: oh [Booth laughs] you are making a joke.

Brennan: I am becoming quite amusing.

Booth: Yes you are. It's very funny.
honestly though, will you do me a favor.

Brennan: Yes. As long as I don't have to shave my head.

Booth: A little advice on the humor...once the joke happens, don't dock pile on it. Just let it go.


Anonymous said...

In DDotDD, when Sweets says "There's a poisoner and a stabber?" and is immediately shushed. His abashed face is awesome.

Lisa said...

i find so much humour in every episode now- i just love TB trying to be a real person ( so to speak) when she is so uncomfortable with the role and Angela- so dry 'um sweetie' Hodgins, I just adore him- everyword that comes out of his mouth is great........... but my all over favourite line ?
"dancing phalangies"
beautiful x

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Verdict in the Story

B&B tell Sweets they'll no longer be needing.

BOOTH: (getting up) Well, Sweets. I’m – I’m gonna miss you. It was a real pleasure working with you.

SWEETS: Really? You are?

BRENNAN: (gets up) I, too, find him intriguing in a non-rigorous, pragmatically irrelevant kind of way.

BOOTH: I agree with what she said.

BRENNAN: Thank you for trying to help Booth and me work together.

BOOTH: Thanks, Sweets.

SWEETS: You’re welcome…but honestly, guys…we –

BOOTH: Will you pick this up? The tab?

(Booth and Brennan head out of the diner)

SWEETS: (calling after them as they walk out) Yeah, sure. We can keep working together – (sighs) Lame. I thought I was doing a good job

Trish said...

Looks like DDotDD has a lot of awesome quotes/scenes!

My favourite scene from that episode is when Hodgins is questioning Amy and the looks on Angela's face are priceless. I love it when she exclaims: "Hodgins, what are you, possessed by Brennan?" - cracks me up every time!

Lisa said...

@ Fay & Cheryl~ Totally agree with you about DDOTDD is very funny & Hodgins speech is hysterical. I can watch that episode over & over & still laugh really hard throughout it.

@ Lisa~ Dancing phalanges gets me laughing every time.

Also, Brennan interrogating that black metal singer in Mayhem was funny too.

Come to think of it...there really are too many funny bits to mention them all. =D

Anonymous said...

this is from a night at the bones museum when they're talking about how the red headed boy may have peed on the mummy or something like that and angela says:

'Any of those things scream pee?"

hahaha I don't know why, but that line just cracks me up. Maybe i'm being immature, but the way michaela conlin delivers it is hilarious.

Briggitte said...

BOOTH: What are those pretty lights on the cieling again???

GOODMAN: Agent Booth, you are stoned....

God i have totally memorized that episode!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Vanessa said...

I love The Woman in The Sand! Sure I love basically all of the episodes xD but this one has always stuck with me because of the whole ambiance of the casino and the clothes and the classic movies touch!

As for funniest sceenes (think haven't been posted yet):

"Santa in the Slush"

Caroline: Well! Look at that. Mistletoe. You take a step to your right, you'll be right under the cute little sprig.

(Then they kiss!)

Brennan: Was that enough steamboats?

Caroline: Plenty. A whole flotilla.

Booth: I don't know what that means, but Merry Christmas.

Brennan: It was like kissing my brother.

Caroline: You sure must like your brother!

Booth: She does!

Brennan: I do!

And at the end..."Thank you for the gum!"

"The Critic in the Cabernet":

Booth: Hunger.

Brennan: Sex!

Booth: Whoa!

Brennan: Horse.

Booth: Cowboy.

Brennan: Child.

Booth: Baby.

Brennan: Booth.

Booth: What, you think I'm a baby?

Brennan: You're a father.

Booth: Oh!...Mother.

Brennan: Birth.

Booth: Happy!

Brennan: Sperm!

Booth: Sperm? Isn't this getting a little weird?

Sweets: No, keep going.

Booth: Ok, egg.

Brennan: I want a baby!

Brennan: Whoa!

Brennan: Horse.

Booth: Wait! Whoa! Wait a minute.

Sweets: Yeah, we can stop here.

God, I love these sceenes, I laugh so much everytime! xD

Anonymous said...

I loved the whole Mummy immitation by Brennan. haha she was reaaally freaking people out.

I loved also a scene in Sweets' office when both B&B are quiet and there is only a noise caused by a spring booth is holding.

In Double dead, Cam gets the dead man in the car and she says "he looks comfy". LOL. Later on, the dead guy is wearing cam's glasses and has this big smile in his pale face. priceless!!!

Fay said...

I have another one from "The Finger in the Nest":

Brennan: He [Ripley the dog] reminds of you.

Booth: Me?

