Monday, December 28, 2009

The Sexy Women of Bones

BuddyTV lists TV's sexy women and they show Bones plenty of love.

#48 Tamara Taylor, Bones

On screen Tamara Taylor portrays the no-nonsense frill-less Dr. Cam Saroyan. In person, Tamara possesses the kind of soft flawless beauty that makes you clutch your chest and wonder if she travels with her own perfect lighting crew.

#44 Emily Deschanel, Bones

Emily Deschanel may not be a conventional beauty, but she is a rare one. Porcelain skin, captivating ice blue eyes, and a warm mischievous smile elevate her above the boring-blonde, tanorexic beauty standards of modern Hollywood.

#29 Michaela Conlin, Bones

Conlin has the sweetest face and the kindest expressions, but don't let her niceness fool you. She's fiercely hot and has gotten more action at the Jeffersonian than anyone else.


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