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Jessica said...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I would like to say thanks for:

All my great family and friends love you !

All the great Bones seasons/episodes we've had upon till now I'm loving every episode and am so excited for the new episode next week :)

Laura said...

Bones is my favorite all time TV show. I really want to thank HH for putting David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel together on this great show. Their chemistry on screen and obvious affection for each other off screen is a joy to behold.

Courtney said...

Is it just me or does DB seem to be playing Booth much more subdued and lethargic this season? Watching earlier seasons and even last year, there seemed to be so much more energy in his performance - can't quite put my finger on it.

It may be too that I'm missing some of the really good action scenes of old - where we had Booth going all bad ass on a suspect and just being more intense generally.

I'm not so sure at this point, this is just because of his recovering from the brain surgery - I'm just not getting that DB spark this season.

Of course, this could all be in my head but, as Pops might say "I don't think so...."

Wendy said...

BB - good idea. Deleted your comment for now so people don't run with it yet! :) Will do that soon.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I don't like about the holidays is that we have weeks with no new Bones...

cathmarchr said...

@Courtney -- I don't think it's just you, Booth is more subdued these days. Angela said it best in her conversation with Gordon Gordon in Dwarf in the Dirt: "He's not as happy-go-lucky as he used to be. It's like he's homesick for that other world..."

Some of the S1 and S2 diehards were ticked at how goofy Booth was getting in S4, but I happened to like it. :) I have faith, though, that the goof will return!

Anonymous said...

if you want to get spoiled you should get yourself over to bones spoiler blogs. Some good goop scenes

BB Shipper said...

@Wendy -good deal...looking forward to it. ;0)

Shep said...

I'm with you Courtney - I miss the hardass no-nonsense Booth of old too!

Cheryl said...

Apart from Booth being homesick for his dream, I think that it's not so much that he's less badass this season as he's not had much of an opportunity to show it. You may see more of that side of him as the cases progress this season.

Kate said...

Spoiler clip for The Goop on the Girl at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q_VwkRDU5g&feature=player_embedded

Also, a slew of interviews for the same episode at http://www.youtube.com/bugaboo628

gabriel said...

I wanted to ask you all: which episode of Bones got you hooked on the series? (if I ask this right, English is not my native lang.) For me, it was The Man in the Bear. I happened to start watching Bones from the very beginning on local TV, but it was the 4th epi where I felt it to be something special and very addicting. Although for various reasons I couldn't watch all season 1 epis at the time, when season 2 was airing and I just caught it at the gravedigger case, I knew I had to see them all! That's when my obsession started. When did yours?

BB Shipper said...


The first ep I saw was Double Trouble in the Panhandle

BUT - Alien in the Spaceship was my 2nd and it BLEW ME AWAY...and I have been hooked ever since!

Courtney said...

For me, it was Man in the Fallout Shelter - still my all time favorite episode.

I too realize that Booth/DB hasn't been given any actions scenes and that's why we haven't seen it - but, we are a few months into the season and I'm wondering why we haven't seen any such scenes.

But, that's not all I'm seeing - I'm just seeing generally, what seems to be a low-energy version of Booth, even when he's interrogating or just talking with the squints, Bones, Sweets....

I'm hoping for some change in that regard - though, of course, I still adore this show.

Cheryl said...

@ Gabriel
My first ep was Harbingers in the Fountain. I figured out from that there was a story there & so I decided to watch from the Pilot thru to now to get a feel for the BB r'ship & how it developed. Obviously, I got a lot more than I bargained for...drama, comedy, suspense...an amazing ride. A Boy In a Bush was a shocker cuz I had no idea Brennan could have such a tender core. Loved Two Bodies in the Lab...that was the beginning of my Hodgins love affair;) and idk by the time we got thru with The Soldier on the Grave & The Woman in Limbo I was beginning to show signs of addiction.

@ Courtney
Maybe it's the post-surgery, Brennan "phallic frustration" thing. But I think he may have decided to move fwd since Pops told him to do what his heart tells him, so we'll see if the writers give u what u want.

A friend of mine said that Bones helps make Booth a better agent & man after she helped him with his re-certification. I disagreed cuz he was always a marksman...he was just unhappy cuz he wasn't Bren's husband for real so it messin with his skills. I can't think of any ways in which Booth is a better agent or man because of Bones. So I'd like to throw it out to y'all:

Is Booth a better man/agent because of Bones? If yes, how so?

