Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorite Quotes: The Goop in the Girl

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Goop in the Girl.


tybonium said...

"You should know, he is very hard to resist"
Bones about Booth

Anonymous said...

The naming of the saints was very cute, but she didn't even ask why?

Also this is not a quote but I do love how TJ Thynes hair is growing out a little, I love his curls.

JL from Canada said...

Hodgins to Booth: "Where's your chest hair?"
Booth: "I'm highly evolved"
Brennan: "His pubic extension is entirely within normal..."
Booth: "Alright, enough!"
(Did anyone else go back to the undressing scene to take another look at the 'pubic extension'? lol)

The emoticon conversation between Sweets and Daisy cracked me up…and of course I had to figure out what they were saying:
:] = smile
:D = Laugh or big grin
;) = wink
<3 = heart or love
:P = sticking out tongue

Brennan; "He's and exterminator. By definition he hurts flies." (HA!)

Booth: "You know what, Bones, sometimes I think your heart muscle is bigger than people give you credit for" (awwwww!)

One slight pet peeve in the word-smithing arena: Daisy says that having evidence that talks is “disconcerning”, which sould obviously be “disconcerting” :-)

Dijea said...

"If I said heart-breaking you would tell me the heart is a muscle and can't break, only crush"

Miss Mary said...

One of my favorite Bones line of all times resurfaced tonight

There is more than one kind of family

ceecee said...

"These are so going on my Christmas list." Hodgins on magnetic gloves

"Pants,pants..I need pants. Where are my pants". Booth

"You should know....he is very hard to resist". Bones

Stephanie said...

Maggie: "Neither one of those things is true..."
Booth (to Brennan): "Yeah, you're right. There's no resemblance at all."

And of course,
Angela: "Are we doing experiments on Booth because if so, I'd like to help!"

And I loved both sister jokes. Hee.

Anonymous said...


and if we are doing experiments on booth id love to join!

Anonymous said...

WOW, biggest coincidence!!
i have just been re-watching some episodes and i just watched Judas On a Pole (to refresh memories, the episode max comes back) and booth says, "there is more then one kind of family!!" as he has his hand under Brennans chin.

in this episode he says exactly the same line!

Shep said...

Love this one from Angela, it brought up something we haven't seen on Bones in a while:
'You don't think that sometimes we forget that those Bones out there are people?'

Anonymous said...

Agree with you, Shep.
I have enjoyed the return of caring about the victims more this season. And this last episode was very much all heart.
I also enjoyed Angela being the heart person again -- and the artist.


Eli said...

Everything the DJ said nearly at the end. So beautiful and nice voice too. Even better than Hodgins' narration.

Louise said...

Loooved the emoticon chatting. xD And the "pants, pants, I need pants!"

It was a great episode. :D Lots of laughs.

Rebecca said...

I loved when Cam told Michelle, "It's my job to make sure you know you are loved," or something along those lines. That whole conversation was great.

Lily said...

Bones: 'Well, why do people hate spend Christmas alone?'
Max: 'Cause it means nobody loves them.'

Booth: 'Who is this, your sister?'
Bones: 'No, uh... my second cousin.'
Margaret: 'I'm Margaret.'
Bones: 'There's no resemblance.'
Booth: 'What do you mean? You're both very beautiful.'

Margaret: 'His eyes are too small to be really handsome.'
Bones: 'Well, I have to admit, I... find him pleasing to look at.'

Bones: 'I'd rather hear what you have to say than Benjamin Franklin.'
Margaret: 'That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.'
And her smile!

Anonymous said...

Brennan's entire Christmas speech at the end...especially when she talks about how it's celebrated by drinking, naked dancing, and eating human-shaped cookies! :D

Vasso said...

Booth: "To family, friends, lovers, family and food..."

Brennan: "You said family twice, it's repetitious..."

Booth: "It's a good toast though..."

I love them so much!!!

I also loved the chest hair discussion!!!

Jessica said...

Did anyone find Angela's facial reconstruction scene reminiscent of the first episode of Bones where Emily Deschanel does the same thing...They were both underscored by song (in the first episode it was collide by Howie Day i don't know what it was in this episode) and they both did it alone and had the camera panning around them. I loved the sentiment created behind it =D

Anonymous said...

Brennan: "I'm--recovering evidence"
Booth: "Just evidence"

Evidence that needed a recitation of saint's name to recover :-)

leeloo said...

Daisy: "Agent Booth, you look, wow..."
and she was kinda drooling there ;)

that just cracked me up

jenny said...

Yes,Jessica,I thought so too!A couple of us mentioned it in the episode discussion.It was really touching and I liked that they put Angela in this this time.In fact,I loved that the episode seemed to have a great balance as to how much time was devoted to each character.No character felt "neglected" this time.

And of course Michaela did a very good job.Especially at the end,where she is putting the 'final touches' and softening his characteristics,it feels like a caress.You can see the emotional,empathetic Angela of the first seasons again there.Because,with all that focus on her sex life in the recent past,we had kinda forgotten that...don't you think?

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