Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's Adam West Watching?

Adam West loves him some Fox shows, *ahem*. This Bones "What's Adam West Watching?" video made me laugh.


bbshipper said...

Who is Adam West? Ok let me google him...he cant be that bad...he is a boner after all ;0)

Anonymous said...

funny ! i love it!
HH linked to this on his twitter.

Adam West played batman back in the 60's. he also dose the voice of Mayor Adam West on family guy

Wendy said...

I didn't realize you meant he linked this post on OWB! hah I thought you meant the video on Youtube.

Cheryl said...

...wait...HH left a link to this post on his Twitter? Wow Wendy...ur getting noticed;)

Vanessa said...

He realy did! This is what he said:

"I believe this represents my proudest professional moment. The real Batman I watched as a kid."

That is realy cool, Wendy! =)

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