Brennan: He's got warm and reassuring brown eyes, and he's capable of great violence.

Booth: Hey, great. Thanks a million.

Brennan's comparison of Booth and Ripley could sound insulting, but it's actually kind of sweet.

Also the "cancer chair" scene in "The Science in the Physicist". Booth was like a six-year-old when he screamed and ran to the bathroom, and Brennan was ultra adorable when she said "I touched it with my bare hands. See?"

Cheryl said...

Ooh! & how could I forget the classic scene from The Man On Death Row?

(Booth and Bones are sitting at a table in the FBI offices and Booth is filling out a form)

Booth - Name?

Bones - You know my name.

Booth - Bones, you're making an official request to the FBI to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. I have to follow protocol.

Bones - (Mutters to self) It's ridiculous.

Booth - Fine. We're done. You wanna get some coffee?( Booth pushes the application sheet away from him.)

Bones - My name is Dr. Temperance Brennan. (Turning the sheet of paper back to Booth.)

Booth - Reason for wanting a gun?

Bones - To shoot people

Booth - That's not a good response.

Bones - Its the truth.

Booth - You know, I'm writing 'Self defense in
the performance of my duties pursuing suspected felons as contracted out to the FBI'.

Bones - Soooo I can shoot them.

Booth - Ever charged with a felony?

Bones - Charged or convicted?

Booth - Charged.

Bones - You know I have.

Booth - I have to ask the questions.

Bones - (Mutters to self.)Bureaucratic nonsense.

Booth -Nevertheless, name of arresting officer?

Bones - You. (Silence. Booth stares at Bones) Special Agent Seeley Booth. Do you need me to spell that for you?

Booth - You know, I can sound that out.

Bones - So when do I get the gun?

Booth - You can't have a gun. ( Booth looks at sheet and stamps a 'Denied' mark on it and turns it to face Brennan.)

Bones - Why not?

Booth - Because you were charged with a felony.

Bones - Write down that you were wrong to arrest me.

Booth - Oh, (looks at form, folds a section) there's no space for that

Bones - Then why'd we go through all this if you were never gonna give me a gun?

Booth - You have a constitutional right to apply for a weapon. I would _never_ deny _your_ constitutional right.

Bones - I..need a gun.

Booth - Rules are rules.

Bones - Tell them that I shot a murderer who was going to set me on fire. (Points to sheet)

Booth - Which is why you weren't convicted but you did shoot an unarmed man. I, I can't ignore that. I swore an oath to protect society from people who shoot...

Bones - It was only his leg and he's in jail for the rest of his life. How much is he gonna use it anyway?

Booth - You have the right to an appeal.

Bones - To whom?

( Booth smiles and Brennan frowns)

Bones - Cullen?

( Booth nods)

Bones - I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me

Booth - Yeah, I'm pretty sure that you're right

BB Shipper said...

@Venessa - 'Whoa' and Brennan's 'Horse' response in CitC will FOREVER be ROTFLMAO funny!! *Dies laughing right now*!!

@Cherly - That B&B exchange in Man on Death row was the beginning of the famous and hilarious B&B banter...why do you need a gun? 'to shoot people"

(Dont you love how candid she is! lol!) I think those are the things that made him fall for her... its never boring with!


My funny moments are all related to Brennan's expressions when she talks to Booth or when she is being a little arrogant:

1. In Bond in the Boot - Car scene when she tell Booth 'I will never have to fly coach'

2. In CithC - when she tell Booth 'This is not personal' after she asks him for his sperm! (lol!

3. In DitD when in the final scene when she saya 'I am becoming quite amusing' after telling a 'terrible' joke!

4. In Wannabe ITW when she continues the conversation (after Booth gets off the phone with crazy Pam) and reminds him that 'She was a best selling author on the NY Times list

5. In DTitPH when says 'im quite adept at the highwire' like 4 times!

6. EVERYTIME she reminds him that she is 'quite a good shot' or ' a very good driver' lol!

Tell me she is not the most hilarious character, which is ironic because she is soooo super structured and rational and narrowly her!

Cheryl said...

@BB Shipper

dying lol! I'd forgotten abt Bren insisting that wanting Booth's sperm is not personal. In fact, every time the baby issue comes up in that ep, I'm pretty sure I'm rolling on the floor.

I think the 3 funniest eps are The Double Death, The Critic in the Cabernet & the Science in the Physicist.

Jessica said...

