Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vote for Emily Deschanel - Sweet 16 Round (3)

Emily Deschanel has advanced to a new round in the girl on girl contest on Kristen's blog. Vote to keep her going!

Currently it is: Game 4.2

  • 50.2% Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), Chuck
  • 49.8% Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Bones
She needs to be back on top and stay there!


jenny said...

I just voted and it's the exact opposite now,with Emily at 50.2%.

bbshipper said...


Game 4.2
49.1% Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), Chuck
50.9% Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Bones

Anonymous said...

Sarah is hotter, I love Em, but she is second place this time.

Destiny said...

Here are the latest results.

Game 4.2
48.0% Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), Chuck
52.0% Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Bones

bean said...

i like to think this post helped! (; i voted and shes definitley winning

Beth said...


Game 4.2
46.9% Sarah Walker
53.1% Temperance Brennan! :)

Keep voting

Anonymous said...

Please return Emily (Bones) to her Eco-Warrior look of the first 4 seasons and stop dressing her in such unflattering clothes and hair styles!! David (Booth) dresses fabulous..why the sudden change in Bones style?? Come on Hart!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what is happening on that poll - but I just voted for emily 25 times and her percentage went down!

Destiny said...

Ouch, Drmatic turnaround
53.2% Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), Chuck
46.8% Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Bones

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong on this poll. I voted 15 times for Emily and her percentage is still the same.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The voting is warped, or there is a sudden uprising of Sarah Walker fans I had no idea existed.

Anonymous said...

It's been rising slowly some time now, it's 47,2% now.But obviously we need more than that!

Vanessa said...

She's on top again!

46.6% Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), Chuck
53.4% Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Bones

Keep voting, this will be tough!

Lawrence said...

You guys voting multiple times, the poll software will remove your votes if it sees multiples coming from the same IP address. If you want to cheat you must use a proxy. Otherwise it will go against her.

Anonymous said...

hey bones is losing!!!

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