Wednesday, March 4, 2009

David Boreanaz on Regis & Kelly

David Boreanaz will be on Regis & Kelly next Wednesday, March 11th.

TVGuide: Behind the Scenes

As a couple of people just pointed out, TVGuide Magazine's Youtube channel has a behind the scenes video of the David Boreanaz/Emily Deschanel photoshoot accompanying the article I mentioned earlier this week.

I am back and forth on the spoiler level warning for this one. There's no sound but a music track, but there are hints in the photos and setups if you look hard. (It's really hard to know the content of the article and objectively say "watch or not".)

I lean toward 'watch' - but have to add 'at your own risk!' ;) Stop it by 1:15 and you'll avoid the cover title caption even - those things always tease the brain!

Please, go to the article page to talk about the spoilers. Leave the comments here for people who just want to oh and ah about the photoshoot itself!

Edit: Looking at my email more closely - Sandra sent me an email about 30 minutes before I saw the comments. Thanks for the heads up!

Matt Mitovich spoils...stuff you probably already know

Matt Mitovich answers the cry for some Bones scoop with a bit about the finale, and a bit about Cam. If you read spoilers, I doubt either will be a surprise. Check it out here.

Behind the Scenes Photos of David Boreanaz directing Bones

Fox has posted a short series of behind the scenes photos of David Boreanaz directing Bones. Check out the set here.

Edit: Since people were having problems accessing the Fox gallery, here is the rest of the set. Images belong to Fox, as always!

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