Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Bones that Foam: Live Thoughts and Discussion

Post your live thoughts and discussion for "The Bones that Foam" here.

If you've already watched the episode, please wait until 9 ET to post anything that would spoiler those who want to comment as the episode progresses.


Mandi Bierly talks to David Boreanaz about...a bit of everything!

Mandi Bierly took fan questions for David Boreanaz and now you can see the results!

For those of you who hate spoilers, well, um, they take a big chunk to talk about BB spoilers.....right in the middle!

Here are some of the questions from the beginning:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First of all, it's so funny that you just let it slip that you and your wife are expecting a second child on Regis & Kelly, because we had a number of readers ask if you hoped to add to your family [which includes six-year-old son Jaden]. N2SEELEYBOOTH went as far as to say that you need a daughter.
DAVID BOREANAZ: It's exciting. I think it's probably gonna be a girl. Girl energy. I'm done. [Laughs] It's all over. We'll know soon.

When is the baby due?
Well, the stork will be flying in a northeasterly direction somewhere in September area.

Is that for Jaden? Does he think there's a stork coming?
Jaden knows how it happens. I'm the one who's like, "Here comes the stork!"

This is one of my favorite questions: GLAD DALLAS IS T.O. FREE says, "David, the episode of Angel where you stepped behind the camera to direct involved scenes in a strip club. This episode heads in that direction as well. Coincidence, or directorial input?"
That was total coincidence. I got nothing more to say on that matter. I'm not gettin' in trouble. Next question. [Laughs]

I got to see a rough cut of the episode. How many takes for the lap dance?
You know what, the lap dance, how many takes did we do?... I don't remember. [Laughs] I gotta get off the stripper questions.

I find it hard to believe that you wouldn't remember a scene with Strawberry Lust. Or, "Miss Lust" as Booth calls her.
Was that her name? [Laughs] Next.

From there it moves into more questions about "The Bones that Foam," spoilers, and general talk about Bones, Booth, Castle and much more!

Ausiello on Cam's Turn

Ausiello has posted about the upcoming-Cam centric Bones episode. Definitely spoilers, but probably nothing new for the spoiler-lovers. Check it out here.

NY Post: 'Bones' to Pick

David Boreanaz was really busy yesterday in NY City - might as well be, if you're going to fly across the country, right?

If you aren't afraid of spoilers, check out this NY Post article/interview (it spoils through the end of the season, like most things right now!)

Thanks for the tip, Bonzgirl!

Cast Interviews: David Boreanaz Directing

I can't watch these right now to verify any level of spoiler content, but Jeannie was kind enough to send me a list of links to cast video interviews about David Boreanaz's Bones directorial episode tonight in "The Bones that Foam."

Tamara Taylor
TJ Thyne
Emily Deschanel
Hart Hanson
Michaela Conlin
David Boreanaz

Help out another Bones fan

A student, and fan of Bones, is looking for a little help from other fans. Zaheer needs to know if there is a site or article out there where the science of Bones has been thoroughly critiqued. Obviously, Kathy Reichs has oversight of every script, but then TV can change a lot of things between reality and what's presented on the screen. If anyone knows of any public article anywhere where this has been done, please post it in the comments!

Happy Bonesday!

Things get good now - 11 straight weeks of new Bones!

You lucky Canadians had the chance to see it early again (Hart Hanson conspiracy? :) ) but don't spoil us!

For those of you still waiting, like me, you can always rewatch Promo 1 and Promo 2 a few dozen times!

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