Thursday, December 10, 2009

Episode Discussion: The Goop on the Girl

Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 10
The Goop in the Girl

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Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!


JL from Canada said...

I absolutely loved this episode…it could possibly take the place of my favourite of the series to date! It was such a great mixture of funny, sexy, and heart-warming! I’m sure there will be much discussion around the undressing scene and the great humour throughout, but I want to focus this post on the depth and character development I observed…Here are some thoughts I had:

* The contrast between where Brennan is at emotionally and in relationship to others from the season one Christmas episode to this one is profound. She went from being withdrawn and alone to being surrounded by friends and family in her own home. She now has many people who truly love her! (although I have to wonder where dear, old Pops is at for Christmas?!)

* What Brennan says to Margaret about marriage is a HUGE step forward! “I think that marriage is something you need to have a reason to enter into…” This is much different from her past commentary about marriage being pointless and antiquated! (A crack in the armour perhaps?!)

* The car scene in which Brennan shows so much emotion is also a huge step forward! Here we see Brennan talking from the heart without logic dictating her words. The “heartbreaking” and “heart crushing” is so telling of Brennan’s willingness to shed some of her defence system of pure logic.

* There is also a theme found in both the grave scene and the supper scene around prayer. Brennan observes Booth praying at the grave, yet does not interject her usual opposing view. At the table, although she says ‘no’ to an outright prayer, she compromises by suggesting a moment of silence, and again observes carefully without comment…and even participates. I believe that there is a ‘softening’ of acceptance apparent in these moments. (I also have to add that B&B toasting together at the table is so ‘couple-ish’!)

* “He that would fish must venture his bait”…Margaret says this Ben Franklin quote about Booth, which Brennan does not understand. But, of course the subtext is ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’…meaning Booth needs to make a move if he wants to ‘catch’ Brennan! Brennan’s response of “If Booth wants to fish, he’ll fish” is so literal, and so metaphorically naïve. Booth WANTS to fish, but he is waiting for the ice on the pond to clear!

* “I have to admit, I find him pleasing to look at.” Not only do Brennan’s nonverbal make this admission feel different from past clinical appreciations of Booth’s looks, but she is also defending him against Margaret’s negative comment (awwww). The irony is that Margaret says things in a blunt manner, much like Brennan would, but Bones doesn’t like it at all! :-)

Anonymous said...

"I must warn you, he is very irresistible."

oh yes, he is!

Anonymous said...

I liked this episode, but I'd have to say that Santa in the Slush is still the best Bones Christmas.

Maggy said...

Where was the mistletoe :( I feel so... cheated... where was the mistletoe!!!

*will need to re-watch first scene* Its the only thing that will cure this feeling of disappointment over lack of mistletoe. Cause the look on Booth's face was just priceless.


Anonymous said...

Lots of good moments in this episode. I will need to re-watch it to catch everything. It will seem like a long wait until the next episode airs........I hope during the next couple of weeks off they do something about the wardrobe they keep insisting on putting Brennan in!! She is so beautiful, why do they keep dressing her so horribly?? Anyone else have any thoughts on this??

Anonymous said...

JL from Canada...awesome observations. And an awesome episode! I truly enjoyed every minute of it...especially the car scene where Brennan gets very emotional about the victim. I also loved the comment about fishing and venturing bait. So true!

My one teensy complaint was that we didn't get more of Margaret in this episode. I guess I was expecting more Deschanel dialogue than we got given all the hype. Zooey's character felt just a little too random as a result.

One other thing...loved the scene with Angela reconstructing the face. Yay for giving Angela some credit for what she does! It was done really well.

Oh...also loved Cam and Michelle's car moment. I wish they would devote more airtime to Cam. I think she's a really, really good actress when she is allowed her serious moments.

Cheryl said...

I, personally, would like to know WHEN exactly JL from Canada moved into my head! Sooo much of what u said I had been thinking tho the bit abt her moving from having no one to spend Christmas with in TMITFS to a full house in TGOTG is one I missed...good point! I love how them partnering with the FBI to become a formidable crime solving unit has advanced their r'ships with each other. (Btw, maybe Pops is helping with fishing & crochet. In reality tho, may Mr Waite was not available for filming).

I'm allllllllllll over that "Marriage is s'thing u need to have a reason to enter. I never found that reason" quote. All over it! I wish I could whisper this in Booth's ear...SUCH a huge step fwd...maybe s'thing that's been brewing since TPATP.

All over the heartbreaking comment as well. I love how Booth looks at her & says "u wanna go to the funeral?". It says to me how well he knows what she needs in that moment of distress & gives voice to it before she is even aware of it.

I love how Booth shares the toast...they're both ok with him doing that too. Very telling. I love how Bones defends Booth's looks. In fact, she also mentions his perfect acronium (did I spell that right?) & the fact that his pubic extension is well within normal range when Hodgins is commenting on Booth's lack of chest hair.

I love the mini argument where Booth rolls his eyes & says to Bones "Will you QUIT worrying abt me? I'm fiiinnee."

I love the look on Booth's face when Bren tells him she needs to take his clothes.

I love how Michelle & Cam's argument in the car showed how much they cared abt each other. And I love that we got to see a little more of Cam the Mom.

I love how the team goes to the funeral.

