Friday, December 11, 2009

Buddy TV Highlights Bones

Two recent BuddyTV lists include mentions of Bones.

Top 9 of '09

#6 FOX Procedurals (House, Bones, Lie to Me)

We generally don't care for procedural dramas, but FOX has us thinking different. House was brilliant this year as the good doctor went a little crazy, seeing dead people and ultimately committing himself to hopefully get cured. Bones continued to build steam as the Bones-Booth romance continues to be the best sexual chemistry on TV. Lie to Me found its legs in its sophomore season, blending psychology, crime and character-driven plots into a series worthy of its intriguing premise (who doesn't wish they knew how to pick out liars?) and its talented man at the helm, Tim Roth.
25 Best Ships of 2009

#1 Booth and Brennan


The name of the game for ships is anticipation and there's no kiss we're anticipating more than a real one between Booth and Bones. These opposites bring out the best in each other and after five seasons they seem to be cluing into what we've seen from day one: chemistry, potential, and true love.


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