Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Torch Online: Unhappy with "The Princess and the Pear"

Brent Hartinger writes for The Torch Online about the most recent episode of Bones, "The Princess and the Pear." He sent me an email pointing out his post. The subtitle for the site is "Exploring All Things Fantasy," so I can see why he picked this episode of Bones to be his first experience.

He didn't like it.

Now, before you go over and read his review and hit him with something like "You don't know what you're talking about" (he freely admits this is the first time he's tuned in) how would you honestly and rationally answer his statements about Bones, knowing that he's never seen a single episode but this one?

His title gives away one of his biggest complaints - that the body was found in a sewer. My first thought? So was the body of a child beauty queen in "The Girl with the Curl." - she had to travel the entire nasty system after she her body was left in a drain (smaller than the one the kids entered). Rather than Bones writers having the idea that only geeks dwell in sewers, I would say that they seem to think pretty girls should be left to rot there? I don't know.

How would you answer his concerns/issues/complaints with how Bones portrayed a culture he is very familiar with? How would you explain Bones to him? How would you explain Booth and his attitudes toward geeks vs the squints attitudes toward dumb jocks - "that guy?"

I have much, much more I could say but I wanted to see (and encourage him to read) the opinions of all of you on why Bones deserves much more than 1 snapshot look and why, just maybe, he should reconsider judging the show this quickly.

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