I love how Angela brings up the fact that s'times they forget that the bones they work with r real ppl. And how the DJ makes a 180, relating Christ's death for redemption of all to Holden's death redeeming his rage...very deep. Loved it.

Loved how he lets Bren undresses him & he's not tense...well apart from needing the help of a cadre of saints;) & how she helps dress him in a lab coat without of a million things that says how close they r.

And I LOVE how all the things Booth "lost" -- his confidence, his ability to interrogate without help, to know when ppl are lying, to be badass when necessary(loved him throwing that explosive at the interrogation mirror!), to me a mrksman-- are all so clearly still with him. And when Avalon said he hadn't lost anything, he infact gained s'thing from the coma, I disagreed. But now she's proven right...he's still the same awesome guy/agent/father he always was but now he knows that there is more in his heart for Bren that friendship & he has decided to run with that (hopefully this season, Booth, this season).

Anonymous said...

This isn't a comment about the episode (which was fabulous, by the way), but a comment about the Brennan wardrobe "issue." I really, really, really wish people would stop harping on this. I hate to add to it by commenting on it at all, but honestly, it's just about the least important thing in the world to focus on. In reality, people gain weight, people lose weight. Even if they don't, people's taste in clothing can change over time. Get over it! It's not like she's morphed into a haggard old witch all of a sudden. She's beautiful for heaven's sake, whether she's curvy or athletic, and whether she's wearing dresses or jeans and blazers.

Rather than concentrating on her changing shape and wardrobe, concentrate on her changing relationships and perspectives. That's what's important and part of what has made this season so good!

Stephanie said...

I actually thought Emily looked really pretty tonight. *shrugs*

I agree that I wanted more Zooey. I'm kinda irritated that Fox put 2 out of her 3 scenes online weeks ago. I thought that meant she'd be in a decent portion of the episode, but I guess not. It seems weird to me that Fox released that much of her appearance so early. Loved Margaret, though. They can bring her back anytime!!

I honestly didn't think anything of the Brennan marriage comment. Brennan hasn't found any reasons to get married, one of her reasons being she thinks it's unnecessary and hasn't yet found a reason to think otherwise. I certainly wouldn't be telling a perfect stranger that I think marriage is an antiquated ritual. Someone who knew me (like Booth,) sure, but not someone I had just met. That's not something most people hear very well. I saw that comment as Brennan just being a little less socially awkward, which we've been seeing little bits and pieces of all season.

And speaking of marriage, anyone else kind of bummed that we've apparently missed the Russ/Amy wedding? I would've liked to see that scene. I'd like to see Russ again, period. I liked him. I always like seeing Brennan with family members.

I was not a fan of Max's comment about how spending Christmas alone means no one loves you. What a lovely thing to say to the daughter you abandoned just before Christmas...I was kind of hoping Brennan would mention that when she told Booth what Max said, but there was a lot going on tonight.

Loved Booth peeking at Brennan at the end - so cute! And the scene in the car, like most of you mentioned, was great as well.

JL from Canada said...

@cheryl: sorry for crawling into your brain without consent! :) I guess we are kindred "Bones" spirits!

The Cam/Michelle scene and the DJ's commentary about redemption were on my list as well, but I figured I had written enough! :)

I also liked the Angela focus, but I did have to wonder why she would take so much time with clay when the pimped out technology has sufficed in the past...

Cheers, JL

pfenix-goddess said...

I appear to be really alone in this, but I *HATED* everything to do with the mystery aspect of this episode. Now, don't get me wrong: everything to do with the characters and all their various sideplots, I really appreciated. But let me explain:

I do *not* watch "Bones" to get a political agenda pushed on me. Did anyone else catch "Law and Order" last week? They used the *exact* same plotline pushing a political agenda that "Bones," unfortunately, used this week: a right-wing talk-radio host drove a man to commit mass murders, which apparently ties in to pretty much everyone from Fox news.

I'm not a conservative, but this was *weak* storytelling and it was disgusting how the strong-willed radio host changed his whole world view to say, yeah, this was my fault. No, it wasn't. Some psychos tied a man up and used a bomb that just happened to accidentally be on your frequency. Freak accidents happen. Just like on "Law and Order," someone made a choice based on his own dependence on someone else's viewpoints. As a psychology student, I can honestly say, you *can't* blame a radio/TV figure for your actions. You *chose* to commit them. This is just like every parent that chooses to allow their children to watch violent TV, then blame the television content for their children modelling the violence. No, parents: you *chose* to let them watch it!

This is even worse than the "Avatar" episode last week. Reasons I watch "Bones": the snappy dialogue, David Boreanaz, Booth/Brennan, Hodgins, Angela, the fun mysteries, the cool anthropological science, the science gadgets, the chemistry between the characters, the jokes, etc. I do *not* watch "Bones" to get products pushed in my face or to get a political agenda shoved down my throat. When "Bones" comes back in January, if they have one more episode like this I'll be forced to take a break from this show for at least a month or I'll get so mad I'll stop watching it.

That being said...

Hodgins and Angela were both adorable this week, Ryan O'Neil and Zooey Deschanel were both used effectively and heart-warmingly, the Booth stripping scene was awkwardly adorable (and DB is as sexay as ever), the Booth/Brennan scenes are starting to get even more hopeful, and I actually *like* Daisy now that she and Sweets are together because they are so cuuuute! My favorite part was the final scene with the Christmas dinner, which was adorable and held plenty of promise for Booth and Brennan.

isabella said...

i loved how at the very end when they are having a "silent moment", booth says silent night and the little smile brennan has on her face and then she closes her eyes, and how booth just peeks at her, so gorgious!! everything about christmas is just soo good, specially bones eps!!

