Thursday, December 3, 2009

Episode Discussion - The Gamer in the Grease

Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 9
The Gamer in the Grease

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!


Justin said...

I think this episode was just one long advertisement for "Avatar." I get that the economy is bad, and big companies like fox have to do something to stay above water. But it was a just a wee bit overbaoard with the sideplot of the line. Not to mention the swamping of logos.
The case itself was okay. Though, just once, I wish that the obvious charachter would be the culprit. Like, who had the most motive to kill? The game mechanic with no life. No alibi, ton of reason to do it. The end was kind of sad, especially Brennan saying something along the lines of, "He was autistic. He felt nothing at all." It isn't one of my favorites. I think we need a good story arc again, like Gravedigger, Gorgomon, or Epps. That would be good. But to me this whole season seems kind of... insincere. Everything seems forced and plotted out. No big twists, or heartwrenching moments. I can only hope that the next episode with Zooey will be a little more interesting!

Courtney said...

I completely agree - so far for me this season has been disappointing - I am not feeling the "heart" in the episodes like seasons past.

This is the first episode of this series that I deleted from my dvr as soon as I watched it. Nothing memorable for me - not even one moment.

Gad - I hope they step up their game.

Amanda said...

I agree. I did not like this episode, but I'm not going to waste space with the laundry list of WHYs. Ugh. Step it up, guys.

tybonium said...

I agree with what's been said. I've like most of this season, but this episode completely fell flat. Even Angela seeing the tattoo wasn't enough to recover from all the minuses.

Mary said...

I agree with what everyone else has said, especially about Avatar. God, I am so sick of hearing about that movie!

Amanda said...

Mary, if it makes you feel any better, I am so out of mainstream media (minus Bones and Castle--my current primary entertainment is podcasts) I had no idea what Avatar was. I seriously thought it was a fake movie made for the show (like Punky Pong) until I saw the commercial.

Podcasting FTW.

tybonium said...

The highlight would have to be the preview for next week, which I'm impatiently waiting for someone to upload it. My recording cut off right at the beginning of it:(

Tara said...

Very boring episode!!! The only thing that I liked was DB in a three piece suit. OMG what a handsome man.
What's with Brennan always wearing a coat or jacket while Angela and Cam are always wearing nice dresses? Emily is a beautiful woman who should also wear nice dresses.

Don't Call Me Bones! said...

The best part of this episode, was the preview for next week!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess I am the first person so far who didn't hate this episode. It wasn't my favorite, but I'd watch it again. Season 5 overall has been very good for me and I am enjoying every minute of it. Really looking forward to next week too!

Stefan said...

Love the King of Kong documentary tie-in, the gamer inside me loved the whole meta thing going on - for anyone who hasn't watched the documentary, I highly recommend it even if you're not into video games. As for the Avatar part, it was fairly weak as it didn't do anything. Overall, a decent episode. Next week's one looks to be exciting.

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed this episode. i didn't feel like it was overly avatar-ish at all. there was like 2 references to it. i thought it was actually one of the best, in terms of the case. the father broke my heart. and the ending was classic bones; brennan realizing that what booth believes isn't wrong just because it's not what she believes. i liked it a lot.

i thought the storyline with hodgins, sweets, and fisher was hilarious. it was fun to see them outside the lab. plus, the way i see it, that storyline could have happened even without avatar. those three would stand in line like that for any sci-fi movie.

Anonymous said...

i didn't mind the avatar stuff-they've done the geeky stuff before and there were some fun bits. sweets' characterization was pretty bizarre though. exactly why was he at the lab to begin with? it would be nice if cam called them out for their actions rather than just playing straight man though.

however, this episode is what concerns me if/once b+b do end up together: shallow arguments like what is or isn't a sport, with no underlying depth. there is still so much potential for meaningful conflict/disagreements within their current closer relationship that is being completely ignored.

i know some of this is because they really acted like supporting characters in this episode-no car scenes, etc. but, it feels like there isn't any tension anymore. the head vs. heart plot feels worn out, at least the way that it has been written for recently. we know brennan now accepts that booth has a different worldview than she does, but that shouldn't just resolve everything with a neat little bow.

olivia said...

