Monday, December 14, 2009

Fox has such a spiffy commissary

Wonder if the food is as nice? I am not so sure when it looks like Barry Josephson is peppering his coffee!

Source: @harthanson, Twitpic


Anonymous said...

maybe he's completely sleep deprived because of his baby and he thinks he's putting sugar in there...

--B. Booth

P.S. Wendy, would you be able to write out your email address for me here? I had an idea for a King of the Lab trivia, and for reasons too boring to go into, I can't just click on an icon to contact you via email. Thanks!

Wendy said... is the blog email

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Wendy!

this isn't Bones related, but I thought some readers might be interested to know David's dad, Dave Roberts, retired on Dec. 11th from WPVI, channel 6 in Philadelphia. He had been a weatherman for them since 1978.

--B. Booth

Dijea said...

I have to say this, but that looks like a picture of the dining room and my mother-in-law's nursing home. 10 years ago

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