Cindy said...

Loved the episode. David Boreanaz is
OMG what can I say. Sex personifed. Just a few negatives. Zooey was under utilized. First, after waiting to get her on for such a long time you would think they would have given her a bigger role. Second, I would have loved DB and ED to have been alone at the end even for only 30 seconds. Few nitpicks but, I still thought the episode was great

Anonymous said...

i have to say that even though i LOVE Santa in the Slush because of the kiss and booth's christmas tree, i enjoyed this more on an emotional level all around, for every character. the cam and michelle car scene was great. the writer really know how to pack a lot into a little time frame. but what got me the most was the car scene and the funeral. i have teared up somewhat during Bones before, but her heart-crushing comment and need to be there for someone she didn't even know was such a beautiful thing to witness and booth saw it for the slow changing of her heart that it signaled. in the past, booth would have been the one to suggest going and bones would be like why? but to see so much emotion was slightly overwhelming and i loved it. i could see this bones standing at booth's grave, talking to him for hours. definitely one of my favorites ever. i really enjoy seeing this journey that bones is on and the writers are doing a great job so far. i can't wait for the next half! when are they scheduled to come back?

ceecee said...

JL expressed many of my thoughts as well.....loved so much about this episode. Wish there had been some more alone time with B&B.
Enjoyed the undressing scene...when Brennan moved Booth's hands away from undoing his own shirt, I thought that was so hot. She really must have been affected by his total "hotness" but she didn't really seem affected.
Don't know how she kept from kissing that man.
Liked the humor in her working to get that out of his hair and his reactions.
Liked the dinner scene..they are already such a couple.
They are ready and so are we!
Can't believe we have to wait so long for the next episode.

JL from Canada said...


I didn't sense any political statement from 'Bones' in this storyline. But I am not going to comment on that as your perception is based on your experience and I respect your right to not like the message you heard in the storyline.

More importantly, as a psychology student you may want to extend your reading on DSM-IV criteria for disorders such as paranoid schizophrenia, and other mood disorders with features of hallucinations and dissociation. I am a psychologist and encounter mentally ill people on a daily basis who read into (and act upon) messages they perceive are being communicated through the media. These individuals do not "choose" their actions...they are held hostage from within to a hideous illness that robs them of a sense of self or reality. Of course, that does not make the media directly responsible for the individuals actions, but I did not hear the Bones plot insinuate this...they went after the guy because they thought he had purposely blown up santa, and moved on when the evidence said otherwise.

That an unhealthy individual could be influenced by external messages to do terrible things is very real and, therefore, a reasonable storyline for a tv show. I, personally, did not hear a political agenda in that. But, hey, I'm Canadian and live in a different political climate so maybe these things don't bother me as much :)

Respectfully, JL

p.s. I too found the 'L&W: SVU' media plot over-the-top, but that differed from this one in that it was actually pursued as the real reason for the killers actions...and the courts supported the 'blame the media' defense. In reality, a 'not guilty by reason of insanity' would be the only way that guy would walk!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the episode, but have to admit was a little disapointed at the end. I was hoping for a B/B ending that was just the 2 of them, even if only for a few moments. I guess after all the hype and it being a Christmas episode, I wanted at least a kiss between them. That all said, the show was decent, just not a favorite. Anytime DB takes off his clothes, it makes up for a lot. I love this show, but the writers need to move the B/B storyline along. The B/B relationship needs to move forward before the show gets stale.

spezzella said...

I enjoyed this episode a lot! I plan to watch it again sometime over the weekend because there was so much packed into it that I am sure I will catch something I missed or didn't fully appreciate the first time around.

I really liked the end scene. It was so nice to see everyone together. More than one kind of family, indeed.

OWB said...

i have to say i loved this episode!!!
Brennan undressing booth was brilliant!! The moments between all the characters were also fantastic, michelle and cam (loved to see the compassionate side of cam), ange and hodgins making amends, sweets and daisy ( after ditching payne last ep), brennan and her family and of course B+B.

I also have to say i think emily looked gorgeous in this episode, i especially loved her hair in the dinner scene.

Huge steps forward from all the characters. Excellent episode!

only disappointment was that i felt we didn't see much of zooey and i did not find her character very likable:(


Jeannie said...

Loved it. A lot. Every episode of Bones that can make me cry and laugh within minutes is a winner in my book.

And just because I've been complaining about it so much lately I'd like to point out that I too found Brennan very pretty in this episode, both hair and clothes.

Shep said...

Firstly, I have to say WE’RE BACK, BABY!!!
Best episode this season!
The episode felt pretty fast and slighlty squished, but I’m willing to let that go because it was great. I might as well get the minor dislikes out of the way: 1)I thought they overdid it a bit with the explosion dramatics and 2) the sister joke was ok the first time, but but then we had:‘Who’s this, your sister?’from Booth. He knows Brennan doesn’t have a sister!
But like I said, those are minor things.
3)Actually, one more, I was afraid they’d go overboard and have Zooey Deschanel popping up in every scene but instead we didn't see much of her, which was also a bit dissapointing. Her scenes with Emilly were quite brief.

