Friday, December 4, 2009

Goop in the Girl Videos

Here are a variety of Fox videos centering around next week's Bones "The Goop in the Girl." Spoilers.

No spoilers in the 1st half of this video, but from 2min to 3 min they discuss some of the episode plot.

B-roll of the episode being shot.

Clips from the episode

Michaela Conlin talks about the episode - who's in it, what's going on, some of the scenes, etc

Carla Gallo talks about the episode, answering similar questions as Michaela

John Francis Daley also answers those questions

Tamara Taylor and TJ Thyne, same questions but more fun with the two of them answering at once

David Boreanaz, same questions with extra information about Booth


Anonymous said...

Its not fair that so many beautiful people co-exist in the same room!

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