Friday, December 4, 2009

@harthanson Re: Avatar has its Perks

Hart Hanson on one big plus of the Avatar tie-in:

Think it will be worth it?


Mary said...

The bells and whistles I want won't cost anything extra - unless they have to pay Emily and David more to make out!

Anonymous said...

Well said Mary! I hated the Avatar tie-in. HATED IT!

CupcakeBean said...

I blame Fox for the Avatar tie-in. And the Simpsons one. And the American Idol one. And the Family Guy one. Am I forgetting any?

I will say this though, the writers do a fairly decent job with all this cross-promotional crap. I don't like it, but if it keeps my show on the air longer, I'll deal with it!

jenny said...

As someone said on twitter...maybe this means we get to see the Angelator once more?For the 100th episode,perhaps,considering the spoilers about a storyline they might cover in it? (not saying more,here)

And,Mary...LOL! :D

Anonymous said...

the tie-in was ok, and if it gives them more of a budget so be it, ok back to that darn addicting Pong game!


Cheryl said...

Maybe the tie-in is more likely to annoy u if ur already overexposed to Avatar ads. I'd seen maybe 1 ad before Bones aired & it really didn't bother me. In fact, watching those 3's antics to secure a spot in the line was pretty funny :D

Lisa said...

I agree with Cheryl. I haven't seen a lot of the Avatar promos. So, the tie in didn't really bother me. In fact, it reminded me of the lines for the second Star Wars trilogy. My sister & I stayed in line to get tickets for our brothers. The way Bones depicted the fans of the Avatar reminded me of the Star Wars fans...wearing the costumes & carrying a radio blaring the Star Wars

What else can I say but it's the devotion of the fans. As a devoted Bones fan, I can totally relate & if I got the chance to meet DB, ED, HH & the rest of the cast...I might camp out

courtney.morrow26 said...

For me, it will only be worth it if they bring back the really great writers of the first few seasons and put more time in developing well thought out scripts. Also, if it allows them to have some action again like in Two Bodies in the Lab, the Halloween episode, the one where they rescue the little boy, guns blazing - I miss all that. It was well written and moving stuff.

Not a fan - at all - of the gimmicks - like the sister being a guest star, showing off DB's chest (yes, it's nice, but really, it is what it is), the Family Guy - Simpsons -

If the writing were as wonderful as early in the series (and, yeah, I know it is my personal opinion), then I would be fine with all the goofiness and tinkling silly music that we now get.

Okey dokey - rant over. I just want original recipe Bones back....

Anonymous said...

@ courtney.morrow26:

You are right. Aren't we all watching Bones in hope of getting a glimpse of what hooked us in first place? I don't want to sound pessimistic, but I think Bones has run its course. We are just witnesses to its falling off the throne.


Anonymous said...

re the last comments: not all Bones fans were hooked during season 1 or 2, some of us joined the gang later ;-) for me, it's still a great show even though different to what it was, but no falling off anywhere!

bbshipper said...

Honestly i was hooked on Bones from a season 3 episode and then went back to watch seasons 1 & 2.

I admit that the nature of the show has changed from the early to the latter seasons but I can enjoy both for what they are.

I liked the deeper darker earlier episodes but I also love the more lighthearted nature of the more current ones (I wouldnt mind a dash of more serious episodes more focused on the case or strong character development every now and then either though)

At the end of the day the Avatar tie in did not bother me at all, Fisher, Sweets and Hodgepodge made it funny and bearable AND HH has to find a way to pay the bills right?

I for one will NEVER complain about seeing Booth's chest *teehee* - there is just not enough of that going around IMO ;0)

Irene Adler said...

I should say for the record that I still really enjoy Bones. But the product placement is getting pretty ridiculous.

The Toyota stuff was bad enough. Suddenly every car in the friggin' show is a Toyota... okay, even that would be fine, if not for the blatant callouts ("That Sequoia is FINE!" or whatever it was, and "Angela's Matrix", etc). But Avatar being plastered all over the show was just sad.

This is really a general TV complaint, not so specific to Bones, but I think that if we're going to have to put up with such blatant product placement, they should make a tradeoff for less, or shorter, commercial breaks. It's probably a pie-in-the-sky dream, but at this rate we're headed for one hour timeslots with 35 minutes of actual show footage, 50% of which is just an advertisement for something else. It's ridiculously irritating.

Nicole said...

Product placement---part of life! Buy into it or don't buy into it, doesn't change anything. Avator fit the story unless you were focusing on it. Someone brought up Toyota cars being used on the set....soooo what? Don't buy one! Some people didn't even powerful could it have been if some didn't notice.

HH made a decision(maybe not---maybe didn't have a choice) and for the most part it worked. It didn't for some people but it's done! Great for him that he got something out of it! His life or job doesn't stop because some viewers were upset with what they saw....if that was the case, Bones wouldn't exist because people find something to B*tch about every episode!

Stephanie said...

Personally, I do not notice product placement AT ALL unless it's something really, really obvious that they beat us over the head with like this Avatar thing. All their cars on Bones are Toyotas? That's news to me. I see people complaining about product placement all the time, and I never have any idea what they're talking about because it all goes completely over my head. I love using my DVR to skip commercials as much as the next person, but I don't notice product placement on my shows.

I'm one of the fans they write these "gimmicks" for, so if product placement is what it takes to provide them with the money to do it, I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous December 6, 2009 1:08 PM
@ bbshipper

You know that DB is going to get old, don't you? And so does the "attack whoever disagrees with you" attitude of Fox news followers!?!!

Grow up and become more civilized.

Irene Adler said...

Okay, I would just like to point out, once again, that I prefaced my comment by saying that I still really enjoy Bones. I will not stop watching it because of product placement, and I didn't insult anyone who *doesn't* have a problem with it.

I simply pointed out that it's getting a bit obvious, which tends to annoy me. Pardon me for actually voicing my opinion in a comment thread where we were encouraged to voice our opinions.

I also have nothing against Toyota, for the record. They make excellent vehicles. I just have to roll my eyes at how blatant marketing is getting.

The world would be in much better shape if people devoted this much energy to issues that actually matter instead of calling each other idiots over TV shows. ...oops, silly me. That was another opinion. *prepares to be tarred and feathered*

bbshipper said...

@Anon December 8, 2009 12:39 PM

I cannot imagine how i got embroiled in this snarky little debate - its not at all what I am about.

I re-read my comment and still think I was expressing a balanced opinion. I would say sorry it offended or upset you but there is nothing to be sorry about I guess - so hope your day gets better?

As for Booth getting old? Well so will I and I will probably be the old fangirl thinking old Booth is sexy even in his sweatervest and

Peace and Good vibes my friend!

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