I am not 100% sure what I think yet. I had to watch the end a few times to get what Brennan was implying. That it is not her math, but it works. I will think about it more after I sleep. I know there is something I am missing right?

Stephanie said...

I agree with spezzella. I'm actually pretty surprised to see all the negative comments about the season here. I've really been enjoying this season (I've even been saying it's a great year to be a Bones fan!) and I actually thought this episode tonight was rather funny.

I also agree that the storyline with the boys could've happened with any sci-fi movie. I'm not a gamer, and Avatar would completely bore me to tears, but it fit for the characters, especially since Fisher and Sweets were the same ones they used for the sci-fi convention during last season's "Princess and the Pear." Plus Hart says doing the Avatar story has given them more money to use on later episodes, so I'm okay with it. And I disagree that the storyline didn't do anything. I really liked the conversation between Sweets & Hodgins at the end about how Fisher may have slept with more women, but Sweets is better because he cares about having an actual relationship.

I also don't think every argument B&B have has to have some huge underlying depth to it. Real people bicker about stupid, pointless things sometimes. It makes it realistic.

Olivia, all Brennan was really saying at the end was that she understands that she & Booth see the world in different ways, and she accepts that his way works for him, even though it doesn't make sense to her. I don't think you're really missing anything.

Oh, and I can't wait for Zooey next week. Seriously, CAN'T WAIT!

jenny said...

I'm one of those who more or less liked the epi too-I'll watch it again,for sure(most probably tomorrow,lol!)Also,I don't know if it has to do with not being in the US,but I didn't find the Avatar part too much-I knew nothing about the movie before and,seriously,if noone discussed it or mentioned why it was done,I wouldn't even care.As someone said above,I think those three would have done that for any geeky sci-fi movie.

Also,the case wasn't the best but it wasn't bad.And I liked that the epi was relatively B&B lite(apart from the tag scene),after two weeks in a row where everybody where shoving in their (and our) faces how they are meant for each other,how silly they are for not being together...It was nice to put all that in the backburner for a while.

As for the sports convo,since Anon above mentioned it,but on a totally different note...I hate to be the one who gets stuck on details,but this striked me as "wth?" from the first moment:in Superhero in the Alley,B&B were having more or less the same conversation about what is or isn't a sport BUT...they were each supporting the exact opposite argument,Brennan saying that bowling(since that was that triggered the argument) wasn't a sport,"just an activity,like golf".I don't know if this is a mere inconsistency or the writers are trying to prove a point,but...What do you guys think?

Anyway,that's all after the first,superficial viewing.I'll watch it again,as always,to get under the surface...after I get some sleeeeeeep!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I think they probably just forgot about the season one conversation. I definitely did (though, now you've mentioned it, I remember, but I don't recall it being very significant.) I'm not even sure they have the same writers as they did in season one. Stuff like that doesn't usually bother me, though.

Nicole said...

This was a good episode... First episode to not FOCUS on Booth and Brennan. You just read them(body language and conversation) in this episode. They are getting comfortable again but with some growth.

I felt sympathy for the father...I don't think you should kill but I felt sympathy. Booth explained the father's feelings very well.

Not knowing much about Avator... i don't feel like it was forced down my throat. I didn't see anything about the movie to move me to actually go see it. It wasn't like a trailer which whole purpose is to interest you in the movie.

And Sweets.... another way to show how young he is. He's forever in a relationship... never played the field or had guy friends. He was experimenting to see if he was missing anything. Jealous of Fisher. He's the baby of the group.

Angela is a mess....she still feels she has some say in how Hodgins deals with her. Go talk to your Dad about defending his crazy baby girl who's so afraid of commitment she's sleeping with anything that will move.... to prove something only she knows and cares about at this point.

Overall, good episode....

jenny said...

Oh,two more things:

1.Brennan was examining the sceletal remains herself again,finding out things about murder weapons from marks...*actually touching* bones.The squint,"I am a scientist first"-Brennanite in me is pleased.

Well,I think one thing's for sure:hearing that piece from "The Nutcracker" won't be the same again.Ever.

