Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now here's a better gift for February 24th...

I mentioned that Fox is rerunning Bones on Tuesday February 24th and someone said that wasn't a good birthday gift.

How about David Boreanaz on The View?!

Thanks, Francie!

New Poll: I don't have an idea ....

I want to close out the dead polls on the right and start a new one, but I don't have an idea at the moment.

So, I'm soliciting yours - what do you think the fans should vote on? You never know who's seeing your votes!

Previous polls:

What do you think of Mr. Nigel-Murray after his appearance in "Double Trouble in the Panhandle?"

Like him more - 126 (23%)
Like him less - 146 (27%)
Like him the same - 223 (41%)
I hate them all - 35 (6%)
Other - 9 (1%)

What do you think of Wendell after his appearance in "The Fire in the Ice?"

Like him more - 495 (84%)
Like him less - 11 (1%)
Like him the same - 50 (8%)
I hate them all - 28 (4%)
Other - 2 (0%)

Ausiello TV: Tamara Taylor jokes

Ausiello asked Tamara Taylor about the Bones season finale spoiler (look here and here if you don't know - but be warned!) back at the TCA. Check out the latest AusielloTV to hear her take on what is sure to go on behind the scenes.

Thanks, Shep!

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