Monday, December 14, 2009

Hart's a hot writer

The Flick Chicks have deemed Hart Hanson their first hot writer of the week.

Hart Hanson

Best known as Creator and Showrunner of Bones. He’s a proud papa, family man, the creator/writer of a show that keeps the juices flowing for all who watch, a funny twitterer, and must be cool because he’s from Oakville (Toronto) Canada. (ed. note: I know a more than a few people from Oakville–they are all crazy cool.) Plus, people….his name is Hart (awwwww)!

Check out the rest of the reasons at their website.


johnnasunshine said...

Thanks y'all. We think you are pretty hot as well! Do you mind if we put you on our blogroll?

Wendy said...

Not at all :)

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