P.S. @stephanie yeah,maybe...The thing is...those things REALLY bother me,lol!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am just in a more mellow mood (or still satisfied from the last 2 episodes?) but I enjoyed tonight's episode in a Bones-lite-but-done-well sort of way. B & B may be the center, but their relationship does not have to be center stage every minute. Not when we get more space for the squints to carry more of a story once in awhile.

This one was for Hodgins IMO. And I enjoyed it because he is such a great character (who I've missed since the H/A story arc crashed and burned). TJ is such a fine actor and Hodgins is a 3D presence on this show. Loved the tatto reveal as well. :)

I do agree that although I am a pretty happy camper with how this season is going so far, I think the murder-of-the-week episodes are growing stale and are making me long for Epps. sigh...


tybonium said...

I take absolutely no credit in uploading this, but wanted to pass it on anyway

Thanks to whoever dreamnc37 is!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I agree with pretty much everything being said..... disappointing episode :( now, I haven't lost faith in 'bones' or anything silly like that, BUT I really do miss the feeling the old episodes give me. I was re-watching seasons 1, 2, and 3 over the past couple weeks, and there's just something SO special about those whole seasons, some X factor that I can't identify, that has been kind of missing in some episodes lately (like this one).

on the plus side, I CAN'T WAIT until next week! the two deschanel sisters together?? ahhh I don't even care what the plot is at this point, I know I'm gonna love it :)

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode, the body falling apart was hilarious (to me, anyway). Too much side-story generally, though. I felt like the case was underplayed.
I love Bones precisely because it is character driven, but I do like to watch the procedural part of it, too, and Bones has been increasingly becoming more of a humor TV show, than a procedural. Season one and two had some really dark, hard-to-solve cases. I would like to see a darker episode, kinda along the lines of Killer in the Concrete and Aliens in the Spaceship from season two, it would be really refreshing.
About Avatar, not complaining, if that brings more money for future episodes.
Love season five so far.

Kate said...

Meh, the story was pretty light-weight, no depth to the plot or the characters. Felt like a filler episode to me. Super annoyed that my station joined the broadcast in progress, could someone please tell me why Booth and Brennan were arguing over sports?

Angela said...

Because of all the negativity on the board, I will say this. I LOVED that they brought back Jack's tattoo. I was wondering if it was going to make a reappearance and that may have redeemed this episode for me.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so this wasn't the best episode but it wasn't that bad. There's not too much to talk about based on the case but I thought the hodgins/sweets/Fisher story line was hysterical. You never really see those three working together so i really liked the character development (specifically with Hodgins and Sweets).

This wasn't a heavy B+B episode which makes me think something good is coming up or they're seeing how they would write an episode if they were together. I get worried that the writing staff depends too much on their chemistry and maybe they're looking into heavier sub-plot lines. Thanks for letting me ramble


Jeannie said...

Wow, I'm surprised by the comments. I was afraid everybody would hate me for saying that I didn't like this episode but obviously, I'm not the only one. Season 5 has been amazing so far but this one was just meh.

I was especially irked by the argument over sports as this was totally contrary to their argument in Superhero in the Alley as others have mentioned as well. That really really annoyed me. Even if these aren't the same writers, it's the same show and if we notice, so should they.

The case was completely obvious as soon as they should the autistic boy playing the game. And it failed to make me care for the father, even though they really tried with his tears and the music.

To be fair, here's what I liked about this episode:

More HOdgins! That was definitely a good thing and showing him labcoat-less didn't hurt either. ;-) That scene between him and Sweets was rather nice, too.

Loved the return of the tattoo and Angela's (and Hodgins') reaction to it. See, consistency isn't hard, is it?

BB light can be a good thing every once in a while. Glad we had an episode where no random people would ask if they were a couple.

Anonymous said...