Might as well get the girly moment out of the way too. Almost-naked Booth = hotness! Leather jacket Booth – always a good thing. And Booth wearing a lab coat, socks, with no trousers – that was a new one, and a fantastic one at that! *unavoidable drooling* Booth actually looked very smart and squinty wearing the labcoat and using the scanner.

It’s great to have a Christmas episode again. I’m glad there weren’t strings of jokes being made by everyone about the irony of Santa causing Christmas havoc. I loved Booth going all tough FBI-ey on the bomber and the pirate-radio guy.

I thought the evidence scene was very well done. You could see Booth was affected when Brennan was taking off his shirt and tie, whilst Brennan, whilst on teh suface she didn't show mcuh awkwardness, she wasn't asdistant as shge would've been in S1 – it was very in-character. ‘I’m just gonna start reciting some Saints’ – hee!
We don’t need to have stuff like that pointed out to us, one of the great things about Bones has always been the subtlety.
I also loved this exchange:
Hodgins: Where’s your chest hair?
Booth: I’m highly evolved
Brennan: His pubic extension is entirely within normal..
Booth: Enough!

Emily’s wardrobe was a definite improvement and I liked Angela’s facial reconstruction scene with the music, - it’s been so long since that type of scene.

I found myself being pulled along by the case – it went pretty fast, but I’m so glad they had the bomber’s mother show distress, and even Brennan was shown to be affected. One of my favourite lines was Angela’s: ‘You don’t think that sometimes we forget that those Bones out there are people?’ YES,YES, YES!!!! Thank you, Angela!! Thank you, writers for coming back to a point that’s been bugging me for so long!! Furthermore, they went to Holden’s funeral!! When was the last time they did that? I think I’m falling in love again! Please, please, please don’t let this be a one-off!

Loved the car scene too! 'You know what, Bones, sometimes I think your heart muscle is bigger than people give you credit for'.

Another thing I really loved about this episode was that they didn’t push the B/B stuff, my head didn’t hurt from being bombarded with obvious B/B lovey-type stuff. Brennan took small, but significant emotional development steps and then they just reaffirmed the good old Bones Christmassy themes: friendship, family, love, family, (and food!) Hodgins:'There's more than one kind of family' - yay with the line from S2! Loved the dinner scene at Brennan's apartment - she doesn't believe in christmas as a religious festival but understands and is beginning to accept the other concepts surrounding it. And Booth peeking at Brennan at the end was cute!

Anonymous said...



'Nuff said.

Jessica said...

Loved the episode have watched and rewatched already :)
I think that Booth is his old self again and Brennan has grown a lot emotionally and I think that's Booth's influence on her he knows her better then anyone imo loved the evidence scene Booth is very much effected by Brennan undressing him his facial expressions tell it all :)

@JL everything you said was in my head also couldn't have said it better :)

Amanda said...

So much has already been said that I agree with. The funeral visitation harkens back (in my mind) to season 1: The Girl in the Garden and The Soldier on the Grave (as does Booth getting all badass).

I also liked the "There's more than one kind of family."

I, too, am sad we didn't get to see Russ and Amy's wedding. I guess because we got to see the Hodgela Wedding that Wasn't the producers didn't want to do another wedding episode?

I was surprised we didn't get Brennan backing/questioning Daisy's tidbits on when Xmas should be celebrated.

As for the "political message" I guess you could say they stole the idea from "The Fisher King" as well (shock jock says "kill 'em all!" and someone does that). Unfortunately, there's nothing new under the sun. The difference is how a writer works the tale over with new characters, new sub/side plots, setting, etc. Now that I think about it, the Fisher King is also a retelling of the Arthurian Legend... so there really isn't anything new under the sun.

Anonymous said...

Was there a promo for the next episode? Anybody have a link? When is the next episode? I'm having a CRISIS here!

Wendy said...

There is no promo yet. It will be sometime mid-Jan. Possibly the 14th.

Jessica said...

@Anon 6.42

No promo and I´m having a crisis too 5 weeks no Bones is just to long :( for a Bones addict how do I survive this guess I'll have to watch all seasons of Bones again but 1st I'm gonna start with rewatching TGotG ahh Booth just evidence lol

Anonymous said...

What happened to Booths scar from getting shot? I hate when they forget about these things.

Also does DB wax his chest? Theres no way he's naturally like that! I think we need more of Booth shirtless :)

I also feel cheated that there was no kiss, and that Zooey was only in 3 scenes!!

Anonymous said...

I too loved the episode. I was rolling during the undressing of Booth.

@Cheryl--"cadre of saints" (snicker). Sooooo true and so funny.

The fact that Bren got the up close and personal view of the "pubic extension" and noticed tells me she wasn't as unaffected as one might think.

@JL--I wondered where Pops was too. It would have been cute to see him and Margaret exchange some lines.

About the political issues--I have to say, I think Bones does a good job of covering opposing views, usually between Booth and Hodgins. I didn't feel that the radio guy changed his views, just how he was going to approach them. It reminded me of Angela telling Hodgins off during the episode with the burned soldier when she told him if he yelled too loud people would stop listening.

