Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Day Bones Marathon

Thank you Kathleen for this heads-up. TNT will be running a mini-marathon of Bones on Christmas day, from 12 noon until 8pm. It's a mix of seasons, withthe last 2 episodes being the 1st and 3rd season Christmas Bones episodes: The Man in the Fallout Shelter and Santa in the Slush.


12pm: The Blonde in the Game
1pm: The Truth in the Lye
2pm: The Girl in Suite 2103
3pm: The Girl with the Curl
4pm: The Woman in the Sand
5pm: Aliens in a Spaceship
6pm: The Man in the Fallout Shelter
7pm: Santa in the Slush


olivia said...

Merry Christmas to us!!!

Stephanie said...

My sister's making me do a TV Christmas marathon with her on Christmas Eve, but I'll gladly watch "Fallout Shelter" and "Santa in the Slush" again on the 25th!

bbshipper said...

i have all the seasons on DVD, my faves on my IPOD so WHY IN THE WORLD DOES THIS MAKE ME SO HAPPY? LOL This makes absolutely no sense!

olivia said...

@bbshipper- me too, but it makes me happy the same way the thanksgiving xfiles marathons used to... :-)

Era said...

What a fantastic christmas present! The Woman In the Sand, Aliens in a Spaceship, The Man in the Fallout Shelter and, of course, Santa in the Slush, have to be some of my favorite episodes of all time! :D

Fay said...

@bbshipper I know right? I have all the DVDs too. But when I learned that my local FOX station airs 1 episode of BONES every Saturday afternoon and 1 eppy every Sunday late night, I was pretty excited (and do watch them when I can). I guess it compensates for the fact that I didn't start watching BONES on broadcast TV until last season 4 (the local station airs S1 and S3 right now).

leeloo said...

Quick thought: why would Brennan chew gum before kissing Booth??? After all, it was like kissing her brother.

Cheryl said...

leelo...thought u should know...ur question has me chuckling.

leeloo said...

@cheryl: he he he ;o)


Merry Xmas to us all!!!!

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