I felt this episode had zero depth to it....the flow was even off and everything seemed a bit random. I had no issues with the Avatar thing, it was funny to see Fisher, Sweets, and Hodgins interact. I too feel everything seems forced this season thus far. There have been some good moments, but nothing compared to the first 3 seasons, even season 4 had an edge to it. The story lines have been so boring and predictable. Booth and Bones were hardly even in the show last night! And I agree, what is up with the clothes they keep putting Brennan in this season. Angela and Cam look amazing and Brennan with the flat hair and frumpy clothes looks well, "frumpy." Are they trying to hide a slight weight gain or something with the long coats, etc......because she is so beautiful and I would love to see a return of her awesome clothes and her dark hair!!! I haven't given up hope yet and will pray for a better episode next week.......!! More story and more heart (Hart)!!! Please!!

Anonymous said...

Bones looks much heavier than last year. This is tv and let's be honest, she should lose some weight. Just a little. It needs to be said.

Jeannie said...

No, she should not. For crying out loud, she's probably still a lot thinner than most "real" people!
I don't like TV shows that are giving every woman and girl out there body-image issues. All they need to do is dress her better.

Wendy said...

Beat me to it, Jeannie!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree......I don't care if she has gained a few pounds....she is so beautiful, they just need to dress her better.....I hate the clothes they keep putting her in this season!! Her hair style isn't helping, it looks kinda flat and lifeless.......I still say she should go back to a nice darker brown shade.....does anyone have a clue why they keep dressing her so....what's the word?? Drab or old lady-like.....(no offense).....???

Courtney said...

The writing was mediocre (for me) and the energy seemed low - especially by Booth. Maybe HH and some others were really not happy with having to write an episode featuring the movie and they just cobbled this together - that is how it felt. But, the dialogue was just blah - especially when compared to earlier seasons.

I think ED is fine the way she is - DB, I have to admit, I like when he has more weight on him - he is so much thinner than he was last season. Watched the airplane episode just before the new episode last night and the difference in Booth is really apparent. He still looks handsome, but I like him just a bit more meaty, so to speak.

I was disappointed in the reveal of Hodgins' tattoo as that whole exchange, in the hands of really good writers, could have been funny and moving at the same time. This was just sort of she saw the tattoo, asked about it, realized it was her dad...and it fell flat for me.

I'm sure they will be get better - I hope at least.

Jessica said...

Liked the episode, the Avatar story didn't bother me really being from outside the Us I don't know much about this movie anyway,
looking forward to the next episode, and I think Brennan looks beautiful but I liked her hair from S2 better don't know about the clothes some things I like some things I don't so far I like this season

Eli said...

I like this episode better than the 2 previous episodes. Fisher is my favourite intern but the rolling in the tent on the road in front of a group of people really too much. Lost some cookies point there Fisher.

They just shown how different Fisher is compared to Hodgins nd Sweets. Like Hodgins who started noticing that Angela is not only beautiful but smart, Sweets weakness is that he will fall for someone that has a knowledge of psychology. He started interest in Daisy when Daisy told him she has a minor in psychology. (And I still wondering why she can't control her own behaviour when she learn herself)

So when that tattoo's girl shown some knowledge about psychology he just can't resist it. Then the wine is talking (took over him).

I kind of expected more romantic scene when they revealed about the angie's forever tattoo. But it is fun to see how Angela reacted especially in front of Cam. Not that I surprise how he looked like after the rest of the cloths peel off.

Hodgins rushing the king of the lab is my fav part.

gabriel said...

Well, I sort of liked this episode and not for Brennan & Booth this time, although the ending scene was really nice.
I am outside the US too, Avatar is not being kept pushed down our throat (yet), so didn't mind it at all - I think the whole camping thing was very real-life stuff and that's why it worked for me: finally we got to see these brainy people outside their work, behaving very much like other people (well, rather like fanatics but still). And it had a purpose other than promoting the movie too, liked the Hodgins-Sweets talk, and well, this episode revealed more about Fisher too (even if nothing surprising). Also it seems that Hodgins is not so lonely now in the lab as he was after Zack was gone, he's made friends with some of the new interns and I'm happy he's sort of his old self again. And the whole 'getawayfromthelab' plot was hilarious (if I just shut my eyes to the fact that Sweets shouldn't have been there in the first place).
I don't mind that the BB relationship was not the centrepiece again, would be too much for now. Booth got the point in the last epi, will start wooing the woman he loves, and I am looking forward to it but doesn't have to do that ALL the time. Although we might take some hints here too: Booth called Brennan to a case where she was not needed just to be able to work with her again; and in the end scene where Booth is registering the info that Brennan appreciates his way of thinking, I thought, well, she might love you afterall, realize?
I agree that the tattoo revealing was not as good as I anticipated, but I hope they will come back to it later (Hodgins is definitely not having it removed!).
About the case: I don't think it was a great one but have seen similar calibre ones before on this show, so it didn't disturb me. (What actually did was the body - is this just me or aren't these corpses getting more and more disgusting???) Well, you just can't have a gravedigger/gormogon/epps too frequently imo (and I don't miss gormogon at all, esp. the way it was wrapped up in the end). But I do hope they will insert some serious pieces. I don't want Bones to become pure comedy!

