Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What is the Best Episode of Bones Season 5 (so far)?

I've added two new polls on the right that go hand in hand:

Best Episode of Bones Season 5 (so far)


Favorite Episodes of Bones Season 5 (so far)

The reason for two separate polls is to try to pick one winner but also see what episodes are well-liked so far. You can pick multiple choices in the 2nd poll.

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Previous Poll:

What do you think of Angela and Wendell?

Love it!
270 (16%)
Hate it!
179 (10%)
She needed someone, anyone
126 (7%)
She should be with Hodgins
822 (49%)
Sweet start
179 (10%)
Did she just take money for sex?
128 (7%)
Fling, no ring!
212 (12%)
Hope it's over quickly
246 (14%)
I feel bad for Hodgins
408 (24%)
Makes no sense
193 (11%)
She should be with Booth
15 (0%)
She should be with Sweets
22 (1%)
Wendell should be with Cam
60 (3%)
Don't care what happens with them
84 (5%)
32 (1%)

Votes so far: 1657
Poll closed

It seems that the most important player in that couple is... Hodgins.


Emily said...

Yeah, go Hodgins! :)
Both polls say "poll closed" right now

Wendy said...

Ack. Fixed it, thanks.

Stephanie said...

Seeing the reactions to Angela and Wendell right after that episode aired was really interesting. On one site I go to, everyone loved it (seriously, there wasn't one negative comment about them!) and then on another site, most people hated it. Interesting that Hodgins beat everything else over here.

geekily said...

I still say "did she just take money for sex?" is the best, because that's exactly what I thought when I watched the episode.

JL from Canada said...

Love the polls! While everyone is in voting mode, vote for Emily at

Lily said...

The polls are great :) That's great idea.

Alert! Ask Ausiello Spoiler:
Wonder who will be.

Rock said...

@ Lily:
OMG, i visit the Ausiello´s page, i can´t believed

Wendy said...

Made a new post to contain the spoiler discussion

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