And speaking of Angela, I loved the reconstruction montage with her. We usually only see the end product and not how she gets there. The old school reconstruction was nice to see. It was reminiscent (which I'm pretty sure I just mispelled but I haven't had my morning coffee yet!) of the pilot when Bren reconstructs the skull.

For me, an all around great show. Looking forward to watching it...over and over and over!


Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:36:

Good point, I never thought about the scar...I guess i was too distracted by the view! :)

As for the chest hair, DB could wax (my brother does!), but I also know very manly men who naturally do not have chest hair. I like the smoothness though...chest hair feaks me out! :)

Kate said...

Didn't care too much for this episode. It wasn't really bad, just had too many side plots crammed in. Booth's Christmas, Brennan and Margaret, Cam and Michelle, Daisy and Christmas. I also felt like some things must have been cut out rather late in the process like Booth not having Parker for Christmas or Brennan inviting everyone else to her party.

Bit of a shame. I think it would have been a really good episode if they had picked one B plot or at least done a better job of integrating all the individual Christmas plots together.

As for the chest hair, I believed we've discussed before how little/light-colored his hair is. That people think about it creeps me out a little.

Courtney said...

I liked it, but Man In the Fallout Shelter is still my personal fave x-mas episode.

I was happy to see Booth in a few action scenes again - I've missed those.

Loved how he just handed Bones his gun without her asking for it - and asking her to "cover him" - that too is a change from the past.

I would like them to speed up the wooing DB has talked about so much in his interviews...doesn't have to be something huge, but a bit more would make me happy. I rather miss the intense closing scenes between the two of them from past seasons but I realize the relationship has changed and we probably won't see much of those anymore. But, I sure do miss them.

I like that she chose to invite him to dinner while undressing him - very personal non-business related question while doing something so intimate.

DB's expressions were just what you would expect from someone being undressed by the person they love in a non-sexual situation.

I liked too that she didn't say a thing when he said he had to start naming saints - I think in the past, she would have asked him why he was doing it.

jenny said...

Wow,AS,that's exactly what I thought when I saw Angela's reconstruction montage!I loved that we saw her do it the "traditional" way.Of course all the high tech stuff is fascinating...but this was so fitting to the whole atmosphere of the epi.

Which I loved!Loved,loved,loved it!I never expected that the scenes in the promo that got us all so hyped up would be only a portion of the great things this epi had!

I loved the bickering in the beginning about whether he's fine or not/how he is evidence now/when Brennan was trying to get things out of Booth's hair and he kept turning it!Loved it!They had gotten a little bit "too comfy" with each other lately. :p

I've heard some people around say Brennan showed nothing during the "evidence" scene,but I disagree.She left the girl to Daisy and took Booth(they were both evidence,right?);she took him to a separate room,while she could have stayed at the platform(like Daisy did and like she did after they were discovered :p);the side glances when she was taking his shirt off;that's what Brennan does.Otherwise...she wouldn't be Brennan.And LOL at Booth's saint line!

As others seems the writers have chosen to take the "Daisy is like a younger version of Brennan" direction.Smart choice,since she seemed to be one of the least "likeable" interns.It didn't bother me this time,because they kept Brennan in character(somehow all this 'fangirling' they wrote for her about their face on the cover of the journal in ANatBM seemed OOC to me).In fact,I liked both Daisy and Sweets in this epi-and Sweets' presence was kept in a reasonable proportion of time.

As for the political messages,it's not the man's change of mind that bothered me;I agree that he just decided to change his approach,not his views.What bothered me about it is how Booth treated him when he went asking for the mother's address.For me,it clearly wasn't the guy's fault;I would feel guilty if I were in his shoes too,but it wasn't his fault,imho.So I couldn't see why Booth would act like this.Although,apart from that...yay for seeing a darker,harda** Booth,during the interrogations etc.

jenny said...

I too thought that we'd get to see more of Zooey.But that didn't bother me enormously.And I'm not sure what to think about Brennan's line on marriage(given the two opinions expressed above),but I think it's definitely a sign of change.Even if she said it cause she was afraid of what a stranger would think if she started talking about antiquated rituals,it's a change.She didn't care about what strangers thought about her and her opinions in the past.

Also...Yay for character balance!!We all love B&B but...Seeing all those interactions between Cam&Michelle and Angela&Hodgins was so nice!I had missed that balance in S4.

I have to say I really liked the actress that played the victim's mother.And the funeral scene was so reminiscent of S1 Woman in the Garden and so filled with emotion,it warmed my heart.

As did the other things from past "there's more than one kind of family" (awww...the line from my fav scene of my series fav epi...) and Booth mentioning Brennan's "mania"-and redeeming himself about it,after all those years(remember Brennan's hurt look in The Man on Death Row?)

"I find him quite pleasing to look at".And her expression after saying it...Emily's acting was so great in this episode.Especially in the car scene,which imo was one of the best in the epi(and quite reminiscent of the "Iceland" scene in EitB,right?)Her expression when he says "When I say 'heartbreaking' you say the heart is a muscle..." is..priceless,for me.

"You don't think that sometimes we forget these bones out there are people?" Totally agree with Shep's comment on that.

Finally,Jl,I hadn't thought about it but you're right,the difference between S1 and S5 is enormous:from everybody fleeing the lab,leaving her alone in MitFS to everybody gathering at her place this!And how much of it does she owe to Booth...The whole scene was really sweet,especially Booth's glance at the end.And I have a feeling,saying "family" twice in his toast was no mistake at all-there's more than one kind of family,after all,right?

gabriel said...
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gabriel said...