Teri =) said...

I liked this episode too. I really got a kick out of the Hodgins/Sweets/Fisher storyline. I think it's nice to see a man realize that his "number" doesn't have to be high. I also enjoyed Hodgins out of the lab coat. Having just watched "Man in the Fallout Shelter" it was nice to have another scene like that to enjoy! ;) I also really liked Booth in the vest at the end...... man that guy is good looking!

Teri =) said...

Ok! I just read in the recap that the guy who plays Fisher is ACTUALLY in Avatar!! Maybe that will make that storyline a bit easier to swallow for some. Kind of an inside joke!

Jeannie said...

@Teri: I think most of us knew that. ;-)

Teri =) said...

@ Jeannie, knew Booth was good looking or that Fisher was in Avatar? =) The first statement ALWAYS bears repeating, and as to the 2nd, I guess I'm just behind.....grin

Shep said...

First off - the whole flesh slipping off thing has got to be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on Bones. How does Stepehen Nathan manage to eat all the food he does while coming up with this stuff!

I didn't mind the lack of B/B focus in the episode either, and we had a nice moment at the end.

As for the avatar stuff, I liked it for the Hodgins/Fisher/Sweets geek-bonding, but it didn't really do anything else.
Also, did Fisher nick Angel's leather duster?

"I think the murder-of-the-week episodes are growing stale and are making me long for Epps." Well, Bones if a forensic show so it has always had that element to it, but I do long for another arc like Epps or Gormogon, I did love Gormogon (except for the Zack part) and Epps was fantastically creepy. I don't see why just because it's been done twice beofre, they can't do it again in a different way, after all, there are still psychos like Epps in the world. I think the 'X factor' that's missing is the realism of Season 1-3: the cases weren't wacky, a lot of the time they were dark and gritty and you could really feel for the characters. Even the squints and Booth often became affected by the cases. There was also often an issue raised, such as plastic surgery/ obsession with beauty in 'Woman at the Airport'. Additionally, there used to be more dark humour instead of outright comedy.
In spite of this, I thought that the ending with Dougie's dad was really good (and very S1/2-esque), and it could have been a great episode if the case had revolved around the topic of autism.

gabriel said...

I didn't know that Fisher was in Avatar. For me at least, this info makes a (little) difference.

Phillip said...

Just a minor gripe:

The Canadians get the entire series 24hours before you Americans, yet you won't let us be 5hours ahead for 2weeks.

Urgh. I was looking forward to watching this weeks on Sky1 at the same time as everyone else. But no, we got a season 4 repeat. I think we may now be behind bloody Australia.

In the words of Queen Victoria. "One is not amused"

*Downloads 509*

Jess said...

i think any episode with booth in a three piece suit and hodgins revealing his muscles is a good one!!!

Vasso said...

I just watched the episode and I think it was ok.Probably not one of the best, but after two great episodes (DitD and FitF)I think it's difficult for the next one to be so good...
I agree with everybody about Booth's three piece suit (he's sooo sexy!!!) and about Brennan's hair-style.It looked much better in past seasons...
I also like that we got to see more of Hogdins! I've really missed him.
Oh, and there was that scene in the beginning,where Booth could'n fold the map and Brennan just took it and fold it herself.They look so much like a couple, they always complete each other.They are so cute together!!!