A lot of the funny stuff I like has already be mentioned and I must say in every episode there is something to crack me up I love the DDotDD very funny also The woman in the sand love the vibe of that episode especially when Brennan comes out of the bathroom in a very old fashioned dress Booth´s reaction :) Brennan's interrogation in Mayhem in the cross there really is to many funny stuff to mention I love this post:D and also love Bones it just never bores me to watch it over and over again that never happens to me with another tv show I'm just a Bonesaholic

isabella said...

ok, i cant believe no ones said this yet, i find the Intern in the Incinerator to be one of THE funniest eps!!

fav lines/parts:

cam: dont worry Seely, one day he'll die!

when zach and hodgins drop that robot thing off the roof

when booth is talking to hodgins about cams sister kissing him and hodgins is trying not to laugh and he just explodes -cracks me up EVERY time :D

when cam is fighting with her sister infront and then cam says "dont yell at her seely, come one, lets leave and give him a chance to cool down, jeez"

theres heaps of other stuff in that ep too but thats all i can think of at the moment :D

Anonymous said...

The Boy in the Shroud- when Brennan is trying to get information from the street kids.

STREET KID #1: Give me five bucks, and I'll tell you.
BOOTH: Five bucks...

BRENNAN: Booth, please. (she hands him a $5) Here you go. (Booth smiles and shakes his head, amused.) So, who is it?

STREET KID #1: It's his sister. But hold it this way, right? 'Cause the only time anyone ever sees his sister is on her back.

BRENNAN: Yeah. I'm assuming this isn't your sister?

STREET KID #1: No, it is!

BRENNAN: Okay, I'd like my money back.

BOOTH: Well, there they go. Bye. Mhm. That really worked, now, didn't it, huh? Great.

BRENNAN: They just took my money for nothing.

BOOTH: Well, ya know, that's because they're exploited, you know, misunderstood..

Anonymous said...

Also, these bits but I can't exactly remember which episodes:

Booth to Zack- 'Domesticated container' mean like a jar? Why can't we just say jar?

Brennan to Booth- Objectively I'd say I am very smart, but it has nothing to do with my ass.

Hodgins to Zack- Aliens are grey not green. Grey. Being as half alien, you should know that.

Angela to Brennan and Zack- I love it when you two impersonate earthlings.

Lisa said...

This is definitely a fun post. I keep cracking up remembering all these hilarious moment. As a complete Bonesaholic, I think that the reason I love Bones so much is because of all the quick, witty lines the writers come up with as well as the delivery by all the actors. Its so much fun to know there are other happily Obsessed with Bones fans who get the humor just as I do.

olivia said...

Two more:

"Awwww...too bad somebody killed Santa" and...
"what my name Wanda?"
"It's written right there on the side of the truck, which 'highwire' is not"

Really, ED has the best comic delivery!

BB Shipper said...

Truth it Lye

Brennan " I was not gossiping"

Booth "So what were you doing"

Brennan "Merely sharing a point of interest"

Booth "Great So what now Im the world largest ball of string?"

julie said...

When Brennan says "I don't wanna be a sexy scientist"... Hilarious!!

And, in Critic in the cabernet, the scene when she explains she wants a baby and the squints are examinating a dead body, so inapropriate!! And Cam an Hodgins faces, i love!!! Makes me laugh every time!!

Sorry for my english i'm french...

Phillip said...

Sorry to disrupt the flow of chatter, but i'm procrastinating an trying to avoid an Essay by watching CSI and was quite shocked just a minute ago to see one Dr Jack Hodgins appear in S04E14 of Las Vegas.


on topic, i love the scene in 503 where Cam hides behind the tree spying on Michelle

olivia said...

Always makes me giggle when Brennan has her hair up and those thick reading glasses and Booth says" Now what I want you to say is 'do you know what the fine is for overdue libraray books'" and Brennan says "why?".

Caitlin said...

My favorite is still the bathroom scene in The Pain in the Heart...ROFL.

Anonymous said...

Zack re: Brennan: She's not alone. She's with those African American people.


Besides Dr. Brennan must realize that we're going to crush them.

Anonymous said...

that's 'destroy' not 'crush'

essentially, same thing though.


Anonymous said...

Verdict in the story had quite a few funny scenes/quotes

Max: Oh, so he is a grown up scientist?

CLARK: I shave sir. I have a driver’s license. I’ve won a couple fist fights. I’ve saved a life. I’ve lain with woman. I’ve been hustled at pool. I’ve defied my father’s wishes. I have broken hearts and I have been heartbroken. So, by all the markers of this society, I am a grown man.

Max: Oh. you 'lain with women'?

Vasso said...

I LOVE DDotDD and the "I want a baby" scene!!!
Also: I can't remember the title but it was 4.15 when B&B were talking on the phone:
BOOTH: Why wasn't agent Perotta with you?

BRENNAN: Sweets was with me...

BOOTH: Sweets? That's like being protected by a smurf... not the sheriff... i don't remember his name, but he was small, blue...