Carol said...

The first episode I ever watched (fully) of Bones was probably Cinderella in the Cardboard. Other episodes I walked into the room where family members were watching and watched for 1 or 2 minutes and then moved on, but that one caught my attention. I really got hooked on Mayhem on a Cross, and was watching faithfully every week with my parents by The Girl in the Mask. =) Since then I have been spottedly going back to episodes that seem interesting or have important character development.

I guess, considering where I started, it makes sense that I love the squints scenes more than BB scenes. I love this show, and I'm glad it's jumped from a spotted 15-minute-or-less-of-watching time filler to a full time obsessive commitment, haha.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could remember which episode I first watched! In the last three weeks, I have gone from basically not knowing Bones existed to having watched every episode and being seriously addicted! I had the flu (regular not swine) and was looking for something to watch to pass the time. I was flipping channels and saw DB (who I loved in Buffy) and watched an episode, There was a rerun everyday, and by day 3 I realized I HAD TO go back to the beginning. (One of those first episodes was the one in which Brennan and Hodgins get buried alive...wow!) I did nothing else for days on end while I recuperated! :-) Now I am trying to recruit my friends so I can watch it with someone, but at least I have you guys to talk to about my new obsession!! JL from Canada

Anonymous said...

@courtney Booth has had a brain tumor. A Brain Tumor. You aren't the same as before and you don't just get over it in a few months, it takes years, if ever. And you don't be all happy, with rainbows with fluffy puppys, lalalala happy either. It is life changing. I speak from experience. Give the guy a break.

Jessica said...

can´t really remember my 1st episode I saw little snippets of Bones every week on tv because my cousin said she liked it and because we were well into season 3 at the time (here in the netherlands) I decided to buy the 1st 2 seasons on dvd and watched them all in over a week and was hooked and ordered season 3 wich I watched in a week in the meantime the us had already aired season 4 wich I bought from someone in the us who had put them on cd-r and devoured them in a week and I´ve been rewatching ever since until season 5 began, obsessed much! lol :) just can't imagine my days without watching Bones got to have my fix everyday :)


I think he is a better agent because of Bones as she is a better Bones because of Booth they complement each other and I think Booth will get slowly back to his old self he's still adapting after the whole brain thing

Courtney said...

I'm very aware of the consequences of having a brain tumor and surgery.

I don't know what it means to say "give the guy a break" - I'm supposed to give a fictional character "a break?"

My comments were made as I am wondering if what is happening is a directorial choice because of the brain tumor storyline or whether HH has been directing DB to play Booth this way for other reasons.

Gordon Gordon pointed out that Booth's brain was not responsible for his not being able to shoot straight - rather, it seems, his heart is - which makes sense.

No need to jump down my throat for stating an opinion.

Jessica said...


I think his heart and his being in love with Brennan has a lot to do with how he is behaving, he is´nt sure of himself as we see the proof in DitD where his shooting is perfect when Brennan is by his side also in HutF he shoots the doctor in one shot also with Brennan there by his side, he is just to much in love and can´t act out his feelings because he´s afraid Brennan doesn´t feel the same.
After FitF I think maybe we actually may get to see some progress after the advice Pops gave him we saw another kind of Booth giving Brennan a compliment he probably will go in Woooing mode now

Jen said...

During summer break, I watched a woman in limbo on hulu one day and I was hooked. Lucky for me at that time the entire first season was available on hulu so I watched the all those epis in a few days and then rented season 2 & 3. Then I had to wait almost 2 months for the next season to start.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of random thoughts/comments totally unrelated to previous comments in today's chatter post:

1) When do you guys think our beloved Bones will end? I personally am of the belief that they should be working towards a series finale in season 6. If indeed Booth and Bones don't get together until the end of the series as some people think, I just can't see them stretching this out beyond next year. Plus, the fact that Bones got picked up for two seasons this last time around suggests to me some finality - like, okay, we know we only want two more years of this show so we'll give it to them now and be done with it. What do you guys think?