I'm sorry for my English, it's not my native language...

Anonymous said...

Could someone explain the significance of Cam discovering that the monkey on the game got the same injuries as the victim?? It seemed like that revelation had no part in the solving if the murder, and I'm pretty confused about it...maybe I just need to re-watch it because I missed something...

That being said, I adored the sub-plot of Hogins, Sweets, and Fisher. Also liked re-emergence of BB banter, like what we had a lot of in the earlier seasons...the ending was so funny and cute!

The only real problem I had was Booth's line about hearts rising up and getting fierce...I don't know, that was just a bit too cheesy for my taste...

Stephanie said...

Anon, I think the significance of discovering the monkey and the victim had the same injuries just meant that their killer was definitely someone who had knowledge of details of the game because that wouldn't have been a coincidence. It didn't seem like much, since most (all?) of their suspects knew details of the game, but it's something that would be significant to investigators.

Jeannie said...

@ Teri: I was talking about "Fisher" being in Avatar. ;-)
But if anything, it made me like the storyline even less. It just had this "look, aren't we clever"-vibe to it for me. Even the way he was shown in the credits is different now (because he's now a movie star), so that kind of annoyed me. I suppose it's the last time we'll see Fisher as the intern of the week, too.
(Although I get the perks of this shameless crosspromotion that HH mentioned. I really do but it doesn't make me like the episode better at all.)

I liked the geeky threesome but the sex side plot kinda ruined it for me. I used to really like Fisher but all this 'I need another notch on my bedpost' just felt shallow and selfish. It didn't fit with the character that was presented to us in earlier episodes in my opinion. I know, he slept with the dark lady in PatP but that still felt not as such a calculated move as this zooming in on "Sweet's girl". Which brings me to my next peeve with this episode - shame on you, Sweets. Maybe I'm old-fashioned but kissing is cheating in my world. (Double-checked with the husband to make sure. ;-)) Not the worst kind of cheating but cheating nonetheless. Was that necessary for the episode?

Kate said...

I think the writers didn't really think through about the whole killed in the same matter business. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be a red herring, to throw suspicion on the rival gamers.

As for Fisher and Tory Paine, Fisher thinks everything is meaningless and empty, so I'm not particular surprised that he takes it whenever he can get it. Sweets definitely should have known better, but it was necessary to the plot for his character, so off he goes. Daisy would probably not be to pleased to see what happened, though.

gabriel said...

About the monkey-kind of injuries... I don't know what you think, but before the father confessed to the murder, I thought that the autistic boy actually killed the guy for using his machine and achieving the perfect score or whatever (my theory didn't last longer than a few seconds though). Which reminds me of the moment Brennan tried to connect with the boy, smiling at him... a sign maybe that she's more interested in kids / just evolving in her social manners?

Anonymous said...

I agree that DB looks to have lost a lot of muscle weight lately...could be due to the untrue rumors that are being spread about his personal life. But lets face it, he will always be HOTTTTT no matter what he does. I'm also loving the 3 piece suit.

ED does seem to have put on a few pounds. She still looks great and it doesn't change the chemistry she has with DB on screen. Only time will tell as to why she has gained the weight.

luscious said...

Not much to say regarding this episode it was ok but the shipper in me missed the BB moments however the sports arguments could be a way these two kind of flirt with one another and the fact Cam thought she was in the middle of something suggested tension in the air.
The case was ok that body was clatty and frankly put me off my breakfast which i usually eat whilst watching bones thats only the second time that has happened the other time was the needle going into the eye in ddotdd in season 4.
The avatar stuff never really bothered me but do any of these people have friends outside this group please I don't know about anyone else but I have people I work with and then I have my friends.
Thanks for letting me ramble on I better get to bed got a report to write tomorrow.

JL from Canada said...

To those who think that Bones has lost its edge, I must respectfully disagree. There are many shows that do the dark and action-packed stuff well. What sets Bones apart is the character development, which I believe gets stronger every season. It takes a lot of skill on the writers' part to develop a relationship between two characters over so many years, and STILL keep us hooked. In a society accustomed to instant gratification, the fact that B&B did not jump into a sexual relationship and viewers still LOVE them is a testament to the quality of the overall concept and execution. I like the early seasons, but it is the current, character-driven stuff that has me 'obsessed with Bones'!!

