Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Schedule change: More information

Here is the press release for the schedule change Thursday (due to Presidential farewell address). The speech is only going to last 15 minutes, delaying Bones until next week.

It also gives us more information about upcoming Thursday nights:

Thursday, January 15
8:00/7:00c - "Presidential Address"
8:15/7:15c - (To Be Announced)
9:00/8:00c - "Kitchen Nightmares"

Thursday, January 22
--8:00/7:00c - "Bones: Double Trouble in the Panhandle" (Time Slot Premiere)
--9:00/8:00c - "Bones: Hero in the Hold" (New Episode - Special Time)

Thursday, January 29
8:00/7:00c - "American Idol" (Special Night)
9:00/8:00c - "Hell's Kitchen" (Season Premiere)

Thursday, February 5
--8:00/7:00c - "Bones"
9:00/8:00c - "Hell's Kitchen"

Thursday, February 12
8:00/7:00c - "40th NAACP Image Awards" (Two-Hour Special)

Thursday, February 19 & 26
--8:00/7:00c - "Bones"
9:00/8:00c - "Hell's Kitchen"

Thursday, March 5
8:00/7:00c - "American Idol" (Special Night)
9:00/8:00c - "Hell's Kitchen"

So, it looks like we can expect more pre-emptions in the next few weeks - on 1/29, 2/12, and 3/5.

Spoiler Clips - Double Trouble in the Panhandle

Fox is being unusually tight about the spoiler clips for Double Trouble in the Panhandle, so you will have to go see them at either http://www.Fox.com/Bones or at the Bones SpoilerTV page. Sorry!

Edit: Now that I've watched them I would say that 1 is not spoilerish at all, 2 spoils a fun scene with Booth and Brennan and 3 spoils some case information.

Schedule Change: No New Bones this Week

Bones is getting bumped this week for a speech from President Bush. So...one extra week to new Bones. But, they doesn't just push back the schedule of all the episodes, they will be airing 2 Bones episodes January 22nd instead - both Double Trouble in the Panhandle and The Hero in the Hold.

David Boreanaz: Golden Globes

Emily Deschanel wasn't alone at the Golden Globes. David Boreanaz also attended.

Thanks, Jess!

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