Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Princess and the Pear: Promo

Enjoy this promo for Thursday night's Bones episode, "The Princess and the Pear."

David Boreanaz on Craig Ferguson: Video

Craig Ferguson cracks me up. Pair him with David Boreanaz, and how can you not watch?

Be aware that there is an episode clip, but it tells you nothing more than a setting related to a case. You learn nothing about the case and there are no character spoilers.


A Vote for DB is a Vote for Bones

Awhile ago, I told you about the TVGuide polls currently running, in which David Boreanaz is up for sexiest FBI agent. Unlike many polls we talk about, the results of this one will actually appear in the print TVGuide magazine: it's not just an online poll!

You guys rallied together and pushed Agent Booth ahead, but now he is losing ground and another character has taken the lead. I am not sure when the poll closes, but it would be great to see a second push to ensure the Bones gets a great highlight with a win!

The poll has been prone to database errors off an on throughout. If you get an error, keep trying!

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