Amanda said...

I actually liked this episode, I like when I can watch it and actually laugh out loud.

I was eating noodles when the body started falling apart, that stopped quickly. That's the grossest moment for me, second only to when they lifted the skull out of the vat of wine.

I have liked every Bones episode I've watched. I don't see a reason to rip apart an episode for being "off" from the "norm" of the series. I like the variety, I like that some episodes are comedic, some are serious, some are B/B heavy, some aren't. Everyone wants something different, and that's how they keep audiences around. It's a good refresher from those series that haven't changed in 10 years or so. I'm a big B/B fan, but I don't like being hit over the head with it. I like little moments that make you go "OMG just get it over with", and watching them evolve. I like this new Angela/Hodgins/Wendell thing (Hodgins is mighty attractive without the shirt!). I like the gross, science-y stuff, but I like the subdued.

I didn't feel like I was hit over the head with Avatar. I think they really mentioned it at the beginning, the Angela's office, and then at the end. Other than that, it was a side story that explored "supporting" characters, which most people complain aren't expanded enough. You got it, so stop complaining about how! I thought it was neat.

All in all, I liked this episode. I have to admit, I'm very excited for next week, I love me some Booth :)

Jeannie said...

I read somewhere that HH twittered that he used his niece's name for the character of Tory Payne. Bet her Christmas present for him will be rather small this year, haha.

Nina said...

i love to see the supporting cast bonding, and i think they have been one by one really working to endear each of the interns to the squints and deepen their relationships- which is cool because wendell brings out the bro in hodgins and booth, daisy bring out the giddy girliness of bones, and fisher brings the geek out of the geeks! character development!!

the case was ok.

i agree that there needs to be another big killer or longer running case that brings intense stuff out of our characters. Its getting alittle too light for me.

Cheryl said...

I've decided to treat this season like I treated Bones when I was in possession of seasons 1-4 and watching it waaaayyy more than I was doing my work: enjoy it. No 2 eps r clones, there is always going to be variety so embrace whatever they're serving this week.Do I miss the intensity of say, a Howard Epps? Of course. But I choose to trust that the writers will cont'e to serve variety & that we'll get to an intense ep soon enough.

And keep an eye on the bigger picture. Like how Sweets is truly included now by both his Duck Parents, even tho his "mother" still hates psych. And like how Booth brought Bren to a crime scene even tho he knew the body was still flesh covered (remember Knight on the Grid when he called Cam in a similar situation & didn't even think to call Bones cuz he knew it wasn't her kind of body?). And like how Booth's intuition used to annoy the crap out of Bren, which became respect for his capacity to read minute psychological & physical markers and which has now become a respect for his Math.

And I love how this ep let us in on 3 non-BB characters...I'm all for fleshing out every member of the team, not just its centre. And Hodgins is hot;). And I love that we saw the tattoo (go continuity!) & that Ange was freaked out over it. I don't think she was bossy...she was embarrassed that her Dad had done that to Hodgie and her sayin he needed to remove it came out of that: she doesn't agree that Hodgins should be saddled with a tat that he will have to explain to all future girlfriends.

And now to the reason I came here: to share insight from EW's Mandi Bierly

"it was just a lead-in to Booth delivering one of those poignant lines that David Boreanaz somehow stops us from rolling our eyes at: “Someone breaks your kid’s heart, your own heart rises up. Gets fierce. It’s just a natural response.” Brennan pointed out that the autistic child wouldn’t have cared or had a broken heart. “So the dad loved him twice as much,” Booth said. I think that line served two purposes: (1) It got Brennan, who Booth knew would have a problem with his reasoning, to verbally acknowledge that while she doesn’t understand Booth’s “number system,” she can see that it works. That’s the key to their relationship. (2) It explains why Booth loves Brennan twice as much. In some ways, she’s just as incapable of feeling emotions as that boy."