BRENNAN: Are you still on vicodine?


Lisa said...

Hey all~ I know this is off-topic from the funniest scene stuff. But, I was watching Stargazer in the Puddle & Max told Brennan that he knows that he & Brennan's mother told her/Russ that their were either dead or they didn't have any. Yet, I remember (I can't remember which episode) Brennan telling Booth that she was in foster care until her grandfather got her out. Can someone explain this to me. Thanx.

Lisa said...

Oops. I forgot the important part. Max & Brennan's mother had told them that their grandparents were dead.

Anonymous said...

MitM when Bones says that her gun is too big for her after she shoots Booth in the leg.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, someone asked HH and he said that wasn´t a mistake. he said maybe we would find out. he said brennan's granpa did took her out of the system

BB Shipper said...

@Vasso - Why cant I stop laughing? lol *literally in my room laughing like a crazy person*

BRENNAN: Sweets was with me...

BOOTH: Sweets? That's like being protected by a smurf... not the sheriff... i don't remember his name, but he was small, blue...


Cheryl said...

ooh! Can't forget the _classic_ liquid nitrogen frozen turkey that ricochets off the lab floor to deliver a "glancing blow" to Angela's head.

OR Vincent & Jack in trouble:

Cam: What did I tell u?

Jack: (quietly) That we're not allowed in the same room together without supervision.

Cam: Why?

Vincent: (sheepishly) because we were stupid enuf to fire a cannon indoors.

Jack: Hey, ur here now so that counts as supervision right?

Cam: (glare)

Jack: ...I was just leaving.

(Both from TSITP)

Anonymous said...

the watermelon experiment in Critic in the Cabernet

brennan imitating wonderwoman in the closing scene of mummy in the maze

the squints sort of conspiring vs. dr goodman, doing a parallel probe w/o his consent (what's the title of that episode again?)

Shep said...

Booth: Not at all. I gotta tell you, I think they had it pretty good idea with the whole chivalry thing, you know, open cart doors, kill dragons, small hearts…
Brennan: You still on vicodin?
Booth: Yeah, a little

Booth: There are tigers. How much difference can there be between lion urine and tiger urine?
Brennan: There are no stripes in lion urine.

Booth: God doesn't make mistakes.
Angela: Mmm, I don't know. Putting testicles on the outside didn't seem like such a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Knight on the grid

BOOTH: Cam, she goes nowhere alone.
BRENNAN: Cam, don’t listen to him.
BOOTH: Cam, Who are you more afraid of, me or her?
CAM: Whoa! So this is what it’s like to be a kindergarten teacher.

(Sweets appears in the doorway, laughing.)

SWEETS: Fascinating interpersonal interaction.

and thank you guys for participating. I am glad you all enjoyed the post.
I was rolling on the floor reading some of your responses.


olivia said...

I keep having to come back here when I think of more. I am sitting at my desk giggling to myself:-)

Booth:"Who goes first?"

Brennan:"Gun goes first"

Can someone help me remember which episode this is from?

Anonymous said...

@ Olivia
The Skull in the Sculpture

I love the entire scene:

Booth: Whoa, what goes first?
Bones: Gun goes first
Booth: That's right
Bones: But if you get shot?
Booth: Don't say things like that. You're gonna jinx me, all right?
Bones: Well, if you're relying on superstition for safety, perhaps I should carry the gun.
Booth: No, you are definitely not carrying a gun.

BB Shipper said...


VN Murray: I wont fair well in jail ...*strokes his own neck* I'm lovely"

I agree VNM, LMAO!!

Seriously Wendy - this was the best discussion thread eva! LOL at the new post go up!

Teri =) said...

Hodgins "Unidentified particulates, two of the sweetest words I know."

Cam "I don't even wanna think about your pillow talk with Angela."

Anonymous said...

My favorite scenes are in

Santa in the Slush-Booth is behind the Chinese restaurant showing the photo of Santa and asks that guy: "Have you seen this man?"
Guy:"A Santa Claus?!" -))))

The Man in the Bear

Zack:I watched a documentary once where a bear got in a car and drove away.

Hodgins:That wasn't a documentary,that was a cartoon.

Brennan:What if I have to shoot? What part of his body should I hit?

Booth:The part that isn't me. -))))))

Anonymous said...

LOL Anonymous @ 12:24
Those are my favorite scenes as well!

Cheryl said...

@ Anonymous

I believe the squints were conspiring against Goodman in The Man on the Fairway cuz he'd forbidden them to investigate bones Bren had found that had nothing to do with what the State Dept wanted investigated.

@ MnM

Yea...this was a good walk down memory lane. Re-watched TDDOTD last night & died again!

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