Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bones on Thursdays leads to Ugly Betty pull

The Washington Post has a great piece about the Thursday night ratings war at 8 - which only became a war....thanks to the introduction of Bones.

Yep, Bones has been in it's new timeslot 1 week, and it's already garnering attention as the little workhorse that could - knocking off media favorite Ugly Betty immediately.

Check out the full article for a great read on what Bones has, can, and will do, but here are some of the good bits:

Less than one week after Fox -- traditionally Thursday's most irrelevant broadcaster -- moved its workhorse "Bones" into the night's 8 p.m. hour and thumped the competition, ABC has been pretty much compelled to announce that it's yanking its ratings-anorexic "Ugly Betty" out of that hour come March.

ABC suits apparently did the math and realized that Fox could run virtually all original episodes of "Bones" in the time slot for the rest of the TV season.

Last Thursday, "Bones" stepped in and clocked nearly 10 million viewers, winning the hour; it also swept the hour among 18-to-49-year-old viewers, who are the hot blond cheerleaders of Madison Avenue. It marked the first time in more than three years that Fox has been able to take that time slot with a scripted show.

Of course, in that hour, "Bones" was not battling CBS's "Survivor," which is taking a rest between editions. The next round, "Survivor: Tocantins," debuts Feb. 12.

Survivor will debut on a week when Bones is pre-empted. I'm optimistic about that making the February 19th episode nothing to snuff at, ratings-wise! Aren't people tired of Survivor yet?

Thanks, Stephanie, for the heads up!

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