Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Princess and the Pear: Episode Stills

Not to take to much attention away from that Season Finale spoiler...

But there are a lot of episodes to go between now and then! Thursday, February 19th we will see "The Princess and the Pear." You can check out the episode description here, and now we have some pictures too!

What do you think? TVGuide spoiler on the Season Finale

Click through to comments to read the spoiler on the season finale. I don't have a link or a scan yet, but, thanks to Angela, I have a bit of information about what Hart Hanson said to TVGuide regarding Booth and Brennan in the finale.

More information when I get my hands on it!


Angela can't get it scanned right now, but here's a picture of the TVGuide that covers most of the article. It talks about a few other spoilers for the rest of the season as well. Don't click the picture if you don't want spoilers!

Try this link to the image - the caption on the article was way too big, spoiling the anti-spoiler readers unintentionally!

Someone let me know if you find the HQ before I do!

The Princess and the Pear: Episode Description

The press release/episode description is out for "The Princess and the Pear," which airs on February 19th. Read it here (spoiler warning).

This should be a great episode. You can hear a little bit about filming a scene from it on one of our podcasts (episode #20): this is the episode the lucky fan, Meegan, got to be a part of!

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