Thursday, February 5, 2009

"The Hero in the Hold" - Live Thoughts and Discussion

If you can tear yourself away from the screen long enough (what are commercials for, after all?) then here's the place to post your live thoughts and after-episode discussion for "The Hero in the Hold."

JFD: No-Spin Q&A Recap

I love it when actors/writers/producers do these conference call discussions. It is great that it results in all this media attention, with articles appearing in a variety of publications, but for the fans already here for the long-haul...I'll take a verbatim Q&A anyday!

Check out Lynn's recap at SearchingBones to read every question and answer from John Francis Daley's conference call earlier this week. It does have a few spoilers, but nothing specific that would ruin your day to learn.

Happy Bonesday!

With the every-other-week pre-emptions for the moment, it's definitely worth extra celebrations on Bonesday! There has certainly been a lot of pot-stirring going on from Hart Hanson lately (trying to keep us busy waiting out the funky schedule?). If you don't know what I mean...where have you been? Or, um...just check it out here and here (spoiler warning).

But tonight we get one of the most anticipated Bones episodes: The Hero in the Hold. Plenty of tidbits to pass the day - promo, pictures, clips, the episode description, and the spoiler chat post!

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