Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby Bardot Goes for a Family Outing

Setje, who runs David Boreanaz's site, has posted a couple of photos of DB holding little Bardot at the David B Daily LiveJournal page. 3 additional photos available at (by registration).

So far it looks like each parent has a little copy-cat kid! :) Beautiful baby!


luscious said...

Lovely pictures nice to see a dad holding a baby so tenderly. once again congrats David and Jamie.
PS Bardot looks quite like her mum.

Lisa said...

Baby Bardot is adorable. She looks just like Jaden. DB looks like a proud papa.

Kate said...

I agree w/Lisa, the square head and big cheeks remind me of Jaden.

Who dresses that man though!

Brooke said...

What's wrong with the way he dresses? He's wearing a plaid shirt (A tee shirt under) and a coat.

I love the way he dresses. He's a very stylish guy, and I am loving the glasses.

Also he could be in New York cause that's where his family is located and it's in DECEMBER. It's cold there. People bundle up cause it's so Freaking cold. She's bundled up so I bet they are in New York.

Jeannie said...

Clark Kent, is that you? ;-)

Jessica said...

Aaaaw so cute both of them what a pretty baby, I like how he's dressed love the glasses

Anonymous said...

I see that Bardot likes to wear stylish socks like her Daddy.

She definitely looks like Jaden when he was a baby.

I don;t think we've ever seen DB with glasses before. I think I like it, but the coat has to go!

He still looks hot tho :)

Shep said...

Awwwwwww!!!! She's gorgeous!!

Kate said...

@Jeanie--Hee hee hee. It's very good. My complaint isn't with the layering. It's that none of the pieces go with the others. A pink tee with a red plaid shirt with a olive green... something with w/grey wool jacket with bold details and a newsboy cap and thick-frame glass is too much!

Yet another reason I am not married to DB, I suppose. :)

(Also, if it was absolutely that cold, shouldn't the wee one be wearing a hat?)

jenny said...

@Jeannie LOL!His look totally reminded me of the Halloween epi in S3-because of the glasses,of course!And I had this instant flash in my head of that BTS vid of him and Emily dressed up,where she said she liked him a lot better with the glasses on :p.

But awwww...his baby girl looks so sweet!!!I loved her instantly!Not very good at noting resemblances(I still am not sure which one of my parents *I* look like the most :p),but who cares?She's adorable anyway!

Anonymous said...

How can you log in or create a log to see the gallery on website?

Wendy said...

From the Catwalk page on the site:


The big gallery [David , events , awards, public appearances, candids, photoshoots, etc.. most pictures are in HQ *so "dial-ups" be patient
only viewable for registred users .. .. and Password ! (email me with some details who you are , how did you find the site .... etc) You ask nice you get a nice reply .. Do note ...Once you have the password to enter the Boreanazists .. You still need to REGISTER with a valid email address !!! to become a member.

So yes that's a double login .. #1 from me & #2 your own

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying this to be mean, but why has no one mentioned the connection between David B. and Tiger Woods? It's all over the news, internet, blogs, etc. - but nothing on Bones sites. Just wondering.

Wendy said...

Because it is gossip, and nothing more. It's also his private life, which he has a right to keep private, and it's nothing illegal (like when I posed about Ryan O'Neal's drug arrest, etc). It does not belong on any Bones site.

Brooke said...

reIn order to create an account over at you have to email the person and ask them personally.

Boreanaz has worn glasses before.

And I don't think his clothing is that mismatched. Like you haven't ever worn mismatched clothing before. Stop being so judgmental.

You don't marry a guy because of how he dresses, and if you do. I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Because everywhere else there is talk about the STUPID scandal. David didn't cheat. End of story.

And because of fans like me who get David Boreanaz google alerts and we only see "TIGER WOODS and Rachel" It gets old.

We are not here to talk about David boraenaz scandal but him and his daughter. If you want to talk about it go to a tabloid website and talk your little heart out.

I am personally (And most likely not the only one) Who is fed up with everyone bringing it up.

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