2)There have been several comments about the Zack loose end. While I, too, am annoyed that Hart has left us hanging in regards to Zack's confession to Sweets that he was not, in fact, a murderer, I do kinda understand why they have not revisited this revelation. The fact of the matter is that the wrote Zack off the show (why, I still don't fully understand), and to try to bring him back as a major plot after so much time has passed would seem false to me. But I'm not particularly creative. Do you guys have any thoughts on how they could revisit this loose end in a way that would be satisfying to fans but still respect the fact that Eric Millegan has moved on and isn't coming back to the show permanently?

Lisa said...

It was really two episodes that cinched my love of Bones in. I think that they were on TNT too.

The first was the Man in the Fallout Shelter got me interested in the characters.

@ BB Shipper~ me too. Aliens in the Spaceship made me love the show & blew me away as well. I thought wow this is going to be my fav show. Ah well, it's so true. It is my fav show.

On a side note:

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Lisa said...

@ Anon 12:54~ I personally don't want to think about Bones ending. Well, not yet at least.

As for Zack, I don't think it is meant to be revealed that he didn't kill anyone. I think this because Zack himself said he wouldn't do well in prison. He still would have to face charges for conspiracy, arsene or the like. Plus, given how honor bound both Brennan/Booth are to the truth...they most likely will have to report their findings. I think Zack came to the conclusion that he would be better off in the Mental institution "king of the loonies" from Hodgins. It seems like a more controlled situation in which Zack could handle bc seriously given how smart he is and his "squinty" demeanor I don't think he really would fare very well. To sort of quote, Vincent Nigel-Murray...Zack wouldn't fare well in prison. He's too lovely.

Courtney said...

Based on current ratings and if they continue to be good, I think the series could certainly go past the contract they now have. They will just have to work hard to keep it fresh but I think this bunch can do that.

If anything, I think if ratings are still good the one thing I think that would bring it to an end would be if DB or ED wanted to move on from the show...let's hope that doesn't happen.

Stephanie said...

I don't think the two season pickup has anything to do with an ending. Emily, at least, is contracted for 7 years, and I think it'll go for that long. I thought the two-season pickup was more of a reward - an acknowledgment that the show was doing very well and Fox was behind them. Other shows have been picked up for two seasons before. It's rare, but it's not like it means it has to end after those two seasons are over. I also don't think they're going to wait until the series finale to get B&B together, though. I would feel a little cheated if we only saw the build-up and none of the resulting relationship.

As for when I got hooked, my first episode was the season three premiere. The first time I remember thinking "I love this show" was after "Mummy in the Maze" and then the Brainy Smurf scene in "Boy in the Time Capsule" is what really got me obsessed. I think that's when I fell in love with the Booth/Brennan relationship.

About Zack, I don't know how they'd do it, but I think Brennan needs to know that he didn't kill anyone. And I'm not sure she'd report it if Zack didn't want her to - she did get her father off murder charges she knows he was guilty of, after all. I hope it comes up again but I don't know how they'd do it.

Vanessa said...

I wish I remembered well when I got hooked on Bones!

I know I started watching when it first aired here in Portugal. One of my friends told me a new show was starting and that it should be very interesting and I followed her advice. So I think I started with the very first episode. Then I watched all the episodes until they stoped airing the show after season 3.

This summer, I cought the reruns of season 3 and got "re-hooked"! Had to wacth everything from the pilot and never stoped since. Yes, trully addicted! The Woman in the Sand is one of my favourite episodes of the show, because of the role playing, the casino ambiance and the old style back and forth dialogues B&B have!

About Zack...I realy think the writers need to do something about it. We found out last season that he didn't kill anyone, he shouln't be in a mental hospital for the rest of his life. I mean, if the idea was to write him out of the show, it had been better to not even have mentioned his situation again. Sweets knows, can he realy keep it from Brennan forever? Will he realy let them think Zack's guilty?

I'm not sure whether or not Brennan and Booth would have to report the findings...but I know the team would help Zack get past this...at least we need some closure but I don't know when it's gonna come.

As for the "end" of Bones...I think that as long the show is successful, as long as the audiences are up and the fans are happy, the show won't end. The fact that it has been picked up for two more seasons doesn't necessairily leads to the end of the show. I also think that HH shoudn't wait until the very last episode to get B&B together because the most fun of it will be to see their relationship, how will they relate to each other at work being together and how the dinamics will be with their friends? I think they need to explore that.