I love watching new episodes of Bones and (icing on the cake) I immediately come here and read what my Bones-family is thinking about it. I feel like Christmas is around the corner and am in no danger (have never really been) of spending it alone (literally and virtually too), thank God. :-))
What could I add?
I don't mind ANYTHING about this episode, even though this and that could have been done. Just feel generous and accepting everything that happens in Bones these days.
Mistletoe and kiss? Well, I suppose Cam reminded us of a particular one, but hey, you got Brennan undressing Booth instead. Can't have the same gift for every Xmas! I liked this one a lot (not for DB's nakedness, I already got over that period in my life - rather for how he reacted, it was priceless).
What I also like is how the writers seem to listen to the fans who miss season 1 - they give us reminiscences of those things for which we fell in love with Bones in the first place. The funeral scene reminded me of the Pilot's end (remember how compassionate Brennan used to be about victims? - now she feels the same about the living!). You also had Booth's family quote. And the general feel.
And more. I also thought that the car scene reminded me of the Iceland talk in TEitB. Actually reminded me of Booth's failed 'I love you' confession in the first place (where Brennan interrupted him saying 'blood is in your heart') - first thought it was a reprimand on Booth's part.
And Brennan admitting that she finds Booth pleasing to look at. AND the look on her face: like she was just realising something.
And Angela, and Hodgins and... yaay...
Well, all I can say is that I myself can't stop watching Bones, no matter what. Merry Xmas to all of you who feel the same, you are like family to me!

gabriel said...

I don't want to dwelve on these details but after rewatching - have to ask this: wasn't that a guilty look on Brennan's face when Cam entered the room (while undressing Booth)? If it's all about evidence...why? ;-) Gotcha!

Anonymous said...

i really liked this case. i enjoy it when the parents faith in their child is rewarded like the man in the wall episode. also this was the first case in a while that when they figured out who did it, i was like whoa! didn't see that coming!

hodgins bomb making scene cracked me up. cam getting mad that there wasnt any soap and assuming it was hodgins. hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Brennan has always been compassionate, about the victims & their family. Maybe sometimes awkwardly, but she was. Like Booth said in Foam, she has empathy, she is just awkward, that's what makes her Brennan. & not an untrue lack of empathy.
In the pilot she says she knows how they were feeling, not knowing what happened to their daughter. That's why she does this job, to keep other people from feeling the way she did, she does it out empathy/compassion for the families. In blonde in the game, she is hurting while thinking about the agony the family must be in not knowing. In boy in a tree she reassures the mother that her son was a good man. In man in the fallout shelter she gives Ivy Gillespie's life back by telling her the truth about her fiancé. She was compassionate with Angela in boy in a bush & skull in the desert, & with Booth at the end of man in the suv & man in the wall & soldier on the grave while being a bit harsh I admit, but still. She was compassionate toward the Salvadorian woman in woman in the garden, she didn't want to scare her like Booth was asking her to. She also paid for the funeral. Etc..... A compassionate Brennan is really nothing new.
Since the beginning of the show it's obvious that her heart muscle is bigger than it seems, & Booth knows that from the start, he is the one telling her to show the real her to the jury in girl in the fridge, Goodman said he hired her because she cares.
So why did he say "sometimes"? It's also like he is just discovering it. Is it because of the coma?
In S1 she was portrayed as someone who doesn't show her emotions to anybody but just the people she trusts (Angela, Booth, Goodman, Stires), lately she has been portrayed as someone who is just discovering & showing her emotional side. Big inconsistency.

Booth is supposed to be the emotional one, when will he be as moved as she was in this episode again? & when will Brennan be here for him again, & hopefully not because he would have failed to act like a hero, but because of an emotional situation just like this one that will crush his heart?
He wasn't that moved by a situation that should have moved him.
& since when Brennan needs Booth to think about going to a funeral. I'm tired of Brennan not being able to make a decision without Booth's advices first, she appears needy. Don't like all the changes in Brennan, & if she changes anyway, could she at least make most changes of her own? She is a grown up after all... This looks more & more like a fairy tale, the woman needs to be saved by a man....

Cheryl said...

It's ok JL...apparently we r kindred Bones spirits :) & Merry Christmas to you too Gabriel, fellow obsessed one;)

Bren takes Booth's advice in areas that she values his expertise. This is no different from her asking Hodgins to determine time of death. She does many things of her own volition. She's a strong & intelligent woman...that is never going to change. Booth asking if she wanted to go to the funeral wasn't was Booth assessing the situation & proposing a solution to the problem that she hadn't yet voiced.

I wouldn't read too much into him saying "S'times I think ur heart muscle is bigger than ppl give u credit for" anymore than I read too much into Bren saying "S'times I think ur really very nice" (TVITS).

I'm not sure but I think when Booth refuses to let the DJ have access to Holden's Mom, it was when he knew that the DJ's frequency detonated the bomb but before he knew without doubt that it wasn't done on purpose. That being the case, Booth would be protecting the Mom from having to deal with speaking to the man whose frequency blew up her only child.

Aga said...

