Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scoot McNairy: Interview

Lynn at SearchingBones had fun times interviewing two-time Bones guest star Scoot McNairy this week (recurring character Noel Liftin from both "The Secret in the Soil" and "The Man in the Outhouse.") He provides a few fun insights from the set, such as:

Q: Do you have any good stories about working with them?

McNairy: Emily is fun because she laughs at everything I do. It’s nice to sit there when the cameras are on me and to add a couple of things and to watch her crack. I think the last scene I was doing, in the cafe, I said, “This will pay for enemas.” And then to see her laugh, you know? Any time you can make someone laugh, it just brings you joy inside. It’s great fun to think that this person thinks this is funny so they can’t stay in character.
They also talked about his hope to return again, his former work with David Boreanaz, and what is in store for him right now. You can check out the full interview here.

The Bones that Foam: Episode Clips

I haven't found any embeddable versions yet, but there are five clips from "The Bones that Foam" up now on the official Bones site. (Thanks, Shep)

They all talk about the case, to various degrees, #1 the least. #4 is the same one shown on Craig Ferguson. None of them spoil any character stories.

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