Becky said...

Well i would always see those funny little commercials but never really thought about watching it and thenT the first one i saw was crank in the shaft. I kinda liked it and just forgot about it. Then one day, a couple weeks later, i was bored and was messing around on hulu when an ad for bones came up and i remembered that i kinda like it and had a huge bones marathon that day. this was back when they had all the episodes from season 1 on and a couple from season four so i watched all of them. in one day. Once i started watching it religiously, my first episode was mayhem on a cross and from then on ive watched it every single week. and i just met a friend of mine who loves it as much as i do. she was the first everyone just thought i was weird.

Anonymous said...

HULU was also how I found Bones.

I was there to watch House, had finished all the House episodes, was bored, saw Bones...

The episode that hooked me was Man in the Fallout Shelter. The characters just fascinated me.

Haven't watched House since, sad to say, but I tend to only watch a little television (on the computer). It has got to be worth it. Bones is.


luscious said...

I first got interested in bones when I went on holiday and got sun burned and could not go into the sun for a couple of days. the only book to read was one of Kathy Reichs'. When I came back I was told that bones was based on these books after reading about seven of these books I ordered season one from the internet. I watched the pilot but after Bear in the Man I knew I would watch every episode and was obsessed and always would be.
As for when Bones might come to an end I could see many ways they could take this forward even with Booth and Bones as a couple there is always the hiding of a relationship as i don't think they would be allowed to work together can you imagine Angela setting Bones up with people and Bones trying to lie her way out of it. Booth could not tell Cam even as thats Bones' boss at the end of the day. then you could have a pregnancy with everyone wondering who the father was. you could have break ups ( not that I would want that)but they are two strong characters who would ultimately clash.
Sorry for wittering on been off work and had nothing to think about all week I need to get back to work or some voluntary work before I start naming their children.

Cheryl said...

@ luscious
Orrrr u could stop by me & help me pick out the dress I'm wearing to their wedding;) I agree that they may try hiding at first but even after it's out there, I expect it will be even more fun seeing how they come to a new equilibrium. And watching Angela poke fun at them :D

luscious said...

@ Cheryl
You are so right I really look forward to the developments of the relationship between these two characters and how the team deal with the changing dynamics especially Angela and Sweets this could be the end of sweets in the eyes of the Bones faithful. P.S. I am sure you will pick the best dress for the wedding what an event that will be on these chatter posts.

Cheryl said...

Ur right...the BB Nuptials should create a flurry of activity among the fans. Thx...I'm sure I could pick a great dress on my own but I was offering so u could cont'e to avoid work & do s'thing that was Bonesy & fun;)

I really like Sweets tho. And it would be unfair to the chap to get rid of him as soon as what he's known was coming all along finally happens. And after all he's had to suffer thru too ("I hate Psychology." "He wants to spend tiiiiime with uuuuuuuss. You _like_ us, don't u Sweets?" "You're using Agent Booth's sperm...to have a baby. You _don't_ see how this will affect your partnership?!?". Rock on Sweets!

Anonymous said...

hi, ive only started watching bones this season but ive watched every episode and am up to date. because i only started watching this year i dnt rlly know any of the gossip surrounding the actors. i was reading perez yesterday about the tiger woods scandel and was suprised to read that the women he was allegedy with was also with david boreanaz while he cheated on his wife?!
is this true?

Anonymous said...

Re: the comment regarding the alleged DB affair:

There is a reason why only ONE tabloid made this accusation. It was never picked up by any legitimate news sources. It is clear that this Rachel woman is a publicity seeker whose only talent is lying. Her being linked to Tiger Woods the very next month is proof enough to me that she is a fraud who seeks out fan photos with famous married men and then creates controversy.

Beyond that, I am not much interested in gossip. Actors private lives should be respected...they give enough of themselves to the public through their work. I, for one, do not want this site to become a place in which gossip is explored...tabloids are deplorable and immoral!

Wendy said...

There's a reason I never post that stuff here! :) I don't want this to become gossip central either.

There are a lot of articles out there right now about her and TW, including this one at People


Off to make a new chatter post now!

Anonymous said...

hi, i was the one that left the comment about rachel. good im glad!! what a bitch, how copying of the One Tree Hill season 7 story line!!


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