Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TVGuide Spoiler Guessing...

TVGuide's MegaBuzz answer's a reader's question about multiple favorite shows...with multiple answers. Bones is on the list, but they don't reveal which of the answers applies to our show! Check it out here, but I will also post the 'choices' in the comments.

Which do you think, and/or hope, the Bones spoiler is? (Beware of massive spoiler talk likely to ensue in comments!)

Thanks, Pascale, for the heads up!

American Idol Strikes Again: A new pre-emption

Well, get ready to grumble! Our next Bones is 2/19, but after that...the scheduled episode for the 26th has been pre-empted by American Idol.

So it will run:

2/12 - no Bones
2/19 - "The Princess in the Pear"
2/26 - no Bones
3/5 - no Bones
3/12 - Bones returns, supposedly for a very long, uninterrupted run

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