I never thought abt the fact that Booth caring abt Bones' reputation with others, for instance, when she couldn't care less, was an indication of the depth of his love for her. So I wanted to share the thought with u guys, see what u think.

Stephanie said...

I'll agree that Booth, in general, may care more about Brennan's reputation than she does (though we did see it bothering her in "End in the Beginning" when she admitted she didn't like people thinking she was a cold fish,) but "incapable of feeling emotions?" Really? I don't agree with that at all! (Just for the record, I know that it was the EW writer and not you, Cheryl, who wrote that line.)

I think Brennan feels a lot; she just keeps it to herself as much as she can. It takes a lot for her to admit to feeling what she views as the "weaker" emotions (like caring what others think of her or jealousy or even loving someone,) but I think she definitely feels it. Like she told Zack way back in season one...she told him to put his heart in a box so his emotions over a murdered child wouldn't keep him from doing his job; I think Brennan puts a lot in that metaphorical box. Booth is definitely protective of her, which is definitely a sign of how much he loves her, but I don't really think that has anything to do with how capable Brennan is of feeling things.

Cheryl said...


ur right abt Bren feeling emotions of course...I dismissed that line as soon as I read it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the lesson that Sweets learns, the same he gave the college boys in beaver in the otter?
Maybe he is just like the other characters, he talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.

Anonymous said...

@ Shep--I'm totally with you. The body floating around in a grease vat was gross enough but then the flesh falls off and it's just...ewww.

I can't remember who said it but I don't think Bones' clothes have been all frumpy. I loved, loved, loved the green shirt and grey sweater in HitF after she gets stabbed. I also really liked how she was dressed in the episode with the pig (can't remember the episode name) when she's at the diner with Booth and Sweets. Jewel tones look amazing on her with her skin and eyes and I think they've played to that more.

The pointless argument over sports didn't bother me at all. Sometimes when you like someone, don't you just love to match wit? To tease and push and get a response? That actually felt very real to me. A kind of flirting without outright hitting on the person. It seemed in line with the normal BB banter that we used to get.

Any scene with Hodgins being shirtless or nearly so is okay with me! :) It was good to see Angela a little off kilter.

@Jeannie--I'm so glad you made the observation on Sweets. I was so disappointed! I get that Sweets is just a kid but he's a very smart and mature kid who prides himself on always understanding people. He freaked when he thought Daisy was cheating on him but then he did it to her. Goes back to the continuity thing for me but didn't seem to be in his character.

Finally, this was not my favorite episode but I've liked several of the ones from this season. I think there is a lot of character development/growing going on. I think I may be in a different boat than most. I think Bones is totally aware of her feelings. I remember GG saying about Sweets that his writing revealed much about himself. Bren was the one writing during Booth's coma. I think she was exploring the feelings that came to the surface at the thought of losing him. I think she feels she revealed too much of herself and it scares/embarrasses her. In the meantime I don't think she knows Booth loves her and that's what holds her back. This season finds them both feeling awkward in their positions. The BB-lite episode is a refreshing break for me. Especially with this week's episode coming up, which I can't wait for! I think there's more to come for these two and this was an ebb and wane episode to get us there.

Can't wait to see semi-nekkid Booth this week. Merry Christmas to me!


Cheryl said...

It's true...Sweets is this odd combo of book smarts & utter cluelessness. Maybe they can mature him this he can grow up to b more like GG;) I'm not disappointed with Sweets because in the end, he escaped from Tory...he could have had sex with her but he fought her off. Granted she did have him in the tent & she did kiss him etc but hey, I can respect an honest struggle to honour Daisy. Should he have allowed her to kiss him? No. But she was attractive to him & I can give him props for eventually getting away...tho it did take him a while & he did need help.

Totally with @AS on the BB-lite ep...I'm all for developing allll the show's r'ships not just the central one. And yes, it is telling that the woman who insists that marriage is an antiquated ritual & that she doesn't need a piece of paper to prove her commitment & that monogamy is silly because no one person can be all that another person needs wrote a story where she was the WIFE of on Seeley Joseph Booth. Very telling. Have I mentioned I'm looking for the perfect dress to wear to their upcoming nuptials? ;)

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