Saturday, December 19, 2009

I can always post about babies!

Marissa Coughlan, aka Agent We-Never-Want-To-See-You-Again-MmKay? (no hard feelings?), has an adorable little boy!

Thanks, Alanna, for the link.


forensicduck said...

I never had a problem with her character. I think it was interesting to see her interact with the Squints, Brennan and Booth. Very cute baby though! :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a jealous Brennan...bring her on back!

Cheryl said...

So we can see another 2 eps at least of BB playing partners? No's taken them long enuf to get where they are. If any new love interests pop up this season I may be tempted to hurt s'one. Perotta's character is fine tho...the cutest thing was "My ppl were right"
"YOUR ppl??"
"We're BOOTH'S ppl"


Anonymous said...

Cheryl - love that line.

Plus, I think she figured out that Bones and Booth were 'linked in a profound way' during her second episode!

Cheryl said...

@ Anon

lol u mean profoundly linked as in

Bren:Booth can b needlessly protective s'times. I have no idea why.

Perotta:You really don't do u?

Nishant said...

Very cute baby though! :)

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