I have to say I did like the episode so much. Sure it is different from 'The man in the fallout shelter', which btw had me totally in tears; but people change - grow. And I have always liked it about 'Bones' :) yes, I do miss old brainy Brennan, but if that's the way HH want to take it, I take it.
So many things have been said by others - not enough Zooey, no Paps, no Russ... Well, we probably can on imagining it better; but our imagination is not limited by any budgets or schedules!
One thing that really got me: PEACE ON EARTH. It is like soo Christmas-y!!! A message yes, but since I have been watchin 'Bones' (and 'The Man In The Fellout Shelter' was one of my first ones) I have been thinkin to myself - our beloved squints, and Booth - that's what they do - they mean no harm. What I completely love.

Aga said...

* can keep on imagining

Sorry :]

Anonymous said...

Just read through all the comments above but am sure that nobody has mentioned this: Brennan looking at Booth after he says "silent night" at the end of the ep - I saw desire and optimism there and this struck me as a pivotal moment. I know Booth snuck a peak too but this wasn't at least for me, unexpected. However, for Brennan to do it, tells me that she can't keep her eyes off Booth. I also liked that she recognised that Margaret was affected by her comment about abandoning the wisdom of Ben Franklin and instead relying on her own views etc - the look Brennan gives her shortly before she sneaks a look at Booth was moving and very sweet. Re her look at Booth - what do you think? Am I just seeing what I want to see?

Cheryl said...

Idk...the look Bren gave Booth was warm for sure, but idk abt it expressing desire. IMO, that look would be the equivalent of an inside joke: s'thing pleasant they share that's just them. Was it b4 or after Booth breaks the silence with "Silent Night"?

Anonymous said...

It was after. So yeah, maybe it was in response to him breaking the silence. I just love the look she gives him - warmth, amusement and maybe a little, ickle, bitty hint of bow chicka wow wow!?

Cheryl said...

Warmth? Check.Amusement? Check?bow chicka wow wow? lol. Wishful thinking mayhap?

ceecee said...

To comment on a couple of things stated previously.....
I also noticed the good performance of the actress who played the mother. She really impressed me.
Also, although Brennan has been influenced a lot by Booth and owes him, I think Booth has also been greatly influenced by Brennan and she and her squints brought something to his life.
I have always felt that Brennan was compassionate. She just didn't express it as well as others and seemed to somehow always speak from the logic, reason angle.

jenny said...

@Anon December 11,6:13

I agree with a part of your comment:the part about the differences in how Brennan's emotional side is portrayed through the seasons.That's one of the biggest problems I had in S4.In the first seasons she was shown as more empathetic,even if it was shown only here and there and in an awkward way.Even since the pilot,we see how she's moved by Cleo's story abd Angela saying that "maybe she connects too much"-then suddenly,in S4,she needs lessons from Sweets to RECOGNIZE BASIC FACIAL EXPRESSIONS?Jesus!

What I don't agree with is the fact that you think they don't show her do any progress on her own.I think she does.And personally,from the first moment I saw that scene in the car in this episode,when Brennan started repeating and emphasizing the fact that the mother was burying her son alone,on Christmas,I knew,I knew she wanted to go.She had already thought about it.Booth just verbalized that thought.And that is where he helps her.In verbalizing.In expressing how she feels(and I don't mean her vocabulary skills are not good,of course,she's a best selling author for crying out loud;she just falls into the category of people who most of the times find it enormously difficult to verbalize their most personal thoughts and intimate feelings,especially when those are overwhelming).She doesn't depend on him for thinking or feeling.He just speeds up the process of her taking those thoughts and feelings out in the open.

On a different note...I loved it that when I watched the episode again,I noticed more little things hidden here and there.Like the math analogy that reappeared,in the scene between Max and Brennan.Like Max saying he's "MySpace buddies" with some of his wife's family :).Like the feeling of easy companionship between Hodgins and Booth that was evident here and there(I love Hodgins' enthusiastic comments on the magnetic gloves,btw).Hodgins calling Brennan "Dr.B".And so on...

You know,sometimes we say,oh,it only 43 mins,they can't cover everything etc.But we've seen again that,when they want to,the writers can work wonders.For me,it doesn't take big scenes and heavy moments and "meaningful" declarations.It's in the little things(that most of the time consume very little on screen time)that I recognize the quality of Bones that I fell in love with.And it's this that I keep coming back for.

jenny said...

Oh,I'm helpless,still so enthusiastic :p

Just because I don't think anyone mentioned it/given him credit for it-I really liked seeing Ryan O'Neil again.

And,that sounds childish but...I felt my chest expand a bit when I heard Booth say "22705" again...(Ok,you can laugh at me all you want!)

Cheryl said...

Naw's ok. It _has_ been a while since he's had to ID himself via radio :)

Stephanie said...

The more I think about this episode, the more I realize I really didn't like it. I've seen it twice, and I keep coming up with new complaints. Maybe the anticipation for this episode was just too high or something, but with the exception of a few small scenes, I think overall, I was kinda disappointed.

While I agree that the writers are fantastic and they can't always cover everything in 43 minutes, I think in this case, they tried to cover too much. There was a lot going on, which I think is why I've seen a lot of comments about not enough Zooey, the rushed dinner scene at the end, not enough B&B, etc.

