Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Behind the scenes of David Boreanaz directing Bones

Fox has put up a short but cute video of David Boreanaz directing Bones. It's a behind the scenes look, with plenty of comments from his cast-mates about what it was like. Enjoy!

Kristen tries to spoil on Bones (and promises better)

Kristen answers a beg for Bones scoop...with stuff that's well known in spoiler circles already. But she promises more...

Jessica in Millbrae, Calif.: Where's the Bones scoop you promised us?
Sorry, sorry! Just haven't had time to write it up yet, but to tide you over until we can get up the full post, the highlights are these:
And she then proceeds to outline what we already know. Think she will have something new, or will it be a new spin on the same information? Something unique would be nice!

Extreme Spoiler Chat: Beaver in the Otter

New sides are out. Here is place to concentrate all the heavy spoiler talk (ie the major stuff from the sides, that most fans do NOT read) for Beaver in the Otter. Feel free to post links in the comments, but I will keep the post free of them.

The point of this post is to keep the really heavy spoilers away from those who don't want to read them, not increase the spoiler focus here. Have fun!

Entire List of "Extreme Spoiler Chat" Posts

Reminder: David Boreanaz on Regis & Kelly

Just a reminder, as I mentioned last week, David Boreanaz will be appearing on Regis and Kelly tomorrow. Don't forget to set those DVRs!

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