Jenny - I really liked seeing Ryan O'Neal again, too. They can bring Brennan's family back anytime, as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

This may be a nit-picky comment, but did anyone wonder why the Santa goop was on the BACK of Booth's coat and collar when he was facing Santa when the explosion happened?

And contrary to this, the cab-driver's injuries were mostly on his face and arms and Santa had his back to him, with the explosive device strapped to his chest. Did I miss something here?

Also the fact that Booth goes from having a fairly spotless coat to a goop-covered coat to a spotless coat again in a matter of minutes from 3:50 to about 5:38 in the epi ...

kba said...

Yeah, one other editing glitch in "evidence recovery" scene...Brennan pushes Booth's shirt back over his shoulders & walks around to remove it--as she walks around, Booth's shirt is NOT pushed back, but when cut to her actually reaching for the shirt to take it off it IS pushed off his shoulders again.

Mostly I really liked this episode though. Brennan being upset at someone's loss of family at Christmastime makes perfect sense to me given her own family history. I don't think she would have tried to express why she was upset, verbally, in previous seasons, though; I think this shows both her growth and her trust in Booth.

I guess I am in the minority on this one, though--when I saw Brennan's hair in the dinner scene I thought she looked like she had winter "hat-head"! Thought it was funny when several of you commented that her hair looked great in that scene ;) [with apologies to those who are tired of comments on how Brennan looks...]

Anonymous said...

Yes, kba, I noticed the shirt anomaly too. Editing getting a bit sloppy there!

Courtney said...

I have to say that I found the character played by Zooey D. to be really uninteresting and, frankly, came across as deadly dull the way ZD was directed in her scenes. I have zero interest in knowing anything more about the character at all.'

I don't understand why they made such a big deal about her coming on the show and then gave her such an absurd character with little impact on anything whatsoever.

I wonder if we are just going to get one red herring after another - Booth is made into evidence so we can watch a slow stripping of him by Bones - I hate to admit it but I felt nothing emotional in this episode. There was so much going on but none of it had any real depth - to me anyway.

I loved Santa in the Slush mostly because of the inclusion of Parker and the whole terrific discussion amongst the players about it being okay to lie to kids at
Christmas - it was fun to listen to Bones trying to explain that concept to Russ. And, I loved the gathering the trailer and Booth and Parker bringing the tree - all hit me on an emotional level.

I just can't quite put my finger on what is missing in the stories - for me - that is leaving me feeling less than satisfied at the end of an episode.

I still love the show - just not the same way as I used to....

Dee-Em said...

@Courtney: I know what you mean, and I agree. The episodes are very watchable and feel-good, but they don't compare with the depth of S1 and S2, and even some in S3.

I think it's character exploration that's missing. I say exploration because there's not much more that can be done with character development, because we've seen the main characters through four seasons already. So it's got to be character exploration--but can new sides/dimensions to the characters be found? For eg: what, except for Angela's celibacy (which is now quite boring) can we learn about her? Hardly anything. Hodgins? The same. In fact, he's become quite a washout. The interns? Each one seems to get their one moment of fame, and that's it. Eg: Wendell, after that passionate buildup with Angela, has completely disappeared from the forensic platform, it seems.

Even B&B are taken in various directions that are not followed up. The plumbing incident might never have happened; same for the declaration of love. Perhaps these things will all be brought together in the later episodes of the season, but the current episodes seem more like self-contained one-offs rather than part of a series with a sequence that keeps us interested to find out what happens next to each of our favourite people.

It says a lot for the talent of the cast that in spite of this disappointment, we continue to watch and enjoy their interactions.

Courtney said...

I think it is that but when I recall episodes like the one where Bones bonded with the little boy who knew who killed his foster brother but was afraid to tell because he would be taken away from his foster mother and Bones making sure the boys stayed with the foster mom - that episode is just one example of the emotional wallop the earlier episodes could bring - there are many more examples.

Right now, they seem stuck in place and I think there are places they could take the characters based on the personalities we know - it seems like they just aren't putting in the effort to bring layers to the episodes they did in the early years.

It's nothing new for a series at this stage but I really want, as a fan, to see something other than fake out gimmicks like the undressing of Booth -though wonderful to see as it is - we have seen a kiss for the sake of a negotiation, this striptease, the fake sleeping together in the finale last season - I'm hoping they move along quickly from this kind of thing.

I used to find this show to be much smarter, for lack of a better word, that I think it is now. I loved the debates/arguments about religion, cultural differences, etc.

Oh well - I really do need to let it go because I think this is it and I'm still glad the show is around.

Anonymous said...

Attention Hart Hanson and/or BONES video-makers. Have you noticed that Jason Mraz's "If it Kills Me" is pretty much Booth's Soundtrack? I especially like the live version from the Casanova Sessions!

Kelsey said...

There is so much I love about his episode, but maybe my favorite is Brennan's face as she says "Isn't that heartcrushing?"
It was perfect, props to Emily Deschanel.

olivia said...

I was re-watching last night and I am thinking when margaret said to bones: " must venture as bait", that even though bones thought she was talking about booth, the advice was actually for bones. Bones had kind of hinted that she found booth attaractive, and I don't think margaret had enough contact with booth to know he was in love with bones. I think she picked up on Bone's attraction and was telling her to go for it.

What does everyone think?

Cheryl said...

I think Max followin that comment with "Families always give unwanted advice honey" confirms ur theory Olivia.

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